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April 1, 2014 ELEARN Email Marketing Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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April 1, 2014 ELEARN Email Marketing Systems

April 1, 2014 ELEARN Email Marketing Systems

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April 1, 2014 ELEARN Email Marketing Systems

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  1. April 1, 2014ELEARNEmail Marketing Systems Presenters: Ashley Tijerina, TX/OK AETC Amy Moses, UAMS HIV HEART Moderated by Bruce Maeder, NW AETC

  2. Housekeeping • Audio is phone conferencing (mute your phone) • You can watch the webinar full screen. • Comments and questions: • Some will be mentioned from the chat feature during the session. • Some will be answered from the chat feature at the end of individual presentation.

  3. Objectives By the end of this session, participants will be able to: • Compare different email marketing systems • Discuss the benefits of email marketing systems • Describe the utility of Constant Contact

  4. Email Marketing Systems Comparison Ashley Tijerina Distance Learning & Web Coordinator TX/OK AETC

  5. Email Marketing System? What is it? • Enriches communication with users • Cost-effective • Environmentally Friendly • Target specific users • Store lists & maintain more efficiently • Users can subscribe/unsubscribe easily and update preferences Email Marketing Definition: A type of direct digital marketing that uses electronic mail as the marketing communication delivery method. Email marketing is used in a number of ways by organizations and marketers for brand and customer loyalty building, acquiring or converting customers, company advertisements, or for communicating promotional offers and more.

  6. Why does TX/OK AETC Need it? • No system in place – Using Outlook • Bounce back rates are high – unmanageable • Manually subscribe/unsubscribe users • Time consuming – NOT efficient • NOT effective • Lists are everywhere

  7. Comparisons

  8. HIGHLIGHTS… • Email Creation & Delivery • Intuitive, web-based editor enables you to easily create and edit email content. With point-and-click access to link tracking, personalization, dynamic content and more • Campaign Automation • Easily formulate marketing campaigns, ranging from simple drip strategies to those with complex, multiple touch points through a visual campaign builder that leverages the behaviors of your prospects and customers. • Advanced Segmentation • Deliver highly engaging, personalized content geared towards your audience.  Stay ahead with our advanced segmentation capabilities—and target contacts based on their behavioral, profile or preference data.

  9. HIGHLIGHTS… • Multi-channel Messaging • Drive integrated campaign messaging across all of your channels, including email, social, web and mobile. Engage incorporates email marketing features that ensure that all customer touch points are kept integrated to convey a consistent and personalized experience. • Web Forms & Landing Pages • Design and publish landing pages and web forms, which capture inquiry information—all without the need for IT support. Engage gives you the freedom to create custom pages that match your brand, allowing you to market your products or services with the maximum effectiveness • Transactional Email/Messaging • Deliver real-time, custom branded, one-to-one transactional messages generated by triggers in emails, web forms, landing pages or tele-sales.

  10. HIGHLIGHTS… • Integrations • Gain visibility and insight into marketing campaign data by integrating with your CRM (customer relationship management) system, or other third-party apps. Target your communications more precisely with management, web analytics, data cleansing and enhancements. • Performance & Security • The safety of your data along with the performance of your campaigns is vital. Our vigorous security measures and dedicated experts in the area of deliverability and reputation management, ensure the protection of your data and brand. • Customer Service • Relationship Manager Assigned (24/7) • Workshops • Training Line • Available for the Life of account • Recorded webinars • 20-30 LIVE webinars per month

  11. Markeitng Automation… • Marketing Automation • Welcome Series - Set-up a welcome series to onboard your new subscribers and lead to more engagement with trainings. • Re-Engagement - Re-engage inactive subscribers with automated campaigns that trigger when a participants are at most at risk for becoming an inactive user. • Browse Abandonment Recovery - Bring your online users back to your website while their propensity to participate is highest. Immediately email customers that viewed specific items or pages on your website but did not commit.

  12. Markeitng Automation… • Marketing Automation continued… • Abandoned Shopping Cart Programs - Turn abandoned shopping carts into purchases. Silverpop’s abandoned shopping cart capabilites let you automatically email and follow up with customers that abandon a purchase. • Geo-Targeting -Quickly build Geo-targeted marketing areas and customer segments. • Post-Purchase Lifecycle Programs - Increase repeat purchases by sending personalized, timely messages to customers after their purchase. Silverpop’s platform makes it easy to build automated email programs such as replenishment, product updates and past-purchase reminders.

  13. Pricing… Based on 120,000 emails per month Silverpop Start Plus …………….................... $1750.00 Support ………………………………………………....... 840.00 One Time Fee ………………………………………... 2250.00 Minimum Message Commitment…………… 4200.00 TOTAL $7290.00

  14. HIGHLIGHTS… • Email • With the trusted leader in email marketing solutions, brands of all organizational size and industry have the flexibility to send relevant and engaging emails that make an impact—no matter the send volume. • Mobile • Mobile marketing is a matter of meeting your customers where they are, using SMS and mobile push capabilities. But understanding who those customers are—and how they want to hear from your brand—can be a challenge. With ExactTarget, you can manage your email and mobile subscribers side-by-side in a single interface. • Social • Your customers spend time on social—and they’re always talking. With listening, engaging, publishing, and advertising solutions across every social media channel, the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud helps you start conversations that convert.

