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. GOGS S. SS SS SS epades t adap at

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Presentation Transcript

    1. ??. G?O?G??S S?. ??S????S S??????S S???????S ? e?pa?de?s? t?? a???dap?? a??t??

    2. ? ????da ap? ???a ap?st???? se ???a ?p?d???? eta?ast??

    3. ?e t?? ??? d?ap???t?s??? ep????????a de? e?????e ??? t? s??????a e ?t?a a??????ssa, a??? ?a s???et? d?ad??as?a p?? d??peta? ap? st?se??, s?pe??f???? ?a? de???t?te?, as?s??e? se ??d??e? p?? ??te? ? d?af??et???t?ta st? ???e p???p???t?s??? pe???????.

    4. ? ?a??????e?a t?? d?ap???t?s???? ep????????a??? ??a??t?ta? apa?te? t?? ?????t?s? t?? p??????ss???? ??aat?s?? ?? as???? pa?????ta d?a??f?s?? t?? ??a??t?ta? t?? at??? ?a d?ap?a?ate?eta? t?? p???t?s??? p?????f?a p?? ???e?. ??t??e?? e??a? ?a p??????e t? d?a?e?t??? s??s? a??esa se ?t?a a??????ssa ?a? a???e???, ?ste ? ep????????a ?a ????d?e?ta? ?sa ap? d?ad??as?e? a?????ep?st?s???? ?a? a?????ap?d????. ? p??s????s? ????? ???ss?? ?a? p???t?s?? st????eta? e?????????? st? ???st??? ?a? ????????? ep????d??t?s?.

    5. ??sa ap? d?a?eat???? p??se???se?? t?? ???ss???? ?a? p???t?s???? d?af??et???t?ta?, ?? a??t?? ?ata???pt??? ste?e?t?pa, ?????? epe???e? ?sa ap? t?? ?a??e???? ??? ?a? s??d???? t? s?????? ???s? e p?a?at???? ?atast?se??.

    6. ? ep?d?as? t?? ?ad?s??e??at???? d?das?a??a? e??a? s?a?t??? st?? p??sp??e?a ?????????s??a?s??at??? a??pt???? t?? a??t??, ??at? p????e? s??se?? a????????e?a?, ap?d???? ?a? e???????s??, ???? t?? a?t?a?t????? ?a? t?? p??sa???? st?? ??da, ?a? a????e? t?? a?t?e?t??s? t?? e???

    7. St?? e?pa?de?s? ????? p?????e? ?st????? p??te (5) ??t??a (st?? p??sp??e?a a?t?et?p?s?? t?? ??t?at??): ?? ?f????t??? ???t??? ?? ???t??? ??s??t?s?? ?? ????p???t?s??? ???t??? ?? ??t??ats?st??? ???t??? ?? ??ap???t?s??? ???t???

    8. ??????????? ??t??? e?pa?de?s?? ?e??e?ta? t? ??ap???t?s???, ??at? ?a??e? ?p??? t?? t?? a?a??a??t?ta t?? a????ep?d?as?? ?a? a??a?a? s??e??as?a? a??esa se ?t?a d?af???? eta?aste?t???? ??d?? ?a? ??e? ?? st??? t? d???????a a????t?? ????????? p?? ?a ?a?a?t??????ta? ap? ?s????a, a??????ata???s? ?a? a?????ap?d???.

    9. S????? ???????O? ??T??O? S??? ?????? (2003): 130.144 ?/??a: 67.149 (11,15%) ???t??? ?a? 11.083 sta ??p?a???e?a(? e?a??????a) ?/??a: 18.497 (???e?a ???), 33.385 (G???s?a), S?????: 51.882 (7% pe??p??)

