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Tailor Made Tours Business Plan

Tailor Made Tours Business Plan. Evan Taylor M004610031 May 25 th , 2013. Agenda. Introduction Framework Data Tailor Made Tours Marketing Strategy Financial Analysis Conclusions. Introduction. Kaohsiung becoming international city. Construction of new Cruise Port.

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Tailor Made Tours Business Plan

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  1. Tailor Made Tours Business Plan Evan TaylorM004610031 May 25th, 2013

  2. Agenda • Introduction • Framework • Data • Tailor Made Tours • Marketing Strategy • Financial Analysis • Conclusions

  3. Introduction • Kaohsiung becoming international city. • Construction of new Cruise Port. • Few tourism service providers proficient in English. • TMT a result of all of this.

  4. Framework • Quality Management in Services • Service and Relationship Quality

  5. Quality Management in Services • Providing 100% quality service not impossible. • Quality is ongoing process, strategic issue. • What does 100% quality level entail? • Gap Analysis Model of Service Quality can analyze sources of quality problems.

  6. Gap Analysis Model of Service Quality

  7. 7 lessons of service quality and quality management • Quality is what customers perceive. • Quality cannot be separated from the service process (the production and delivery process). • Quality is produced locally in a series of moments of truth of service encounters or buyer-seller interactions. • Everyone contributes to customer perceived quality. • As co-products in service processes customers have to be managed as a quality-producing resource. • Quality has to be monitored throughout the organization by the whole organization. • External marketing has to be integrated into quality management.

  8. Service and Relationship Quality • Quality ultimately is “whatever the customer perceives it to be.” • What counts is “quality as it is perceived by customers.” • Two Quality Dimensions: What and How • Quality and the Competitive Edge

  9. Two Service Quality Dimensions

  10. Total Perceived Quality

  11. Data • Fieldwork and Observation • Informal Questionnaire • Cruise Ship Industry, growth in Asia • Symposium on March 27th 2013 at 高雄海洋科大楠梓校區

  12. Fieldwork and Observation • Observations done several times at Banana Pier several times since spring 2011. • Observing types of passengers, place of origin, language. • Observed what passengers did after passing through customs.

  13. Informal Questionnaire • People were asked the following questions: • Would you like a private tour by a native English speaker? • What is the maximum number of participants? • How much would you be willing to spend? • What would you be interested in seeing?

  14. Growth of Cruise Ship Industry in Asia • 2008-2013 5 year growth and deployment trends: Asia’s capacity grew by 302%. Total share rose from 1.2% to 3.6%. • “Asia leads the world in international tourism growth, accelerating in exotic port offerings and itineraries.” • Kaohsiung Cruise Ship Terminal and Port Service Center to be completed in 2014. • Looked at 2013 Cruise Ship Data.

  15. Tailor Made Tours • Offer international visitors arriving via cruise ship the ability to explore Kaohsiung with a knowledgeable tour guide who is fluent in English. • Small, intimate: Minimum of 2, maximum of 8. • Choose from pre-defined tour packages or customize their own. • Travel in van or sedan to locations. • Ensure visitors get back to cruise ship on time.

  16. Marketing Strategy • Website • Social Media • Online Advertising • Brochures

  17. Target Market • International Visitors who arrive in Kaohsiung via cruise ship and are limited by time. • Visitors who want to explore and investigate Kaohsiung.

  18. Financial Analysis • Start-Up Costs • Sales Forecast • Expenses • Profit/Loss Forecast

  19. Start-Up Costs

  20. Sales Forecast

  21. Expenses

  22. Profit/Loss Forecast

  23. Conclusion • More and more international visitors, majority don’t speak Chinese. • More cruise ships visiting Kaohsiung every year. • TMT aims to fill a void in the current situation.

  24. Thank you • Q/A

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