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  1. From Script to Screen: The Journey of Seoul Searching From Script to Screen: Capturing the Journey of Seoul Searching on the NX1

  2. Table ofContents • Intro: Discovering the Seoul Searching Signature (slide 3) • Seoul Searching Synopsis (slide 4) • Benson Lee’s Filmography (slide 5) • Seoul Searching Cast (slides 6-7) • Samsung/Seoul Searching Signature Series (slide 8) • Campaign: Interactive FB Contest for Social Media Reporter (slides 9-10) • Facebook Engagement through Polls and Questionnaires (slide 11) • Audience/Community (slide 12) • Premiere at Premier Film Festival (slide 13) • Seoul Searching-Samsung Camera Event House at Film Festival (slide 14) • Other Film Festivals (slide 15) • Campaign Schedule (slide 16) • Campaign Budget (slide 17)

  3. Seoul Searching Synopsis Seoul Searching is an English language, romantic teen comedy directed by award-winning Korean-American filmmaker Benson Lee. The movie is based on the director’s own experience in 1986 when he attended a special cultural camp in Seoul, Korea, where he met other Korean teens from around the world. The story focuses on three Korean boys from the U.S., Mexico and Germany and the three girls they meet in the summer of 1986 who change their lives forever. The movie stars some of the hottest Asian actors from around the globe. We believe the timing of our movie’s release is perfect because Korean pop culture has reached a zeitgeist of popularity and exposure around the globe.Based on this as well as the quality and diversity of our movie, we are confident that Seoul Searching will be released theatrically to a global market. The questions are: “How do we do this?” and “Who do we do it with?” We are inviting Samsung camera to join us as partners in a ground-breaking campaign that will explore social media in ways that no movie has ever done, from now all the way to Seoul Searching’s premiere at a prestigious international film festival and its debut in movie theaters.

  4. The Seoul Searching Signature and Samsung Camera Social media and crowdsourcing has transformed the way movies are funded, audiences are given access and communities are built to support them. We believe this journey will be beneficial to both us and Samsung because we are creating and sharing compelling content that will draw a significant following. QUALITY & PROFESSIONALISM • Samsung cameras have been capturing the entire process of making a contemporary movie. They have a role in the creative process and are associated with high-quality, professional filmmaking • Campaign shows we have been committed to the products as well as demonstrates that they are more than capable of shooting beautiful footage and pass the test of being on a movie set BRAND EXPOSURE • Through our campaign, Samsung will get enormous global coverage and media exposure through the success of the film at festivals • Not many people understand behind-the-scenes moviemaking but are curious about it; by watching our series, Samsung cameras will receive significant long-term exposure to new eyes over the exciting course of an entire journey EVOLUTION • Samsung cameras have captured the evolution of a film over the entire lifespan of the project • Will capture not only the success of the film, but has already played an organic, integral role in it at every stage. We have shot many hours of footage from pre-production to shooting to editing THEMES • From dream to reality, script to screen → Seoul Searching is a passion project created out of organic hard work that is exciting, engaging and entertaining • Connection between cameras and movie shows the labor and love that goes into creating something out of nothing from script to screen; shows the power of the NX cameras to capture all stages of filmmaking SEOUL SEARCHING’S SIGNATURE • Seoul Searching is a signature film for people who love innovative, personal films. It is a signature for the movie industry in that it is a first, and tells a unique story in an unprecedented way

  5. Benson Lee’sFilmography BATTLE OF THE YEAR 3D (Dance) - Starring Chris Brown, Josh Holloway, Josh Peck - Distributed by Sony Pictures to 80 countries MISS MONDAY (Drama) - Winner of Sundance Special Grand Jury Prize - Distributed by Lakeshore Entertainment - Aired on HBO and Sundance Channel PLANET B-BOY (Documentary) - Winner of Best Documentary at IDFA and Hot Docs - Aired on MTV worldwide

  6. Seoul Searching Cast Was a finalist on the 11th season of American Idol on FOX Reached the top 6 on the 3rd season of K-pop Star Has released 10 studio albums with over 2 million record sales in Japan Twilight series has grossed over $3.3 billion Last year starred in 21 & Over, a comedy from the writers of The Hangover Latest film is Revenge of the Green Dragons, produced by Martin Scorsese Crystal Kay Justin Chon as “Sid Park” a.k.a. the American Punker Heejun Han as “Chow” a.k.a. the Rapper from Queens Crystal Kay as “Jamie” a.k.a. the New Jersey Cheerleader