    10. ???e?? ??e?d?? ?p?p???t?s?? (??a????s?, ?f????s?, ??a????s??, ?e???????p???s?) ????t?s??? d?af???, ????t?s??? ???e?a ????t?s??? ap?stas? ??ta?? ?p?d??? ?se? e??a???e? ????t?s??? s??, ????t?s??? ta?t?t?ta

    11. 1. ????dap?? a??t?? sta s???e?a a? S?f??a e ??e??a p?? ????e t? 2003, t? s????? t?? a???dap?? ?a? pa?????st???t?? a??t?? p?? f??t??? sta e??????? s???e?a e??a? 130.144. S???e?????a 18.497 e??a? ?? a???dap?? a??t?? p?? f??t??? se e??????? ???e?a ?a? ???, 33.385 se ????s?a, 67.149 se d??t??? (pe??p?? 11,2%) ?a? 11.083 se ??p?a???e?a (? ep?ea????a st???e?a).

    12. 2. ??????s? eta?ast?? ?) se ?a???????? eta??ste? ?) se ? ?a???????? eta??ste? G) se p??sf??e? ?) ??t?? ap? t?? p??????e?e? ?at?????e? eta?ast?? st? ???a a?, ?a ?ta? ???s?? ?a a?af????e ?a? t?? ?pa??? e????t???? p????s?a??? ??d??, p?? e??a? ?? ?s??????? ? ?? ?a? ? ??s???a???? e????t?ta t?? ??t???? T?????.

    13. 3. ?a?d? ?a? p????s?a??? eta????se?? ??a ta pa?d?? t?? eta?ast??, a?????? s?????a s a?t? p?? ?a ???ae ??de? ?????? ???d????, ap? t?? ?p??? t?? ??????? ??e?a?. ?? ep?p???t?st??? ?????, t? ?p??? p???a?e?ta? e t? d?a??p? ep????????a? ap? ??a ???st? pe??????? ?at? t? eta????s? t?? at??? se ??a pe??????? st? ?p??? de? ???e?ta? ? ???ssa t??, ap?te?e? s?a?t??? de??t? ??????????? p??sa?????.

    14. 4. ?? p??f?? t?? a???dap?? a??t? ? a???dap?? a??t?? p??spa?e? ?a ?s????p?se? a??esa st? ??? p???t?s??? pe??????? ?a? st?? pa??d?s? t?? ???a? t???. ????????a t?? ???a??? a????p?? (?sa??s??). ???t?ata: ?p???e? ????? a?t?e?t??s? e ap?t??esa ? a???dap?? a??t?? ?a a?s???eta? s???????, s??a?s??at??? asf??e?a ?a? ?a ??e? ?a?? s?????? ep?d?s?, ? ??e? ?a??? a?t?e?t??s? e d?s????e? st?? p??sa????, ???e??? ep????????a?, ap????s?, s??a?s??at??? ast??e?a, ap?????? ?a? ?a??? s?????? ep?d?s?; ????? ????? p?? ??t??? a?t? t? p????a; ?? ?f??? ? ta ???? pa?d??;

    15. 5. ? s???es? t?? a???dap?? a??t???? p????s?? ??a???:82,69%. ?p? t?? p???? S??et???? ???s??: 8,50% ?p? ta ?p????pa e???pa??? ???t? p?s?st? 2,42%. ?e?????? f??t?s??: ??a p?s?st? 54,13%, 24.684 a???dap?? a??t?? e??a? s???e?t?????? st? ?e?a??p?d?? ?tt????, e?? t? 8,16%, pe??p?? 3.723 a???dap?? a??t?? f??t??? se s???e?a t?? pe?????? t?? Tessa???????

    16. 6. St???? a? s?e?a: ? ?p?p???t?s?? ? ep?p???t?s?? p??e? ?a p??e? t?? pa?a??t? ??f??: ??a????s?: ?ta? ? eta??st?? d?at??e? t?? ta?t?t?t? t?? a??? pa??????a ???eta? a?ap?spast? ???t? t?? ???a? ?p?d????. ?f????s?: ?ta? ap????pte? t?? p???t?st??? t?? ta?t?t?ta ?a? e?s?at??eta? st? ???a ?p?d????. ??a????s??:?ta? e??e? st? d?at???s? t?? e?????? t?? ta?t?t?ta? ?a? ap????pte? ??a ta st???e?a t?? ???? p???t?st???? t?? ?????. ?e???????p???s?:?ta? t? ?t?? ???e? t?? ?????????? ?a? p???t?st??? epaf? t?s? e t?? ??da ap? t?? ?p??a p?????eta? ?s? ?a? e t?? e???te?? ???? t?? ???a? ?p?d????

