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Exec Summary

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Exec Summary

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  1. Industry: Small Business, Internet Stage of Development: Beta Incorporated: January 2009 Beta Launch: March 2009 Tech Platform: Online Internet Application Current Monthly Net Burn Rate: $4k Financing Sought: 50K / 500K Capital Invested to date: 45K Current Investors: Owner Funded MANAGEMENT: Geoff Grandberg, CEO Matt Jording, CTO TARGET MARKETS : Small Businesses, Employees DEMOGRAPHICS: to include but not limited to: + 150 Million Employees + Small Businesses + Mid sized to large Businesses + Career Resources + Fortune 1000 companies + Freelancers + Consultants + Students A Real Need Right Now The US needs Reveral right now to help people get jobs faster. The website lets individuals check references for people and businesses while having their own profile to build their own reputation. Reveral eliminates the hassle of tracking down people. Simply search for a person or business, view their dynamic references and setup an appointment to talk. The site allows users to connect with businesses they can’t reach through a social network. What Employers Want According to a 2009 survey by LinkedIn, the majority of employers seek three things most from a reference: openness, minimization of legal implications and a more efficient process. Reveral is a place to find candid answers instead of call-shock and convoluted responses; the site removes legal issues, since users have agreed to terms; and the process is much faster then tracking people down, saving HR man hours. A highlight for job seekers and businesses is the ability to view their status in the hiring process eliminating uncomfortable follow up calls. Large Market According to the Department of Labor as of March 2009 there were 150 million Americans in the workforce with a 7% unemployment rate. Companies are downsizing, laying off thousands of employees to satisfy shareholders and stay afloat. Over the past decade the number of small businesses has grown to 23 million. People have decided to become freelancers or start their own small companies, creating more security and better lives for themselves. These individuals and businesses utilize social networks, employment sites and resume builders to improve their chances of finding the right employee, job or business partner. Small businesses are seeking to streamline variable costs and reduce their overhead. Uniqueness Reveral begins where LinkedIn leaves off. Its not a social network, it’s about an individuals’ or businesses’ need to provide a view of their reputation to people and businesses they’d like to work with. Small businesses, freelancers and everyone else who’s ever given out a reference knows that the process can be tedious for all involved. Imagine simultaneously working with multiple companies or applying for several jobs. In this case one’s references could be overwhelmed with calls even if they’re not available. Viral Power: Building a User base People want to build their reputations. Reveral’s platform lets individuals ask anyone they know to be a reference easily to do just that. Users can add any contact from their Outlook or Instant Messenger directories to request a reference, building users exponentially. Plus they’re not adding friends as with a social network drawing in junk mail. Geoff Grandberg, CEO Reveral Corp. Contact: gg@reveral.com 151 W. 19th St. NYC 10011 Eleventh Floor T: 212-255-4124 F: 212-727-7303

  2. 1500 1000 800 600 400 200 0 YR2 YR1 1.2M Users BEP* Ref. Views Expenses EBIDTA Valuation 400K Y1 400,000 40,000 4M $75,000 $2.4M $24M Users in 1,000’s Y2 1.2M 120,000 40M $725,000 $7.2M $72M * BEP - Breakeven Point Users Needed 120,000 150 100 80 60 40 20 0 YR2 Go to Market Plan Controlling this market will require a creative multi-tiered targeted communications plan consisting of: Phase I : Build a user base of job hunters, freelancers and small businesses marketed through massive job fairs around the country. Phase II : Use the sites API with Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Orkut and others. The viral network will grow organically based on users needs. Phase III : Partner with large HR firms and unions . Value Proposition Principal + Credibility + Ownership Exit Strategy Acquisition by LinkedIn, Myspace, Bebo, Google, Facebook, Careerbuilder, Monster or similar 40,000 YR1 Breakeven point: Users In 1000’s 40M 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 YR2 4M YR1 Paid Reference Views 80 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 YR2 24 YR1 Revenue Producing Partnerships