  7. Seoul Searching Cast Currently cast in the CW’s latest TV series The Messengers Was on hit MTV show Awkward Kang Byul/Sue-jin Teo Yoo/Klaus Kim 11.8k total followers • Has been in 7 TV dramas and 3 major studio films, including Don’t Click Teo Yoo as “Klaus Kim” a.k.a. the German Jessika Van as “Grace Park” a.k.a. the Pastor’s Daughter Cha In-pyo as “Mr. Kim” a.k.a. 선생님 Kang Byul as “Sue-jin Park” a.k.a. the Tomboy

  8. Seoul Searching Supporting Cast Sue Son as “Sara Han” a.k.a. the Brit Bitch Albert Kong as “Mike Song” a.k.a. the Racist Military Student Rosalina Leigh as “Kris Schultz” a.k.a. the Adoptee Esteban Ahn as “Sergio Kim” a.k.a. the Latin Lover The Juch twins as “Jackie and Judy” a.k.a. the Im Twins

  9. 3. K-pop Fans Worldwide Why: They are the biggest global fan group of anything Korea-related in the entire world. Through their extremely active and ___ presence online with each other and Some of the biggest K-pop news and fan sites around the world include: Allkpop: 7 million unique monthly visitors and the largest English source of K-pop news 1. Filmmakers and Amateur Prosumers Worldwide Why: The amateur prosumer market is bigger than ever and it is producing high-quality content. Through Samsung Camera and our insight into filmmaking, we can give talented and curious self-learners access to the professional world of moviemaking that they are probably dreaming of and trying to learn about on their own Examples of groups and organizations on social media: The Seoul Searching Community 2. Asian-Americans and Other Young Asians Worldwide • Why: Our film is about them above anyone else, and they are a growing force to be reckoned with online (e.g. YouTube) and want to see content and media portrayals that speak honestly to their experiences and interests • statistics of this group • lifestyle about these asians in terms of spending (i.e. they spend the most money online; they spend the most time online) • how: targeting their user groups, online

  10. The Seoul Searching Community Our diverse community of Koreans and Korea lovers around the world are invested in seeing this movie made and will contribute to its debut on the world stage. Seoul Searching will feed a current curiosity many people have about Korea because of its popularity and visibility in mainstream American media lately. THE AUDIENCE • Built-in audience of people ages 15-25, though it appeals to a broad range of people • We have a passionate international audience that wants to be involved in the movie • Community rather than audience; they become directly involved in the creative journey and contribute to it as well THE FAN • We will tap into the enormous audience around the world that is curious about Korean pop culture, including K-pop THE CONSUMER • The Samsung Camera user can be found right here in our community: a diverse, truly international audience of creative content makers with a keen interest in and curiosity about behind-the-scenes moviemaking • During our contest campaign, Samsung is gets access to a large community of consumers that includes: • Aspiring moviemakers • Tech-savvy youth market of avid media consumers who wish to make better, more professional content for their amateur projects • The everyday camera user or photo-taking enthusiast who has a zest for life that they wish to accurately and beautifully capture in their photos and video

  11. Behind-the-Scenes of Seoul Searching Signature Series Beginning in the fall of 2013, we started filming the making of/behind-the-scenes of Seoul Searching with Samsung cameras. It is a rarely-seen, personal view of what it really takes to make a movie from script to screen. Our goals are the following: • Release a weekly series of 2-3 minute YouTube episodes providing a fun, honest, intimate insight into moviemaking • The series will be posted leading up to the film’s premiere at a major film festival to build buzz and engage an audience who will become invested in the journey of our movie • Topics highlighted in the series include: • In-depth interviews with cast and crew • Creative processes of screenwriting, art direction, costume, make-up • Process of funding the film • Personal production updates by Benson Lee the director as he makes progress with the movie from script, production, editing, and the film festival • Each episode can start and end with a Samsung Camera logo of choice

  12. The Seoul Searching Social Media Reporter An exciting, effective way to engage any online community is by holding a worldwide contest. Samsung camera can sponsor a global contest held on the Seoul Searching Facebook page where a lucky winner can become our official social media reporter. The Contest:An online contest held on Facebook to find Seoul Searching’s official social media reporter, who will be responsible for reporting the progress of the movie at a prestigious film festival. They will film updates to our community with Samsung cameras and mobile phones. The Prize:An all-expenses-paid trip to Seoul where they will capture in 3-4 days the preparation of our film’s debut at a film festival. The Target Market: Enthusiastic, vocal, passionate aspiring young journalists, social media obsessives, college students and international fans of Korean pop culture. Contest details: • Running time: One month from mid-to-late November • Strategy/Implementation: • Through the customizable social media campaign platform Shortstack, we will create an innovative, visually-engaging interactive campaign which will include: • A feature allowing applicants to post a 1-minute clip/reel showcasing their reporting prowess and personality. In the clip they will tell us why they should be chosen to report at Sundance, what they’ll bring to the table and how • Fielding likes for the Seoul Searching Facebook page as a submission requirement • How winner will be selected: By popular vote combined with our judgment, the candidate that creates the most “buzz” or conversation will be considered more heavily CONTEST TIMELINE Mid-November - Publish and officially begin contest Mid-December - Campaign ends, Seoul Searching team begins reviewing submissions and judging January 1 - Winner is announced January 17 - Winner flies to Seoul January 21 - Winner and Seoul Searching team fly to Park City, Utah, for Sundance Film Festival January 22 - Sundance Film Festival kicks off February 1 - Sundance Film Festival concludes and winner flies back home