    17. 7. S??se?? s???e??? ?a? eta?ast?p????? ? p???t?s??? d?af???, ?? p???t?s??? ???e?a ?a? ? p???t?s??? ap?stas? ?d????? st? S?????? ???????? ?????S: 1.?? ?p?a??s??? ????????? ?a? p???t?s??? pe??????? 2. ?ta? ? ?????e?e?a?? ????t???a de? ta ???? ?a ?ata???s??? ?a? ?a a?tap???????? st?? apa?t?se?? t?? s???e???.

    18. 8. ? ??t?e?t??s? t?? a???dap?? a??t?? ? S??S? ??????????S?S ??? ?T????S ?????????S ?O? ???????O? ??T??O? S?f??a e t?? ?p??? e?e???t?? (Phinney & Alipuria 1996, Phinney, Cantu & Kurtz 1997), ? ????? a?t?e?t??s? s?et??eta? ?et??? e t?? ?ata?t???? e????? ta?t?t?ta. Se ???? ??e??a (Phinney, Chavira & Tate, 1993), de? d?ap?st??eta? ? ?pa??? s??s?? eta?? e?????? ta?t?t?ta? ?a? a?t?a?t??????, ??????, t?? ef??? a??t??.

    19. 9. ?? d?ap??s?p???? s??se?? t?? a???dap?? a??t?? ?a ap?te??sata t?? e?e???? ?de??a? s?a?? p????ata st? ep?ped? t?? ?????????? s??se?? ?a? t?? d?ap??s?p???? s?pe??f???? t?? pa?d??? t?? eta?ast??. ?a???s?????ta? ?? de??? st?? s??se?? t??? e ta ???a pa?d??, ?pe?????? ?p????a, ep??et??? st? ?ad??? pa????d?, e f??e? ?a? e ?a t?s? s??a?ast??f?? e pa?d?? a??????? epe?????.

    20. 9.1. ?as???? pa?????te? p?? ep??e????? t?? a??pt??? t?? d?ap??s?p???? s??se?? t?? a???dap?? a??t?? ? d?af??et???? t??p?? s????? ?a? s?pe??f???? t?? a???dap?? a??t?? p?? ?a???e??????e st?? ???e? ?p?d???? ?a? t? ????? p?? d??????e?ta? e t?? a??a?? t?? p???t?s???? pe???????t?? ??s????e?: ?????? sta ???ss??? a??? ?a? sta f?s?????st??? a??ata

    21. 10. ??? a?t?et?p?st??e t? p????a t?? e?pa?de?s?? t?? a???dap?? a??t?? st?? ?.?.?. (1) (p???p???t?s??? d?ap???t?s??? e?pa?de?s?) ?.?.?.: 10 ?????a p???p???t?s???? e?pa?de?s?? ????? ??s?ast??? ap?t??esa. ?? p??asa ap? t?? p???p???t?s??? st? d?ap???t?s??? e?pa?de?s? (d??ad? ?a p??s????s? st?? ?p??a de ?a e??a? ?a e??t??? d??stas? ????t???a? ?a? p???t?s??, a??? ?a p??spa???sa? ?a ????? ?a s???t?s? ?a? ?a a?ta??a?? ?sa ap? ta ???st??? a?t??e?e?a, ta ?d?a ???st??? a?t??e?e?a t?? s???e??? ?a? ?sa ap? ?a ???st??? ?a? d?a?eat??? p??s????s? t?? a???t??).

