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Cell phone addiction

Cell phone addiction. Alex olvier. Cell phone addict chart. summary.

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Cell phone addiction

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  1. Cell phone addiction Alex olvier

  2. Cell phone addict chart

  3. summary Out of 5 students all of them owned a phone. Out of those students 4 spent less the 1 hour on the cell. Out of those 5, 4 of them do turn it off in a day. Out of those 5, 4 of them take it with them everywhere they go. Out of those 5, 4 of them use it while hanging out with their friends.

  4. Conclusion • I think that only asking five questions to five different students is not a very productive way of surveying a large rang of people or producing information that could tell if youth today is addicted to cell phones in general. But by judging from the information provided I say that these 5 kids are addicted to their phones and or other electronics. • Reason why I state my option this way is because out of 5 all of them own a phone. Out of 5, 4 of them will take their phones every where with them, use it while with friends, will not turn it of in a day. Even though they only use it less then an hour a day they should not use it unless they have to even though it is meant to be used to communicate with people.

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