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Holiday Checklist

Holiday Checklist

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Holiday Checklist

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  2. Hey people! First of all a very happy new year to all of you. So I have been holidaying for a long time now and what I personally feel is that I miss out a few things before I go out on a vacation due to last minute hassle. So what I thought was to prepare a checklist and this one is definitely going to be the same for all my vacations. I have compiled a useful checklist that can help you when packing your luggage.

  3. Been Asking Yourself What To Pack? What Should You Prepare Before You Travel? FOLLOW THESE QUICK STEPS: MUST ON LIST Check passport is valid Hire a cab Arrange airport parking Flight Tickets Visas Currency Travelers Cheques Credit and Debit cards Driving License Other ID Personal house/car keys Photocopies of Passport/Insurance Itinerary

  4. PERSONAL USE Mobile PhonE Phone charger Laptop Laptop charger Watch Camera Camera charger Glasses/coolers Reading glasses Contact Lenses Music player Hearing Aid Medication Sweaters/Jackets Personal dietary requirements Sunglasses Sunhat Gloves Hat Scarves Belt Handbags Jewellery

  5. You go for a vacation to relax yourself from the stress you’re going through in your day to day life, holidays are the best thing that can ever happen to anyone, and not all can afford a luxurious vacation, If you can afford one then you are truly blessed. Going on a trip now and then is fine; it can make you feel good and relaxed. • Whenever you are on a holidaying spree, you need a place to stay. You might rent a hotel but then when it comes to privacy it’s a big question mark?. So, what I suggest you is that, you can hire a serviced apartment that can make you feel at home, you’ll have great privacy, you can cook your own meal, go out for sight seeing as you please. • At StayPleasure, we have plenty of serviced apartments all over India, we are always there to help you out. So, whenever you are holidaying don’t forget to book your stays at we are glad to serve our customers.