    22. 10.1. ??? a?t?et?p?st??e st?? ????p? t? p????a t?? e?pa?de?s?? t?? a???dap?? a??t?? (2) ?a??pe?a? t? ??s? st?? e?????? ??de?, d????????ta? ap??e?at??? s???e?a ?t????? ???ssa?. St? s????e?a, p??ase st? f?s? ?a? p???p???t?s???? p??s????s??, e t?? e?sa???? t?? p???t?s?? t?? ?????, t?? d?af??et????, ?sa ap? ?a?a?t???st??? t??. ????te?a (te?e?ta?a 15et?a) ap????sta??????a? d?? as???? ?????e?. 3.1. ? ?a ??pe? ?? a?t?a t?? p?????t?? t?? a??t?? a?t??, t?? e??e??e?? p?? ???a???e a?? t??? ?a? ape??????ta? s a?t??? p??te????ta? a?t?sta??st??? ?t?a ??a t?? e???e??? t?? e??e?at?? ?a? 3.2. ? ???? ??s? a?t?et?p??e? ta p????ata t?? pa?????st?s?? ap? t? s??p?? t?? d?ap???t?s???? e?pa?de?s?? p?? ?e??e?ta? ?? d??a??? d?ad??as?a a????ep?d?as?? ?a? s??e??as?a? at??? e d?af??et??? p???t?s??? ?p?a??? ??a t? d???????a ????????? p?? ?a ?a?a?t??????ta? ap? ?s????a, a??????ata???s?, a?????ap?d??? ?a? a????e????.

    23. 11. S??????S???? St???? t?? d?ap???t?s???? e?pa?de?s?? e??a?: ? a???t?s? t?? ??a??t?t?? p?? s??????? st?? ep????d??t??? s???s? ?sa se ??a p???p???t?s??? ????????? ?st?. ? d?ap???t?s??? e?pa?de?s? ??e? ?? st??? t?? e???e??? t?? d?a???se?? ?a? t?? ap???e?s??, p??spa?e? ?a p????e? t?? ??ta?? t?? a???dap?? st? s?????? s?st?a ?a? ?a t??? ????se? ?a ????? t?? ?d?e? d??at?t?te? ?a? ap?te??sata e ?????. ?p?d???e? t?? a??a?? t?? ep???f?t???? d?ad??as??? ?a? ape????eta? st??? a???dap???, a??? st?? ?d?? a?? ?a? st??? ???e?e?? a??t??, e st??? ?a e??s???e? ? e?pa?de?s? st? ?a ???e ?a? ?a d???e a??.

    24. 12. ? ????? t?? e?pa?de?t???? ??ade????e? t?? as???? a???? t?? d?ap???t?s???? e?pa?de?s??: a) ??pa?de?s? ??a e?s??a?s??s? ) ??pa?de?s? ??a a????e???? ?) ??pa?de?s? ??a d?ap???t?s??? seas? d) ??pa?de?s? e???t?a st?? e?????st??? t??p? s????? e) ??pa?de?s? ??a t?? e?????, st?????e??? ?a? sta a???ata t?? d?ap???t?s???? e?pa?de?s??: ?s?t??a t?? p???t?s?? ?s?t??a t?? ??f?t???? ?efa?a??? t?? at??? d?af??et???? p???t?s???? p????e?s?? ?s?t?ta e??a????? (?. ?aa?????)

    25. 13. ?????S??S G?? ???????S? ??S?O? ? a???t?s? t?? ??a??t?t?? p?? s??????? st?? ep????d??t??? s???s? ?sa se ??a p???p???t?s??? ????????? ?st?. ? e???e??? t?? d?a???se?? ?a? t?? ap???e?s??. ? ??ta?? t?? a???dap?? a??t?? st? s?????? s?st?a ?a? pa???? ?d??? e??a????? e t??? ?t?p????. ? a??a?? t?? ep???f?t???? d?ad??as???, e st??? ?a e??s???e? ? e?pa?de?s? st? ?a ???e ?a? ?a d???e a??.

    26. 14. ?p??es?e? t?? ?p??T ?? ????? ??st?t??t?? ?a?de?a? ???e??? ?a? ??ap???t?s???? ??pa?de?s?? (1) 1. ?ata?t??e?, pa?a??????e? t?? efa????, e??s??e? ?a? a??????e? e?pa?de?t??? p?????ata ??a t?? ?a?? ??ta?? t?? eta?ast?? ?a? t?? pa?????st???t?? a??t?? sta s???e?a t?? ???a?, ?a? e?d???te?a sta s???e?a d?ap???t?s???? e?pa?de?s??. 2. ?a???e? d?da?t??? ????? ??a t? st????? t?? d?das?a??a? t?? e???????? ???ssa?, t?? e??s??s? t?? ep?d?se?? t?? a??t?? sta ?p????pa a??ata ?a? t?? e?sa???? t?? d?ap???t?s???? d??stas?? sta p?????ata t?? s???e???. 3. ?a???e? ep???f?t??? ????? ??a t?? a????e? ep???f?s?? t?? e?pa?de?t????, t?? s?????? ?a? t?? ste?e??? t?? e?pa?de?s?? p??? se ??t?ata d?ap???t?s???? e?pa?de?s??.

