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Senior Design II Presentation Easel 5000

Senior Design II Presentation Easel 5000. Team 3 Alison Biercevicz, Seth Novoson, Justin Yu. Project Description Client Project Description Easel Market Existing Patents Preliminary Designs Material selection Mechanical Analysis. Optimal Design LED system Prototype Materials Testing

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Senior Design II Presentation Easel 5000

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  1. Senior Design II PresentationEasel 5000 Team 3 Alison Biercevicz, Seth Novoson, Justin Yu

  2. Project Description Client Project Description Easel Market Existing Patents Preliminary Designs Material selection Mechanical Analysis Optimal Design LED system Prototype Materials Testing Concluding Remarks Introduction

  3. The Project • National Science Foundation • Engineering Projects to Aid Persons with Disabilities • Mission- To assist individuals in reaching their maximum potential for enjoyable and productive lives • Clients • Dr. Brooke Hallowell (NSF) • Patty Mitchell (Passion Works Art Director)

  4. The Artist • Tom is an artist at Passion Works studios Big Headed Girl

  5. Cerebral Palsy • Cerebral palsy is a condition resulting from brain damage • The symptoms • Loss of fine motor ability • Abnormal muscle tone • Abnormal movements • Vision problems

  6. Project Objectives • Construction of an easily adjustable easel • Can be used by individuals with cerebral palsy • Can be used in a studio environment with minimal supervision • Can be adjusted with the help of an assistant. • Resolution of previous design issues

  7. Previous Projects • Design Issues Stated by Dr. Hallowell: • Complicated actuator • Hazard due to exposed electrical cords • Could not be moved easily • The canvas could not be positioned over the artist • No light source Senior Design Project 2003

  8. Design Constraints • No electrical cords • No electric motors • Easily adjustable • Can attach to a specific table • Can be positioned over the user • Can hold specific canvas dimensions • Cost is below $750

  9. Marketed Easels • Able Table • Versa-Table • “The Dreamer”

  10. Marketed Easels • Able Table • Positives • Price: $64.95 • Versatile use • Supports 30 lbs. • Difficult to adjust • Somewhat Fragile ABLEDATA.com

  11. Marketed Easels • Versa Table • Price: ~$115.00 • Positives • Lightweight • Portable • Easy to use • Easy to store • Adjusts for height, depth, and angle • Does not adjust to desired position of client ABLEDATA.com

  12. Marketed Easels • “The Dreamer” • Advantages: • Motorized • Stable • Allows for large canvases • Adjusts to height, length, and direction • Disadvantages • Very large • No storage options • Expensive: $3,025 Mouthstick.net

  13. Patents • Inclined adjustable A-frame style easel with sliding drawer (Patent 6,045,108) • Easel adjusted by means of a crank (Patent 5,074,513) • Ornamental foldable portfolio with adjustable easel (Patent D249,533)

  14. Easel 5000 Specific Objectives • Support up to 20”x24” Canvas or a 9”X36” aluminum sheet • User friendly • Portable • Stable • No motors or electrical parts requiring a wall outlet. • Relatively inexpensive (<$750)

  15. Preliminary Designs

  16. Design 1 Canvas Attachment Frame Easel Extender Arms Easel Base • Wooden Construction • Integrated Shelf • Storage Compartment

  17. Design 2 Adjustable Beam Slide Easel Extender Arms Locking Gas Spring Easel Base Canvas Holder • Aluminum Construction • Utilizes lockable sliding track • Includes simpler canvas holder • Most expensive design

  18. Design 3/Optimal Design Extender Arm Locking Gas Spring Canvas Holder Canvas Base • Aluminum Construction • Locking Gas Springs • Sliding Shelf • LED light

  19. Prototype

  20. Prototype • Phases • Machine shop certification • Part Orders • Cut pieces for construction • Construct + Design of the LED system • Final prototype construction • Testing/troubleshooting • Documentation

  21. Prototype • Materials • Easel frame consists of 80/20 extrusions • 80/20 considered to be “industrial erector set” • LED system designed with Express PCB • LED Encasement from Hammond Mfg.

  22. Prototype

  23. Prototype Subunit – Easel Base • Fits wheelchair tray • Acts as c-clamp with tightening screws

  24. Prototype Subunit – Extension Arms • 2–arm system implemented for stability • 180–degree pivot joints for large range of motion

  25. Prototype Subunit – Canvas Holder • Able to hold canvas sizes up to 20”x24” • Adjusted using 180–degree pivot joints to extend range of motion even more • Can be positioned to be over artist

  26. Prototype Subunit – Canvas Clamp • Rubber stripping on clamp to hold canvas in place • Able to support painting surfaces of various shapes and materials

  27. Prototype Subunit – LED System • Battery powered (rechargeable) • Dimming option • Adjustable positions by use of friction hinge

  28. Prototype Subunit – LED System PCB made using Express PCB LM555 Circuit

  29. Testing • Simulated Motion Restrictions • No movement of the left arm • Tester was reclined • Center for Students with Disabilities • Contacted an individual with CP • Asked to draw semi-complex shapes • Circles • Cartoon characters • Animals

  30. Testing • Six Testers • Three independent • One individual with CP • Three Group • Positive reviews from each • Adjustability, ease of use • “Cool” LED system • Unique design

  31. Budget

  32. Conclusion • ‘Easel 5000’ includes new, easy to use features • Easy adjustability with user-friendly interface • Battery powered lighting system • Attaches to wheelchair tray • Finished easel to be sent to Passion Works Studio for artists’ use

  33. Acknowledgements • Professor John Enderle - BME Department Head • Chris Liebler - Teaching Assistant BME 290/291 • Patty Mitchell - Art Director for Passion Works Studios • Brooke Hallowell – NSF Coordinator • Professor Robert Northrop - BME professor UConn • John Parmelee - head of set design for UConn • Joyce Frank - Studio Coordinator for Passion Works Studios • Kurt Jamlin - Sales Representative for LEDtronics • Nicki Sobcinski - Sales Representative for Reell Incorporated • Jeff Dutches - Sales Representative for OKW Enclosures • Hammond Manufacturing • Paul Dufilie - ECE department • Jennifer Lucia – Center for Students with Disabilities Contact • The Testers – Liz, Lauren, and Jen.

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