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Retirement village

Retirement village

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Retirement village

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  1. Retirement village Prepared by Dio Ooi

  2. Market outlook • Most of South-East Asian countries are aging societies, be it Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia. Hence, retirement homes are the rising trend

  3. Cont. • Retirees, start from as young as 30 years old • These people are not only looking for better housing but great places with community where they can mix and mingle

  4. Cont. • These retirees are the more opened ones: some might had lived abroad and can fit in the retirement homes in more advanced western countries like those in Europe or in Australia

  5. Cont. • The fabric of traditional Asian families had changed: Lesser children per couple or childless • Filial piety is becoming a less-practiced concept • Expectation of retirees changed: relying less on children during old-age

  6. Retirement • Retirement is a big word for many people: Many look forward to it, yet with a certain degree of self-conflicting fear • The omni questions arise: How do I spend my time in retirement? Who do I spend it with?

  7. Retirement Village proposal • Community-living is thus the core idea behind the retirement village • Retire with like-minded friends

  8. Cont. • Enjoy top-notched quality living, with aged-care support and facility • Spend time in activities, be it golf, or singing with their friends within the community

  9. What does an investor buy into? • The nursing and aged-care needs of the progressively aging societies • The insecurity of retirees • The ill-health of these retirees: The quality of health for many has dropped in many Asian countries

  10. Cont. • Many wealthy retirees had been created in the past five years: the sprouting up of young multi-millionaires • However, often, the wealth increase in their portfolio comes with a price tag, the poorer health

  11. Cont. • The changed living trend of different generations: where many children are no longer living under a roof with their folks • The more-suppressed Singapore working class is questing for an ideal retirement landscape, away from the crowd.

  12. Cont. • Communication lifestyle of retirees with their children is often on their Android phones. So, many future visits to parents, could also be in the virtual form, allowing retirees to stay anywhere where they find comfort and care

  13. Cont. • The technological advancement of medical communication in our globally-connected world: eg.some of the Singhealth doctors now are already using tele-consultation or tele-radiography, with their cross-borders counterparts.

  14. Why Penang? • Penang is the ideal and favorite backyard for many Singaporeans • Penang and Singapore were both Straits Settlements. So, there are still family links and close- relationship between these places.

  15. Cont. • Besides the famous food, Penang also provides beautiful yet natural landscape, with a slower, relaxing pace of living, which is perfect for retirees • Close proximity to Singapore: A 55-min flight journey away

  16. Cont. • Malaysians converted to Singaporeans, still dream of retirement in Penang but new rules prohibit them to buy property there • SingHealthis already expanding into Penang with new hospital. Why not ride on the trend?

  17. Have a chat with us Dio Ooi 黄镁湄 Solcrates Management & Marketing Group UNSW, B Com , major in Actuarial Studies and Business Statistics E: T (Malaysia) : +6016 59 34 078 T (Singapore) : +65 933 55 078 Languages spoken: English, Mandarin, Malay, Indonesian, Spanish. Dialects: Hokkien, Cantonese

  18. Who are we? • We had been in the industry of providing natural, therapeutic treatment more than 30years. • Our main focus is in stroke recovery, but had been in the Penang nursing care industry since early 1990s.

  19. Our role We seek investors, to jointly work with us for the retirement village projects. We also market many types of lands, mainly agricultural lands in Penang. Work with us, support the Penang Children Cancer Society.

  20. The lure of Penang