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TRANSFORM Improve Time to Market PowerPoint Presentation
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TRANSFORM Improve Time to Market

TRANSFORM Improve Time to Market

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TRANSFORM Improve Time to Market

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  1. TRANSFORM Improve Time to Market

  2. A Platform for “Transform” Provides Agility… No-regret moves that will pay off whatever happens, and real options that involve relatively low costs now but can be elevated to a higher level of commitment as conditions change 70% Flexibility 59% Understanding Our Advantage 59% Resource Reallocation Agilityis the #1element of corporate strategy 56% Market Segmentation 55% Exploring All Alternatives 54% Belief in Basic Assumptions % of respondents indicating their firms strategy is based on… 53% Relative Advantage TRANSFORM 52% Future Market Conditions Source: McKinsey Global Survey Results, Putting Strategy to the Test 46% Planning for Uncertainties 33% Data-Driven Insights

  3. “Transform” Needs Agility to HarnessCloud and Big Data Your Cloud strategy should include all options Big Data willneed new approaches to visualization TRANSFORM Source: Putting Strategies To The Test: McKinsey Global Survey Results

  4. Economics of the CloudHow previous economic forces have impacted technology adoption Mainframe Client/Server Cloud Economics forces favoring the cloud Supply-side savings • Cost of power • Infrastructure labor costs • Security and reliability • Buying power Demand-side aggregation • Reduce sources of variability like: • Randomness • Time of day patterns • Industry-specific variability • Multi-resource variability • Uncertain growth patterns Multi-tenancy efficiency • Fixed application labor amortization • Fixed component of server utilization amortization Overall impact: Three main sources leading to economies of scale, which allow for cost savings for RUN and GROW, therefore frees up time and budget to INNOVATE TRANSFORM

  5. Cloud on Your Terms Enable portability $8,000 $6,000 Traditional Servers TCO per Server Your Journey to the Cloud $4,000 Resourcepooling Elasticityself-service Metering and chargeback Highly Virtualized Data Center Public Cloud Traditional Private Cloud $2,000 Global provider Unlimited scale Private Cloud Virtualization TRANSFORM Public Cloud Lowering Costs with Economies of Scale (Cloud Size, # of Servers) Source: Microsoft 100 1,000 10,000 100,000

  6. Ready for the Cloud Many workloads are ready for the cloud today… • The cloud provides a platform to customize applications that is: TRANSFORM

  7. Simplifying Cloud Computing Benefit Drivers FLEXIBILITY & CONTROL:Host services in the cloud, or integrate with on-premises applications AGILITY: Respond quickly to business needs with software and services integration EFFICIENCY: Deploy new solutions quickly, leveraging existing expertise and assets FOCUS: Invest in delivering services and value, not on managing technology infrastructure TRUST:A reliable and secure platform, hosted in best-of-class data centers around the world, provided by the leader in service and support Scalable computing Secure storage Services management Windows Azure platform integration TRANSFORM

  8. The Windows Azure Platform Windows Azure is an internet-scale cloud services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers around the world, proving a simple, reliable, and powerful platform for the creation of web applications and services. TRANSFORM MULTIPLE DEVICES

  9. Case Study City Government Improves Service Offerings, Cuts Costs with ”Cloud” Services Solution “Windows Azure is the future for the City of Miami IT Department.”—Conrad Salazar, Project Manager, City of Miami • Benefit Drivers: • Efficiency • Reduced costs by 75 percent by hosting in the cloud instead of on-premises • Saved critical IT resources • Focus • Improved services for residents • Trustworthy • Improved disaster recovery • Situation/Solution: • Faced with budget cuts, the City of Miami wanted a cost-effective, scalable solution for delivering its 311 nonemergency response application. The city developed the application on Windows Azure, taking advantage of scalable storage, processing power, and hosting provided by Microsoft. • Key Advances: • Efficiently implemented a scalable, trustworthy solution that helped reduce IT maintenance costs and improved the city’s ability to offer new services to residents of Miami Organization Profile: TRANSFORM This reference is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. The City of Miami encompasses approximately 36 square miles of land in southeastern Florida. Its municipal government provides a range of services to more than 425,000 citizens.

  10. Case Study Ticket Seller Finds Ideal Business Solution in Hosted Computing Platform “Now we’ll be able to apply more of our internal resources to delivering an even better user experience, since we won’t have to use those resources for managing and troubleshooting hardware platforms”—Matthew Davey, Founder, TicketDirect • Benefit Drivers: • Reduced Costs • Greater IT Agility • Familiar development tools • Powerful database capabilities • A trusted platform and vendor • Situation/Solution: • TicketDirect wanted to improve its ability to sell tickets quickly and better manage the highly variable peak loads commonly seen when big events go on sale. • TicketDirect has begun using Windows Azure to move to a cloud computing model that offers highly scalable processing and data storage capabilities and reduces hardware and IT costs. • Key Advances: • With a highly scalable cloud computing platform, TicketDirect can now sell tickets faster and offer a better ticketing experience for customers and venues. Organization Profile: TRANSFORM TicketDirect International, based in Dunedin, New Zealand, provides online and on-premises ticketing services for a network of 80 sporting and cultural venues in New Zealand and Australia. The company was responsible for 45 percent of professionally ticketed event sales in New Zealand in the first half of 2009. This reference is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

  11. LOB Application Development • Faster time to market: resources are available for you to use, no need to procure, install, and deploy servers • Scale up and scale down by just changing the application configuration, not the application nor the infrastructure Agility • The application is what matters, not the infrastructure: automated service management means automatic upgrades and no more patches Focus • Leverage what you know thanks to the support to .NET, JAVA, PHP, and Ruby • Use your existing systems, apps and data sources to build new apps or extend existing apps • Monitor and manage your application using your existing infrastructure Efficiency Simplicity

  12. Accelerating Cloud Adoption 30,000customers and growing CUSTOMERS • PARTNERS

  13. Use the Cloud to Enrich Your BI Solution and Increase Reach • Consolidate multiple data sources in one place for easy access and processing • Provide fast any time access • Deploy information, services and SharePoint applications to Windows Azure for anytime access from multiple platforms • Expand your document storage capacity using Windows Azure storage • Distribute content through the world for faster access: 24 locations worldwide • Consolidate data distributed throughout the company in one place: rough Microsoft Access–based applications, Microsoft Excel files, Large Flat Files, etc • Cross reference your business data with more than a hundred data spanning 15 categories including Demographics, Weather, Transportation, and Real State.

  14. Benefits for Your Business • Instant availability of resources • Global scale Agility • Automated service management means automatic upgrades and no more patches • Shift valuable resources to focus on high value areas Focus • Reduce infrastructure and operational costs • Platform as a service provided at global scale with a dependable service level agreement • Leverage your current investments: LOB Apps, Data, IT Knowledge, Infrastructure Efficiency Simplicity