  13. Social Media Reporter at the Film Festival After our campaign concludes and a winner is chosen, we will collaborate with them in person in Seoul before flying out to the film festival. At the festival, the social media reporter will get the opportunity to: • Capture our premiere and all the festival happenings with the latest Samsung technologies • eg. Live-tweeting, updates on Google+ and statuses on Facebook, all posted with the hashtags #samsungcamera,#nx1 • Photograph the festival using NX cameras and upload photos to Facebook (Seoul Searching and Samsung) and Instagram (@seoulsearchingmovie) • Interview and follow our cast, director and producer at the festival and upload exclusive updates from them throughout the week and how they are experiencing the festival SIGNIFICANCE OF REPORTER • The winning social media reporter accompanying us to Sundance represents not only Seoul Searching’s audience, but also Samsung Camera’s consumer • He/she will test out Samsung products and utilize them in a tangible, exciting way that will put them on many people’s radars • Our audience on social media will recognize Samsung cameras as high-quality products that are the top in their field

  14. Facebook Engagement through Polls and Questionnaires Polls and contests are a proven effective way to engage our online community in a way that has a thematic connection to our movie. Our goal is to creatively brand our sponsors’ products through the following: • Polls and questionnaires every week covering such topics as “What is the greatest teen movie?”; “What is your favorite 80’s song?”; “Who is your favorite teen actor?” • From now until premiere at a film festival we will hold various polls, questionnaires and contests on the “Seoul Searching” Facebook page to promote interactivity and communication with our community • Utilize Samsung hashtags to archive posts and direct people to Samsung pages, products and other content • Encourage poll participation with giveaways and prizes such as a new Samsung camera or mobile phone • Empower and interest the user by giving them tidbits of exclusive content that keeps them coming back while continually targeting our audience group

  15. Premiere at 2015 Premier Film Festival Examples: Sundance, SXSW, Berlin, Cannes plus other film fests worldwide • Sundance is the premier independent film festival in the U.S. that draws an attendance of the biggest names in both indie film and Hollywood. • Many prominent filmmakers and their now-classic breakout films found their start at Sundance, including: Quentin Tarantino, David O. Russell, Darren Aronofsky, Steven Soderbergh

  16. Seoul Searching-Samsung Camera Event House at Premier Film Festival Airbnb House Example The House will host 1980s-themed parties, musical performances and gatherings, and will be a lively spot where festival-goers revel in the past while playing directly with the latest and future technologies from Samsung. It will be a space that reflects the energy of the movie. Seoul Searching-Samsung Camera House will feature: • Open doors all week long to welcome visitors to lounge, hang out and mingle • A space where all Seoul Searching cast and crew conducts interviews • Free coffee every morning • Samsung Camera products on display for visitors and celebrities to test out and play with • Events at night such as Scotch n’ Sketch, conversations with directors, actors, ‘80s karaoke nights • In-house parties with performances from classic ‘80s bands that will attract celebrities and media • Livestream performances on Samsung and Seoul Searching Facebook pages • Social media reporter will capture everything in photos and short video Right: The B-52s, The Psychedelic Furs, The Human League

  17. Other Film Festivals Premier Film Festivals Around the World to Consider • North America → Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca • Europe → Berlin, Cannes, Venice, Moscow • Latin America → Sao Paulo, Guadalajara • Asia → Busan, Shanghai, Tokyo Dates Sundance - January 22-February 1 Berlin - February 7-12 Guadalajara - March 6-15 SXSW - March 13-22 Tribeca - April 15-26 Cannes - May 13-24 Shanghai - June 14-22 Moscow - June 19-28 Sao Paulo - August Venice - August 26-September 13 Busan - October Tokyo - October 17-25

  18. Campaign Schedule Key dates Oct.

  19. Campaign Budget

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