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Learn Thai Language | Thai Course Singapore PowerPoint Presentation
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Learn Thai Language | Thai Course Singapore

Learn Thai Language | Thai Course Singapore

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Learn Thai Language | Thai Course Singapore

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  2. Our Service • Learn Vietnamese Language • Learn Thai • Chinese Classes Singapore • Thai Course Singapore • Mandarin Classes Singapore • Learn Thai Language • Chinese Classes Singapore • Mandarin Class Singapore   • Chinese Course Singapore  www.

  3. Vietnamese and Thai Languages Offering Great Scope Today Learning a language has several great benefits, as per the scientific reports. An advantage that is applicable to all is the sharpening of brain. The language learning adds stimulation to the brains of the individuals, which makes your brain more conscious than before. Besides, you can also build the career in various areas, which may include translation, journalism or teaching in that language and many more. In addition to this, learning the language also helps you in communicating with the people of the place or places where that particular language belongs to. www.

  4. Learn Vietnamese Language The fad can be witnessed among the people to learn Vietnamese language. It is an austroastiatic language, which was originated in the northern part of the modern day Vietnam. From the name of the nation, it has adopted the name “Vietnamese”. This is the native language of Kinh people of Vietnam. Besides, it is the second language of various minorities of Vietnam. The Vietnamese language has the borrowings from Chinese. Previously, it used a modified set of Chinese characters. In the present scenario, Vietnamese language alphabet uses Latin alphabet in addition, with additional diacritics of tones and certain letters. www.

  5. Learn Thai Many people also like to learn Thaifrom various institutions available in different parts of the world. Thai language is the official language of Thailand. It is the native language of Thai people and a vast majority of Thai Chinese people. This language is the member of the Tai group of the Tai-Kadai family. Half of the words of Thai language have been borrowed from Pali, Sanskrit and Old Khemar languages.  This is the tonal and analytical language. www.

  6. Different Levels of Vietnamese and Thai Languages • It is not arduous to find the institutions to learn these languages. A number of institutions are available across the globe, which provide the quality education of different languages to the students from different ethnicities. The scope of Vietnamese and Thai is increasing today, which is why these languages are getting more and more hype in the society. Many of the students also like to learn these languages as hobby. There are different levels of courses in these institutes. www.

  7. Why Learn Vietnamese? Those who are willing to learn the basic level of language just to communicate with the native people of that language can go for the basic level courses. Those who want to get the knowledge of a particular language at some high level can do the intermediate level courses. There are the advanced level courses also. These advanced level courses are meant for building career or for those individuals who want to go in the depth of the language due to their hobby or any other reason. www.

  8. Get Enrolled via Internet Most of the institutions have their online presence and you can get enrolled in these institutes with the help of their internet sites. You just need to visit their website and you get all the info about the institution and its courses. Many of the institutes also offer you the facility of get enrolled online. www.

  9. Contact Information Peninsula Shopping Centre 3 Coleman Street, #04-19 , Singapore 179804 Tel: +65 97-379914 Email: