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YEAR 11 – THIS IS IT…. Inspire – believe – support - achieve. Y10 BANKED RESULTS. TARGETS 2014 - 15. LoP (KS2 –KS4) 2014 - 15. ACADEMIC SUPPORT. Tutorial activities Key note assemblies Rigorous tracking Assertive mentoring Get ahead sessions Revision classes Mock results’ day

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  1. YEAR 11 – THIS IS IT… Inspire – believe – support - achieve

  2. Staff Induction


  4. TARGETS 2014 - 15

  5. LoP (KS2 –KS4) 2014 - 15

  6. ACADEMIC SUPPORT Tutorial activities Key note assemblies Rigorous tracking Assertive mentoring Get ahead sessions Revision classes Mock results’ day Consultation evening Boys’ group Support for PP students Post-16 advice

  7. Staff Induction

  8. Year 11 exit surveys tell us EVERY YEAR that the one thing students wish they had done better is to manage their time.


  10. How do the students feel? What went well last year? 60% - Were most pleased with the grades achieved 10% - Achieved much higher than they expected 10% - The revision and support from staff What they felt could have gone better? 48% - Wished they had started revising earlier and had done more revision. 10% - Do more work outside of school. Staff Induction

  11. What will we do? Revision skills Well being week Writing applications Current affairs Interview techniques Quiz Celebrations Rewards You will never again, have so many people working to support you and on your side as you have now, USE us. Staff Induction

  12. ‘Parental support is eight times more important in determining a child’s academic success than social class. You are one of the most important factors in ensuring exam success’. Staff Induction

  13. Attendance Half a day a week of school missed, equates to a drop in a whole GCSE grade! Staff Induction

  14. Space Having a quiet space to work in is vital. Staff Induction

  15. Time management and sleep Is it 30 minutes revision and then the X-box for the rest of the night? NEVER under value the importance of a good night’s sleep. Staff Induction

  16. Key dates Is there a calendar in the house, so everyone can see what is coming up? Staff Induction

  17. Act as a go-between Have they shared concerns about a subject at school, that we might not know about. Has anything happened that we need to know or could help with? We all have the same goal. We will get there easier together. Staff Induction

  18. English Department Head of English: Mr Douglas

  19. Results

  20. The course Language: IGCSE: • Allows drafting on assessments (20%) • Speaking and Listening counts (20%) • One exam (40% of final grade) Literature: AQA GCSE: • One piece of coursework (25%) • Two exams (75% of final grade) Staff Induction

  21. Revision After Christmas: revision sessions on both Language and Literature. Teachers will be revising Y10 topics in class for Literature. Sending out a range of resources to students when they are relevant. Staff are available to contact, to support student after school and to answer any questions.

  22. Tips: Language Encourage your child to read a range of texts. Engage with Newspapers: they contain so many different text types • Articles; reviews, letters; adverts etc.

  23. Ask Key Questions Who is the text aimed at? How has the writer made the piece exciting/engaging/persuasive etc? What does he mean by this? Does this text compare to anything else you have seen?

  24. Tips: Literature Ask students to explain the meaning of a poem to you. Encourage them to mind-map characters, ideas, themes etc from text they have studied.

  25. Dates Literature Controlled Assessment will have been completed last week or this week (dependent on teacher). Speaking and Listening to be completed before half term [a handful have been completed].

  26. Resources BBC Bitesize AQA website: has past papers (for Literature). Cambridge IGCSE website: past papers and ideas. Revision WorkbooK: “Complete First Language English for Cambridge IGCSE” by Jane Arredondo. Staff Induction

  27. Science & Maths

  28. What were our results like in 2014?

  29. Results 2014 National Average

  30. Results 2014 National Average

  31. Results 2014 BtEC Principles of Applied Science Distinction*: 3.4% Distinction: 10.3% Merit: 13.7% Pass: 97% Biology: 100% A*-A Chemistry: 100% A*-A Physics: 100% A*-A Further Additional: 44.4% A*-B 85.2% A*-C A*-C (incBtEC) – 94.5% Up 11.5% A*-C (excBtEC) – 56.3% Up 14.3%

  32. What is new for 2014/2015?

  33. Science and maths combine.Head of Science & Maths:Mr P Scutt

  34. Jogscience.wikispaces.com • Resources Include: • Past Papers • Flash Cards • Video Tutorials • PowerPoints • Links to websites

  35. join.me Online LIVE revision & support Students can get support from a teacher in the evenings.

  36. Pixl student website As a PiXL school, schools share resources that are available to students.

  37. Flash cards Rated as an “outstanding” resource by parents and students in 2014.

  38. Revision sessions Breakfast? Lunchtime? Afterschool? “Stay-On-Track” Evenings? Free Periods? Holidays? The team is here to support every student.

  39. Other Resources Revision Guides Equipment – Scientific Calculator Text Books All can be purchased through school.

  40. Remember to pick up yourPARENT PACK It contains all your logins, guides and where to find additional help.

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