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  2. STEWARDSHIP IS • Not a is a way of life • Not an is an attitude • Not the latest is biblically based • Not a way to raise is a way to attain holiness • Not just a decision of the requires a conversion of the heart

  3. Not a is integral to our Catholic faith • Not another thing to is why and how we do what we do • Not about our is about God’s generosity • It is what you do after you say, “I believe.”

  4. STEWARDSHIP • All we have is a gift from God who asks us to use it for God’s work on earth • Stewardship is about heeding the call to be Christ’s disciples on earth - a conscious decision to follow Jesus, no matter the cost. • It involves a need to give, rather than giving to a need • It is an understanding of a total way of life; a conversion of mind and heart

  5. STEWARDSHIP • It’s about asking ourselves ‘what do we own and what owns us? • An act if worship, not an act of obligation • It is not about something we do, it is about who we are and whose we are.

  6. Stewards of Vocation • Jesus calls us, his disciples, to a new way of life - the Christian way of life- of which stewardship is part. • But Jesus does not call us as nameless people in a faceless crowd. He calls us individually, by name. Each one of us - clergy, religious, lay person; married, single; adult, child - has a personal vocation. God intends each one of us to play a unique role in carrying out the divine plan. • The challenge is to understand our role- our vocation- and to respond generously to this call from God. SDR.

  7. In your role as a member of one of the Canonical Bodies or Archdiocesan staff what are you stewards of? • What gifts do you bring to the particular Canonical Body you belong to, or work you do? (Professionally and personally?)

  8. 1. How will you as an individual be different because of STEWARDSHIP? 2. What does STEWARDSHIP mean for our Pastoral Areas? 3. What will STEWARDSHIP mean for the way the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council, Board of Administration, Council of Priests works? 4. How will the Archdiocese be different because of STEWARDSHIP? 5. What do you want to see happen after the STEWARDSHIP Institute in August? 6. How does STEWARDSHIP assist us to appreciate the Common Good?