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The City of Detroit “Promoting Detroit on the Internet” PowerPoint Presentation
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The City of Detroit “Promoting Detroit on the Internet”

The City of Detroit “Promoting Detroit on the Internet”

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The City of Detroit “Promoting Detroit on the Internet”

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  1. The City of Detroit “Promoting Detroit on the Internet” Submitted by: Ann Bollinger Gigi R. Moore John J. Davis August Myers Khalfani Stephens Saran Hartley

  2. Executive Summary

  3. Executive Summary • We will present a plan for using the internet to promote Detroit, which will: • Improve the city’s image • Increase long-term revenue

  4. Executive Summary Where we are • Home to the Big three • New Casinos, Airport Expansion, Comerica Park, Ford Field etc. • GM's headquarter expansion, riverfront and hotel renovation, Compuware and Campus Maritus, • Violent crime in Detroit is the lowest it's been in 30 years,

  5. Executive Summary Where we are • Solid growth in visitors for 9 consecutive years • Above average growth in 1999 (4.1%: 2.6%) • 69% of travel to Metro Detroit was for leisure • Day trips accounted for 6.5 million visitors • More than half of all visitors came from Midwest • Increased capacity (dining, rooms, shopping)

  6. + Toronto Chicago “Suburbs” Minneapolis Cleveland + - Fun/ Entertaining Detroit - Safe/ Clean

  7. Current Environment and Trends

  8. Current Environment and Trends • Over 174 million households have internet access and growing @ 2 million users/month • The internet is the # 1 medium for disseminating travel information • Detroit’s current site is not geared to facilitate this trend

  9. Current Environment and Trends

  10. Current Environment and Trends • Promotion of cities via the internet is growing exponentially • Push for outsourcing of municipal web development • Move towards more interactive sites • “Gotta Have More” attitude increases complexity and time • Travel deemed one of the top 5 most addictive categories on the web.

  11. Current Environment and Trends

  12. Current Environment And Trends Our Competition • Chicago • Toronto • Minneapolis • Cleveland

  13. Current Environment And Trends Our Bench Mark Criteria • Functionality: accessibility, speed, navigation • Design: user friendliness, aesthetics, layout • Content: purpose, message, quality, clarity • Originality: innovation in content, creativity • Professionalism and Effectiveness: customer service, client respect

  14. Current Environment And Trends Our Bench Mark Criteria

  15. Current Environment And Trends Bench Marks (cont.) • Clear and Concise • Good Visuals (not overloaded) • Maintained by the municipality

  16. Current Environment And Trends Bench Marks (cont.) • •Provide Access to City Services • •Attract Businesses and Visitors • Web Site Maintained Internally – 6 Employees • Engaged Services of D &T to Develop Current Site • Major Redesign for Personalized Portals

  17. Current Environment And Trends Bench Marks (cont.) • •Provide Access to City Services for Toronto Citizens • Support Economic Development Strategy – Including Attracting Businesses and Visitors • Web Site Developed Internally – 23 Employees • Engaged Services of IBM to Develop Current Site

  18. Environment And Trends How we see it • Every major metro-area has a website • Detroit has a “me-too” product • Detroit’s closest competitors’ differentiation strategy is killing us • A properly designed web-site can be a big draw


  20. Strengths Weaknesses Oportunities and Threats

  21. SWOT Official City of Detroit Web-Site • STRENGTHS • Provides local residents with info. about city Departments • Strong emphasis on educational links • Links exist to current and future city plans for development

  22. SWOT Official City of Detroit Web-Site • WEAKNESSES • Home Page does not differentiate information for citizens, visitors, and potential businesses • Cultural/Entertainment link does not provide detail on current events • Some city links lead to error messages • Parking and transportation information not readily available

  23. SWOT Official City of Detroit Web-Site • WEAKNESSES • Budget Constraints • Calendar of Events links to DMCV which does not focus on City events

  24. SWOT The Detroit Metro Convention Visitors Bureau • STRENGTHS • Excellent address name ( • Near comprehensive calendar of events

  25. SWOT DMCVB (Cont.) • WEAKNESSES • Focus on business and convention • No listed special events are in Detroit proper • Poor verbiage • Image library • Contact us

  26. A light at the end of the tunnel

  27. Our marketing plan

  28. Our marketing plan What we want to accomplish • Promote a better image of Detroit via the internet • Increase site use by 15% yearly • Increase # of regional visitors by 5% yearly

  29. Our marketing plan How we're going to get there • Focus on Midwest travelers, our target market • Develop a customer oriented marketing strategy • Complete a comprehensive review of our target market’s expectations • Incorporate municipal web-site “Best Practice” techniques

  30. Hitting the target Price: Free Place: The World Wide Web Promotion: follow the action plan to make the Detroit Web-site more effective Product: a visit to Detroit

  31. Our marketing plan Getting there (cont.) • Procure prime space on premier search engines • Coordinate efforts with the DMCVB to emphasize Detroit • Make the list of events on the website more comprehensive • Keep current (i.e. current year’s dates and events)

  32. Our Marketing plan Getting there (cont.) • Parking/ transportation info. to be added • Explore on-line reservations options • Coordinate interdepartmentally to insure a consistent message on-line with other media • Plan and budget for ongoing site development

  33. Our Marketing plan Controls • Progress will be evaluated & monitored by tracking: • The number of visitors • Total dollars spent by visitors • Web development costs • Number of user sessions • Numbers will be tracked for the City of Detroit specifically, not as part of consolidated Metro Detroit numbers

  34. Our Marketing plan Contingency Plan • Instead of accessing information via the web, information will be available via print media / collateral • A basic welcome center needs to become the focus of Detroit so that information is readily available • Purpose is to share information previously created and to continually review and update the information

  35. Our Marketing plan Contingency Plan • Print media must be as accessible and dynamic as information found on the Internet • Success will be determined by the speed of dissemination, access, and convenience • Marketing strategy, target market, the four P’s and various action items would be similar to those outlined previously


  37. That's a wrap