  3. The MarketEstimated Total Market Size USA only = 150,000,000* Reveral Market Size: USA only = 37,500,000** (based on 2007 U.S. Dept. of Labor)* ( based on 30 % Conversion Rate of Total )** Potential Reveral Market 150 100 80 60 40 20 0 Estimated Total Market 150M 37.5M Annual Growth: YR 1 YR 2 YR 3 YR 4 Total Users 400,000 1,200,000 3,600,000 10,800,000 Paid References 4M 12M 36M 108M Reveral Mkt. Share .25 .75 2.25 6.75% Reference Revenue 2.4M 7.2M 21.6M 64.8M TARGET MARKETS : Small Businesses, Employees DEMOGRAPHICS: to include but not limited to: + Employees + Small Businesses + Mid sized to large Businesses + Career Resources + Fortune 1000 companies + Freelancers + Consultants + Students + Patients Revenue Strategy The Company generates revenues from (1) reference fees (2) targeted ads and (3) 3rd party software providers Strength of the Market With 23 million small business and 150 million employees in the United States there is a very large market to address. Current the US is in a deep recession and March 2009’s job report by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicates 5 million or 7% unemployed, but a true number of 15% is closer. With these numbers many are looking for work or worried about their jobs. Small businesses want to strengthen their position. Nothing is more important then someone's reputation and Reveral can be the market leader in providing it easily to whoever wants it. Potential Partnerships & Acquisitions Reveral will seek to establish strategic partnerships with Fortune 1000 auditor’s and insurance groups that offer real credibility to Reveral. Reveral will then seek out independent verification companies including Dun and Bradstreet and Trans Union to offer additional verification options to users. Best Case: Reveral gains a substantial market share and brand loyalty - we can become a viable candidate for license and acquisition with top-tier software giants such as LinkedIn, Myspace, Facebook paying for market leadership. Worst Case: Reveral becomes a solution for a sustainable and growing niche vertical market – but still is a good buy with the same tech groups. Geoff Grandberg, CEO Reveral Corp. Contact: gg@reveral.com 151 W. 19th St. NYC 10011 Eleventh Floor T: 646-509-0991 F: 212-727-7303

  4. Our Team Geoff Grandberg / CEO, Founder Mr. Grandberg has 10 years experience as a senior manager and more than 5 as a CEO of technology companies. His expertise lies in corporate finance, product development, and strategic planning in the Internet, technology and publishing-service sectors. He founded Poker FN, a backing and banking system for the poker industry, which is still operating; Icurio, an education technology company that markets software for K-12 schools and PIN Incentives, a privately-held group that developed and patented incentives technologies for consumer packaged-goods companies. Mr. Grandberg received a BA from New York University. A specialist in print production, manufacturing and art direction he got his start as an editor in the art department of the New Yorker and has served as a consulting art director to a variety of New York ad agencies. He is a graduate of New York University. Matt Jording / CTO Has been the lead architect in developing applications for 15 years for clients including: the US Navy, Boeing, and Pearson Education. Skill sets include: Running advanced automation, remote administration, system design, Kernel module & Driver development. Parallel systems & clustering. Scaling and performance topology design Experience with RUP, agile, eXtreme, CMMI, and other methodologies. Fluent in UML (Rational Rose, ArgoUML, Posidan, etc). Trained by Rational directly while at Learning Network. Over 3 years experience using the Rational toolsets (Rational Rose, Rational Unified Process, etc), J2EE patterns, and Refactoring analysis tools. Rails 2 & 3, Merb, DataMapper, ActiveRecord, JavaEE, Spring, struts, hibernate, Geronimo, WebSphere Application Server, WebLogic Application Server, WebSphere Application Developer, Eclipse. EJB3, jdk1.5, tomcat, jboss, webservices. WebSphere Portal, Portlets, WebLogic Portal. Mono, Visual Studio, Silverlight. MFC, Visual Studio, GNU, Solaris, HPUX, Linux. Adobe CS3, GIMP, Inkscape XHTML, Flash 9, ActionScript 3 Flex 3, JavaScript, SVG, XML, XSL Geoff Grandberg, CEO Reveral Corp. Contact: gg@reveral.com 151 W. 19th St. NYC 10011 Eleventh Floor T: 646-509-0991 F: 212-727-7303

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