    27. 14.1 ?p??es?e? t?? ?p??T (?????) (2) 4. S?ed???e? ?a? ???a???e? ep???f?t???? d?ast????t?te? ??a e?pa?de?t?????, s???????? s??????? ?a? ste???? d?????s?? t?? e?pa?de?s?? p??? se ??t?ata d?ap???t?s???? e?pa?de?s?? 5. ?p?t?p??e? t?? e?pa?de?t??? p?a?at???t?ta st? ???a se s??s? e t?? pa???s?a ?a? t?? p??e?a ?sa ap? t??? s???????? ?es??? t?? a???dap??, pa?????st???t?? a??t?? ?a? t?? a??t?? p?? p???????ta? ap? e????ta st?? e?pa?de?t??? ap???e?s? ?????????-p???t?s??? pe???????ta

    28. 15. ? ????es?a ??a t? ??ap???t?s??? ??pa?de?s? ???? 2413/96 (F?? 124 t. ?/17.6.1996) - ??ap???t?s??? ??pa?de?s?, s??p?? - pe??e??e??, s???e?a d?ap???t?s???? e?pa?de?s??, e?pa?de?t??? p??s?p???, d?????s? t?? s???e??? (?ef ?, ????a 34, 35, 36, 37). - ?d??s? ??st?t??t?? ?a?de?a? ???e??? ?a? ??ap???t?s???? ??pa?de?s?? (?????) (?ef ?, ????a 5, 6, 7). ???? 2817/00 (F?? 78?/14.3.00) - T?ata e???????? pa?de?a? st? e??te???? ?a? e????t???? e?pa?de?s?? (?ef ?, ????? 9). ?p??????? ?p?fas? a?. S?/11 (F?? 171?/18-3-96) - S?stas? ???a??? ??????t???? ???a Te?t?? ??pa?de?t???? S?ed?as??, ??pa?de?s?? ??????pa?d?? ???te?????, ??ap???t?s???? ??pa?de?s?? ?a? ?p????t??s?? st? ????T. ?p??????? ?p?fas? a?. F10/20/G1/708 (F??1789 ?/28-9-99) - ??ap???t?s??? ??pa?de?s? - ?d??s? ?a? ?e?t?????a ???e?? ?p?d???? ?a? F???t?st???a??? ???t??. ???? 2790/00 (F?? 24?/16.2.2000) - ?p??at?stas? t?? pa?????st???t?? ???e??? ap? t?? t??? S??et??? ???s?, ??pa?de?s? - ????t?s?? (?ef. ?, ????? 11).

    29. 16 ?a d?ap???t?s??? s???e?a 13 ???t??? (?a? a??et? ??a) 9 G???s?a 3 ???e?a ?????aa e-omogeneia ? ???? t?? ??????at?? : http://eomogeneia.cti.gr/

    30. 17. Ge????? ep?s???se?? (1) ?? e??????? s???e?? e??a? a??et? pa?ad?s?a?? ?s?? af??? t? d??????s? t??, t? ?????? ?e?t?????a? t??, t?? ?p?d??? ?a? t? ?????? t?? st?? ???????a. ?p???e? ??p??a stas??t?ta se ep?ped? e??d?? d?das?a??a?, se ep?ped? ??????s??, d??????s?? ?a? e?e????a?. ?? pe?????s??? ?????? ?e?t?????a? t?? ???t???? S???e??? de? e??a? d??at?? ?a ?a???e? t?? ?d?a?te?e? d?ast????t?te? p?? pe??????ta? sta d?e???? p??te???e?a d?ap???t?s??? p?????ata. ??t?? a?t??, st??eta? t????p?d? t?s? st? s?st? ?e?t?????a t?? ???e?? ?p?d???? ?s? ?a? st?? e??s??t??? d?das?a??a, ? ?p??a a?t?et?p??eta? ?? p??e???.

