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PRDLA ILL Survey Report PowerPoint Presentation
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PRDLA ILL Survey Report

PRDLA ILL Survey Report

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PRDLA ILL Survey Report

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  1. PRDLA ILL Survey Report Xue Fangyu Library of Tsinghua University

  2. Since the PRDLA meeting at Vancouver Tsinghua University Library has conducted PRDLA ILL Project surveys twice. The purpose is to find out the possibility of resource sharing Among the PRDLA members by ILL and how to proceed . We sent the survey forms to all of member Libraries and 15 libraries gave the responses in two surveys.

  3. Are you interested in PRDLA ILL • project

  4. 2. How does ILL processed

  5. 3. PRDLA ILL Fees or Charge

  6. Conclusion and suggestion: All of members are interested in PRDLA ILL Project; All of members would like to participate the document delivery cooperation; Some of members would like to participate in book loan; Most of libraries don’t consider to give a discount charge to PRDLA members.

  7. Suggestion by the Steering Committee: 1. PRDLA member libraries to go ahead and experiment with a no fee model for ILL among PRDLA members beginning January 1, 2006. 2. For returnables, the lending library will pay the air expedited costs for sending the item out and the borrowing library will pay the cost when the item is return. 3. We will review and resolve any problems that might face during the trial year.

  8. Tsinghua University Library was established in 1912 Main library ; 5 branch libraries: Economics & Management Humanities & Social Science Law Architecture Art

  9. The total floor area of main library is 28,000 m2. It was built in 3 stages: First – 1919 Second- 1931 Third - 1991 Open access Stack area 2 Reading-room 16 Seats 1600 In 2004 Serve readers 1,250,000 Circulation 1,200,000

  10. Collection By the end of the year 2004, Tsinghua University Library had a total collection of 3,400,000 items, include books, bound periodicals and newspapers, audiovisual materials, etc. 。 The collection also includes 300,000 ancient books of Chinese and Foreign languages, ancient inscriptions on bones, bronzes, calligraphy woks and paintings etc.

  11. Development of E-resources By the end of 2004 electronic databases >300 full-text e-journals 30,000 • –Foreign language 18,000 • –Chinese 12,000 阿

  12. Tsinghua University Library have ILL co-operations with Thousands Libraries; More than 15000 requests for ILL are received by THL last year , more than 70% from other libraries, more than 85% can be completed.

  13. Digital Library Projects Architecture mathematics Mechanics and machine Chinese History of Science and Technology Tsinghua Dissertation database Teaching information and references Teaching resources Special collection of digital library Chinese-US million books digital library

  14. 内容和进展

  15. Origin of the Project • Main subjects on history of Chinese sci. and tech. • Agriculture, Medicine, Astronomy, Mathematics, Biology, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Architecture, Hydraulics, Fabric, Machine and Mechanism, Metallurgy, Printing,Weapon,…

  16. Origin of the Project • Main types of the contents: • Culture relics, Oracle, Bamboo books, Ancient printing books, manuscripts, cards, pictures, drawings, etc.

  17. Tsinghua Architecture DL Homepage banner Flash Log in Resource Navigation Other link Achievement Navigation Flash Download New Arts Advanced Search Key Words Search

  18. Tsinghua Architecture DL Guanyin pavilionin built in the year of 984 三 维 展 示 Video and Audio Photo in 1931 Photo in 2000 Drawing in 1931 Dou gong Photo in 1931 Photo in 2000 Photo in 2000 Sketch in 1931 Drawing in 1931

  19. Homepage of DLCMH

  20. Digital Library of Chinese Math. History • Digitization progress □Resource Digitization Center in the library organized and optimized the digitization workflow. □ Finished 150 E-books, 70000 pages digitization. □ Created 3 indexing databases: Union Catalog on Ancient math., Research paper index on Chinese Math History. Tsinghua Catalog on Ancient Math.。 □Designed 20 animations on ancient calculation processing, such as Pythagoras' theorem, Sphere’s computing method, etc.

  21. 中文数学数字图书馆 著录中浏览扫描图象

  22. Digital Library of Chinese Machine and Mechanisms History

  23. Digital Library of Chinese Machine andMechanisms History • In 2003, the project DLMMH got fund from the library . • Famous scholar Prof.Liu Xianzhou’s study on Chinese machines and mechanisms history provide a navigator on the collection organization. • In 2004, Investigation of the collection was started, Metadata schema was drafted.

  24. Digital Library of Chinese Machine and Mechanisms History Contents in the project: -- 40 related monographs ; Such as Pictures of Plowing and Weaving (Rarebook, 2 vol. 46 pictures, 1662-1722) -- 12,554 Index Cards collected by the library in 50’-60’s -- Prof. Liu Xianzhou’s monographs, papers, Manuscripts, pictures, book index, etc. -- Animations and pictures on reconstructive models of ancient machines and mechanisms. DLMMH Website is:

  25. Digital Library of Chinese Machine and Mechanisms History

  26. 机械史数字图书馆 A kind of agricultural instrument: pestle and mortar Pictures and Poems for Plowing and Plaiting, published in 1827

  27. 谢 谢 Thank You