3 steps to unblock a program on netgear router n.
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Netgear Customer Support PowerPoint Presentation
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Netgear Customer Support

Netgear Customer Support

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Netgear Customer Support

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  1. 3 Steps to Unblock a Program on Netgear Router One of the office/parental control functions inbuilt into many NETGEAR routers is program-by-program web service blocking. As an admin user, and using only the router configuration menu, you can block some programs from connecting to the Internet at times. If you earlier blocked a program which you now want to use over the web, you can use the Netgear router setup menu to unblock it. The Netgear customer support is also a reliable way to get help for unblocking the program on your router.

  2. Open the web browser on your PC which is connected to the Netgear router's network and Input the ‘’ into the address bar. Press the ‘Enter’ button, and then input your Netgear router username and password, when reminded. Usually, an ‘admin’ for the username and the ‘password’ for the password by default. Note: - You can call on the Netgear phone number and get the help and solution if you face any login issues on the Netgear router.

  3. Click the ‘Block Services’ link in the ‘Content Filtering’ section in the left navigation window. A page appears with all the blocked programs shown in the ‘Service Table’ section.

  4. Click to choose the program you want to unblock, and then click on the ‘Delete’ option. Next, scroll to the page's bottom and click on the ‘Log Out’ option on the left to sign out of the NetgearSupport router configuration menu.

  5. However, if these steps didn’t find valuable for you to unblock your program to allow the Internet access, you can call on the Netgear customer service number and learn how to unblock a program under the supervision of networking professionals. The Netgear support is available round-the-clock to help you in solving all your issues associated with your router.