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CWA #2

CWA #2. “ The Cask of Amontillado” RAFT. DAY 1- Write your essay. Step 1: Copy this prompt. R role = newspaper reporter A audience = all readers F format = newspaper article T topic = unknown bones were found within a large palazzo in Italy.

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CWA #2

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  1. CWA #2 “ The Cask of Amontillado” RAFT

  2. DAY 1- Write your essay.Step 1: Copy this prompt. R role = newspaper reporter Aaudience = all readersF format =newspaper articleT topic = unknown bones were found within a large palazzo in Italy

  3. Step 2: Copy down the 9 requirements. 1. Length= no more than a front & back of paper. 2.Skip every other line. 3. Write in paragraph format. 4. Give the article a clever, interesting title. It needs to contain an example of alliteration or a pun. 5. Below the title create a byline under title with a newspaper job title (in addition to MLA) • ex: By John Smith- World Staff Reporter By Jane Doe- Newspaper Editor

  4. 6. Begin the article with an attention grabber. It should be the most shocking detail to hook the reader into reading. 7. Improve word choice by 6 words from the word bank. Refer to the list. 8. May only use 1-3 “to be” verbs. Refer to list. 9. Answer the following within your article. Who is involved in the event? What event happened? When the story takes place? Where the events occurred? Why the events happened? How the event takes place?

  5. “To Be” Verbs You may only use 1-3 “to be” verbs in RAFT. • Am, Is, Are, Was, Were • Be, Being, Been • Do, Does, Did • Have, Had, Has • Must, May, Might • Could, Should, Would • Can, Will, Ought, Shall

  6. Word Bank (use 6 or more)You may use any tense of the following words. • Affront • Acquaintance • Amontillado • Apprehend • Asphyxiate • Casualty • Culprit • Demented • Entomb • Homicide • Inebriated • Infatuation • Insult • Insane • Law-Enforcement • Malice • Manslaughter • Outrage • Premeditated • Victim

  7. DAY 2- Proofreading & Editing Before turning in……… 1. The attention grabber (most shocking detail) should be highlighted in yellow. 2.The 6 words used from the word bank should be highlighted in pink. 3. The 6 details (who, what, when, where, how) should be highlighted in blue. 4. Circle 1-3 “to be” verbs.

  8. Model Example of Newspaper Article Beware of Brewing Bat Brains for Breakfast By Jane Doe-World Staff Editor A woman gets added jolt after finding a culprit in a coffee machine. It wasn’t just the caffeine that gave an Iowa woman an extra jolt after the victim had her morning coffee. It was also the casualty of finding a bat entombed in the filter. The Iowa Department of Public Health says the woman was outraged and reported a bat in her house on the 5th of January but soon calmed down about the situation. She turned on her automatic coffee maker before bedtime and drank her coffee the next morning. She discovered the bat in the filter when she went to clean it that night. Somehow the bat found its way inside the machine and to its own death. The woman has undergone treatment for possible rabies. Health officials say that the bat remains were sent to a lab for further testing, but its brain was too cooked from the hot water to determine whether it had gone insane.

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