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Fountas and Pinnell

Fountas and Pinnell

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Fountas and Pinnell

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  1. Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System

  2. Create an account NOTE: You are going to want to do this on the computer where you plan to enter your student data through the year. 1)Click “register now” 2) Fill out the required information 3) The password reminder is really important as we can’t recover your password, so choose something you will remember. 4) Hint: You may want to use your email password for the password. 5) Be sure to click “save” at the end 6) This will create your teacher account.

  3. Add a class • Click on the “Add Class” button • Enter the class name • Enter the grade level • Enter the start date • (Beginning and end of the school year) Click “next”

  4. Choose administration As with the Dominie, we have to administer at the beginning and end of the year for all students. We also have to administer mid year for any student below grade level. Click the triannual, enter the approximate date you give the assessments. Enter the expected instructional guided reading levels from the report card so it matches what is communicated to the parents.

  5. Add students • For each child, enter the first name, last name, grade level and gender. The rest of the information is optional. • Click “save” to just save that student. • Click “save and add” to bring up a window to add another student.

  6. Add an assessment • Click on the “assessments” tab along • the top. • 2) Make sure the class you selected is displayed in the “selected class” window. • 3) Choose your student from the “selected student” drop down menu. • 4) On the bottom left, the “add text reading option will appear” • 5) Clicking on this will allow you to enter the assessment data on this child.

  7. Choose a test period 1) You have the choice of initial, mid-year, end of the year, and interim. 2) Click the “initial button” and adjust the date administered to match when it was given.

  8. 3) Enter the correct data for the child for accuracy and comprehension 4) Click “next” and complete the rest of the data entry. 5) Click “save” and go back to the assessment screen. Repeat these steps for the next child. 1)Choose fiction or non fiction 2)Choose the correct level and title of the book.

  9. Printing (with special notes) • When you are ready to print your class: Click on the “Assessment” tab. • Under “Selected Students” make sure it reads “all students” • Hit the “print” button • NOTE: This will print all of the students in your class who are either “Instructional” or “Independent”. It will not print any student who’s testing level was “hard”. The next page will tell you how to print those students, if you do not wish to retest them.

  10. Printing (Continued) • If you have a student who’s tested in the “hard” category with regards to reading level, you have to print that student separately and attach it to the class summary. Any student in this category will not show up, as the program expects you to retest. • Select the student in the “selected student” box, then hit print. Attach this to your class summary. • You need to repeat this for each student in this category.

  11. Things I am still working on • Saving • Currently I only know how to save to the installed PC • There is an “export” button but I haven’t been able to get it to work. • Install the disc and enter the data where you will use it the most. If I can resolve this issue, I will get something out to you.