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Elevate Your Game with Spinshotcanada's Tennis Ball Machine

Explore Spinshotcanada's advanced Tennis Ball Machine, designed to take your game to the next level. Our Tennis Ball Machine offers precise ball placement, customizable settings, and versatility for players of all skill levels.

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Elevate Your Game with Spinshotcanada's Tennis Ball Machine

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  1. Tennis Ball Machine https://spinshot-canada.com/products/spinshot-player-tennis-ball-machine

  2. A b o u t U s https://spinshot-canada.com/products/spinshot-player-tennis-ball-machine Spinshot is a worldwide business bringing affordable and high quality tennis ball machines to the most people possible. It is our goal to provide the best equipment to players of all abilities. Improve your game at any time without the limitation of a training partner or expensive coaches.

  3. Spinshot Player is the most advanced battery operated portable tennis ball machine in the world. You can use the pre-programmed drills or customize your own. Control the machine using the touch panel or via your smart phone or Apple watch using our free, easy to use app. Holds 120 balls.

  4. Pre-programmed drills The Player machine comes with 12 pre-programmed drills which give a full variety of shot positions. You can adjust each of these drills to suit your playing level using the drill maker app. Customise your drills Each of the 12 drills can be customised to suit you, your family, or club members. Height, direction, spin, speed for each of 6 sequential shots can be adjusted and then saved as your personalised drill.

  5. https://spinshot-canada.com/products/spinshot-player-tennis-ball-machinehttps://spinshot-canada.com/products/spinshot-player-tennis-ball-machine https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoe2QwepwB49eEauJF2mdsw https://www.facebook.com/SpinshotSports https://www.instagram.com/spinshot.sports/

  6. https://spinshot-canada.com/products/spinshot-player-tennis-ball-machinehttps://spinshot-canada.com/products/spinshot-player-tennis-ball-machine 800-306-0556 // 1-800-986-4598 support@spinshot-sports.com

  7. THANK YOU https://spinshot-canada.com/products/spinshot-player-tennis-ball-machine

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