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Sarah, Plain and Tall Story Vocabulary PowerPoint Presentation
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Sarah, Plain and Tall Story Vocabulary

Sarah, Plain and Tall Story Vocabulary

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Sarah, Plain and Tall Story Vocabulary

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  1. Sarah, Plain and Tall Story Vocabulary feisty energetic pesky mild mannered troublesome Open Court 4th Grade Unit 1 Risks and Consequences Lesson 3 Sarah, Plain and Tall Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  2. feisty“use context clues” Papa was late because his colt was acting feisty. The feisty little dog strained at her leash during the walk. feisty - full of energy Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  3. energetic “use context clues” My brother John’s wife-to-be is young and energetic. Jimmy had a cold and was not very energetic. energetic- having energy; spirited Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  4. pesky“use context clues” “What if she thinks we are loud and pesky?” asked Caleb. The golfer was angered by the pesky rabbit on the golf course. Pesky- annoying Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  5. mild mannered“use context clues” I am strong and I work hard, but I am not mild mannered. Paul remained mild mannered even when his plane was late. mild mannered- gentle in nature Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  6. troublesome“use context clues” Sometimes Caleb can be troublesome. The students who passed notes in class were rude and troublesome. troublesome- causing problems or difficulties Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  7. Ordinal numbers First second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth eleventh fourth 4th Grade fortieth Can you think of any other ordinal numbers that end with th? thirteenth Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  8. The suffix –ly is added to each of the following words. Identify each root word. lately carefully seriously softly Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  9. Prefix- an addition to the beginning of the word (re- to do again) reshingle - to shingle again refill - to fill again rewrite - to write again redo - to do it again Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  10. Notice how the words below change when the suffix –etic is added to the root word. Use each word below in an oral sentence. Noun: Adjective: energy energetic sympathy sympathetic poetry poetic Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  11. These words from the story contain /e/ spelled ea or ie. eager married seal prairie sneak Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  12. Most seals live in water and have flippers for feet. What sound do the letters, ea, have in the word seals? Long e Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  13. This dog is Caleb’s fourth collie. Pick out the ordinal number in the sentence. fourth Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  14. Look for the –ly suffix. “Will she like us?” asked Caleb very softly. Identify the word with the suffix –ly. softly What is the root word? soft Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  15. Sarah is more energetic this morning. Identify the word with the –etic suffix. energetic What is the root word? energy Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary

  16. Prairie A prairie is an extensive, level or slightly rolling, mostly treeless tract of land in the Mississippi valley, characterized by a highly fertile soil and originally covered with course grasses. --Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, 1997 "Outside the prairie reached out and touched the places where the sky came down.” --Sarah, Plain and Tall, (p.5 in chapter book) Melissa Lape – Wilson Elementary