    31. 17.1. Ge????? ep?s???se?? (2) ?pa???e?e?, t????, t? ?????a t?? s??????? ???da? se d?ast????t?te? e?d?s??????? ?a? e??s???????, ?? ?p??e? e??a? p???t?e? se p???p???t?s??? pe???????. ? ep??tas? t?? ?es?? t?? ????e??? S???e??? a? pa???e? t? d??at?t?ta ??a ??ta?? t?? a???dap?? st?? ??da t?? ???e??? a??t??, ?sa ap? d?ast????t?te? p?? de ?a t??? ap???????? ? ?a t??? pe???????p?????. ???t??te?? e??a? ? e???af? t?? a???dap?? a??t?? se ????te?a s???e?a (6/??s?a p.?.), ?p?? t? ???a e??a? p?? e??????.

    32. 18. ?? ???e?? ?p?d???? ?a? ta F???t?st???a?? t?ata (1) ??ad???????s? t??? ???e s?????? ??????, se s??e??as?a e t? s???e??, t? S?????? S????? ?a? t?? ????st?e??. ????es? ?e?t?????a se ????, ?pe??? p??s?p???, p?? ?a ??e? s?et??? ep???f?s?. ???a??? e?asf???s? d?da?t???? ??????. ????p?st? e?t??s? t?? ep?p?d?? t?? a???dap?? a??t?. ???sp??e?a ??a e?a??te?? pa???s?a t?? eta??st? - a??t? st?? ?a?????? t???. ?e??d??????? e?e????a t?? e?pa?de?t???? ?a? st??f? se p?? s??????e? e??d??? d?das?a??a?.

    33. 18.1. ?? ???e?? ?p?d???? ?a? ta F???t?st???a?? t?ata (2) ???s??t??? d?das?a??a ?sa st?? t???. ???pt??? es?s??????? ?a? e??s??????? d?ast????t?t??. ????s? fa????? p???d?? ??a ???e a???dap? a??t?. S??e??as?a ???? ?s?? ep?????ta? st?? e?pa?de?t??? d?ad??as?a. ?a????s?? t?? t???? st?? ?p??a p??pe? ?a e???afe? ? a???dap?? a??t??. ??a??f?s? ?a? e?pa?de?t???? ta?t???? p?? af??? t? ?t?? t??, d?a?????s? t?? s??????? t???? p?? ?a e???e? ta ?ad?s??e??at??? ??t??a, ?at??????? e??p??s??.

    34. 18.2. ?? ???e?? ?p?d???? ?a? ta F???t?st???a?? t?ata (3) ??d???? p??t?se?? ?a? pa?at???se?? p?? p????? ?a ep?te?????? e t? s??d??? t?? ?e??fe?e?a??? ??e????se??, t?? ????T ?a? t? s?et??? ?a? pa??as? t?? S??????? S??????. ??????s? se??a????, ?ste ?a ste?e?????? ta t?ata ap? ?at?????a e?d??e???? d?da?t??? p??s?p???. ??a?s??t?p???s? ?a? d?ast????p???s? e?pa?de?t???? ??a t?? e?p???s? e??? e?d??? t??p?p??????? p?????at?? ??a a??t?? p?? ?? ???e?? t??? e??a? eta??ste?.

    35. 18.3. ?? ???e?? ?p?d???? ?a? ta F???t?st???a?? t?ata (4) ??????s? e?d???? ?p?st????t???? p?????at?? st?? t??a e????s?? t?? e???????? ???ssa? ?a? e???te?? d?ast????p???s? st?? a??pt??? ep????????a?. ????????a ?????????? ?????e???, ?? p??? t? ep?ped? ???s??, t??t?? ? ???e?? ?p?d???? ??a eta??ste? a??t??. Stad?a?? a?t??at????s? t?? t??t?? ?a? t?? t??e?? a?t?? ?a? ???st??? ??ta?? t?? a??t?? st?? ?a?????? t??? t???. ???s? ???ss???? e??ast????? ?a? efa???? t?? ???ss???? d?ast????t?t?? se ??de? a???dap??.