  15. HIGHLIGHTS… • Web • Whether you need to build a web presence via microsites or landing pages or are ready to enhance your existing web experience through the power of personalized product recommendations, we can help. • Marketing Automation • Whether your goal is to automate messages, streamline your reporting, or set up sophisticated lead-nurturing campaigns • Data & Analytics • You need to track spending, processes, and approvals, as well as justify marketing investment with measurable ROI. Through ETs simple-to-use interface and integration with leading CRM and web analytics providers, now you can easily access the data you need to analyze the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

  16. Pricing… • Based on 120,000 emails per month • Software ……………………………..................... $5350.00 • Core Personalize • Dynamic Content • Automation Studio • Inbox Monitor • Inbox Preview • Professional Services …………………………........ 800.00 • Personalization Guide/Training • TOTAL $6150.00

  17. HIGHLIGHTS… • Advanced Data & Segmentation Mgmt. • Creating highly targeted messages with BlueHornet is as easy as “drag and drop.” Our tools will help you create advanced split-test scenarios, identify and track your most loyal subscribers, and use behavioral data to deliver relevant personalized messaging • Dynamic Asset Mgmt. • Streamline email asset management with flexible tools from BlueHornet. BHs solutions range from simple reusable dynamic content blocks to scripting for advanced conditional logic. • Campaign Automation • Manage all of your email programs—promotional, triggered and transactional—in one integrated platform.

  18. HIGHLIGHTS… • Omnichannel • Expand your email acquisition strategies to include email signups from social and mobile. Give your customers opportunities to join your email programs wherever they are, SocialLoop, Text-to-Join, web forms and more. • Integrations • You can easily integrate BlueHornet with your current systems and data sources thanks to our open source REST and XMLRPC - APIs—no IT resources required. • Deliverability Mgmt. • Make sure your emails get to the inbox. BH experts monitor delivery metrics, identify issues, engage with ISPs on your behalf, and provide recommendations for improved deliverability, continuously tracking: • Complaint Rates • Spamtrap Hits at Microsoft Domains • Hard and Soft Bounce Rates • Invalid and Open Rates • Domain Delivery Reports • Blacklists and Block Lists

  19. HIGHLIGHTS… • Testing & Optimization • Identify the most effective content easily and efficiently with BlueHornet’s tools for A|B Split Tests, multivariate testing, and message rendering by ISP, browser and device. • Reporting & Analtics • Optimize program performance and demonstrate success with reporting tools and detailed analytics. BlueHornet uses Message Asset Tagging to enable reporting and analytics on every deployed asset, including content, promotional offers and creative. Determine what drives engagement and what’s getting ignored. The platform also includes: • Operational Reports • Advanced Analytics and Data Visualizations • User-Configurable Dashboards • Domain Inbox Reports • Custom Reporting

  20. Pricing… • Based on 120,000 emails per month • Set-up …………………………….......................... $400.00 • Set-up • Basic Training (including webinars/events) • Annual Fee ……………………………..….............. 3000.00 • TOTAL $3400.00

  21. ExactTarget LIKES • Playbooks • API/Integration • Inbox Preview/Return Pass • Dynamic Content • Web Forms • A/B Testing • Automation Studio • Personalization Guide • Multichannel Messaging • SMS/Push Notifications • bluehornet LIKES • Automation • API/Integration • Deliverability management • Testing & Optimization • Reporting & Analytics • Silverpop LIKES • Snooze • Send-Time Optimization • Advanced Segmentation • Marketing Series Campaigns/Automation • API/Integration • Multi-Channel Messaging • Email Behavior • Web Form Behavior • Website Behavior • Ability to upload email templates • Dynamic Content • A/B Testing • Relationship Manager • Training Online (recordings included) • Workshops • Training for unlimited administrators

  22. Thank you! Ashley Tijerina Distance Learning & Web Coordinator 214.590.6686

  23. Constant Contact Presented By: Amy Moses, M.S.Ed University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Center for Distance Health Program Coordinator

  24. Constant Contact • Discussion Points: • How & Why CDH Uses Constant Contact • Overview of Product • Pros & Cons • Pricing

  25. Product Overview

  26. Pros • Detailed information on each “sent” email: • System is easy to navigate, and very user-friendly! • Contact can forward emails on to their peers

  27. Cons • Emails marked as spam: • Too many spam hits can lead to account deactivation • You will receive notices from Constant Contact if they see that you have too many. • Deactivation can be avoided by having the contact’s permission to send them emails: • We send out a marketing email for contacts to sign up • Permission from the client is required by Constant Contact!

  28. Cons (with some pro) • Unsubscribed contacts • Pro - they can choose specific mailings to unsubscribe from. • This keeps us from loosing the contact all-together!

  29. Pricing

  30. Contact • Any questions about the presentations: • Ashley Tijerina • • Amy Moses •

  31. Next Month • May 13th from 1-2pm EST • Topic: Google Analytics