    36. 18.4 ?? ???e?? ?p?d???? ?a? ta F???t?st???a?? t?ata (5) ????????a ep?t??p?? p?? sa? s??p? ?a ????? t?? ep???s? t?? p?????t?? p?? af????? t? s?????? ??ta?? a??t??-eta?ast??, t? d??d?s? p????f???a??? ??????, t?? ??????s? s???e?t??se?? e??t??, t? s??t???s? p??t??????? e?????s??, t? s??e??as?a e e?d??e???? d?da?t??? p??s?p??? st?? t??a t?? e?pa?de?s?? e???????. ??asf???s? t?? apa?a?t?t?? s??d?s?? e t?? t?p???? ???a??se?? ?a? ?????? e?d?afe??e???? f??e??, e s??d???ta ?a? epa??e?at????? s??eta???s???, e t?? ?????t?te? t?? a???dap??, se s??e??as?a p??ta e t?? ep?pt???? ?p??es?e?. ??sa???? t?? ???? te????????? st? s?????? p????aa, ??a ?a ????s??? ?a????st??? st?? e?at???e?s? t?? d?das?a??a? t?? a???dap?? a??t??.

    37. 18.5 ?? ???e?? ?p?d???? ?a? ta F???t?st???a?? t?ata (6) ?p?d?s? ?a? ?e???a??? a?t??ats?st???? st?s?? ?sa ?a? ??? ap? t? s???e??, e t? ?es??? ?????t?s? a?t??ats?st???? p?a?s???. ???s??s? t?? ????? t?? das????? e t?? apa?a?t?t? s????e?t??? ?a??d???s?, ta ?at?????a d?da?t??? p?????ata ?a? e??d??? d?das?a??a? ?a? t?? d?a ??? e?pa?de?s?. ?fa???? p?????at?? s????e?t???? ??????. S????af? ???? s??????? e??e???d??? st?? ??? t?? ?p???? ?a ??s?eta? ?a? ? a???dap?? a??t?? ?a? ap??e??? t?? a?af???? se ?e????ta p?? e?????? t?? ste?e?t?pe? a?t????e?? t?? a??t??.

    38. ??????G??F?? ?e?d?????, ?. (2001) ?p???f?s? e?pa?de?t???? ?a? t?? e?pa?de?t?? t??? ??a e?a??a?t??? p?????ata p??s?et?? ???ss??, sta ?.?. ??a?t??? S??ed???? ??pa?de?s? ??pa?de?t?? ?a????t?? ????? G??ss??: ???????? ?????t? ?a?ep?st???, ????a. ?a???, ?. (2001) ?f?p??s? st? d?af??et???t?ta t?? ???ss?? ?a? t?? p???t?s??, st? ??a-?eat??? ??pa?de?t??? ????? ??a t?? ?.?., te???? ?':?a?da?????? ??st?t??t?. ?a???. ?. (2001) ?? ?????a t?? s???e??? st?? p??????ss?a ?a? t?? p???p???t?s?: ?e??pt?s? d?a?eat???? p??s????s??. ?p??e???s? ??pa?de?t???? Te?t??, t. 5. ??????, G. (1996) ? p???p???t?s???t?ta t?? ????????? ???????a?, ? ??ad??as?a ??e???p???s?? ?a? ? ??a??a??t?ta t?? ??ap???t?s???? ??pa?de?s??. ????a: G.G. ?a???? ?p???f?s??. ?atsa?????a?. ?. (2000) St?at?????? ??das?a??a?. ????a: Gutenberg. ?atsa?????a?, ?. (2000) ?ad?s??e??at??? ??das?a??a ?a? ????s?. ????a: ?'???????. ???????? S???????? G?? ???S ???SF?G?S (2004) S??d?? ???s?? ?a??????a ????. ????a: ???G?S ?????????S????S ????????S?S.

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