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Chapter Six

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Chapter Six
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Chapter Six

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  1. The Great Gatsby Chapter Six Tori Giles, Kyra McClelland, Rachel MacIntosh, Andrea Pratt

  2. Plot • Nick talks about Gatsby’s past where he met Dan Cody. • Tom, Mr. Sloane, and a woman went to Gatsby’s house for a drink. • Tom and Daisy attended Gatsby’s party. • Daisy and Gatsby go off to Nick’s house alone while Nick stayed at the party. • After Tom and Daisy leave the party, Gatsby remembers a previous memory with Daisy from 5 years ago.

  3. Jay Gatsby • Changed his name from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby which shows he wanted to reinvent himself. • Worked on Cody’s Yacht and sometimes had to watch over Cody because he was drunk. • He was falling back in love with Daisy and he wanted things to go back to how they were when they were together.

  4. Daisy Buchanan • Doesn’t like the new money people because they weren’t invited to the party. • Starting to fall for Gatsby. • “That girl hadn’t been invited. They simply force their way in and he’s too polite to object.” P. 108

  5. Tom Buchanan • Learns that Gatsby knew Daisy in the past. • He is judgmental towards Gatsby and he doesn’t really like him. • “Who is this Gatsby anyhow?” demanded Tom suddenly. “Some big bootlegger?” P. 107

  6. Nick Carraway • Is getting more involved in the drama relationship between Gatsby and Daisy. • “Then they sauntered over to my house and sat on the steps for half an hour, while at her request I remained watchfully in the garden.” P. 105

  7. Dan Cody • 50 year old very wealthy man who drank a lot. • Owned a yacht and Gatsby worked on it when he was younger. • Inspired Gatsby to become wealthy and not drink much.

  8. Symbols Daisy • She represents Gatsby’s dream to live in the past and to have a relationship with her again. • “I’m going to fix everything just the way it was before,” he said, nodding determinedly. “She’ll see.” P. 109 Hope • Even though the odds are against Daisy and Gatsby getting back together, Gatsby still hopes and believes that they will fall back in love.

  9. Theme Money doesn’t buy true love • Daisy had more fun just talking with Gatsby rather than at the party with all the material things. • “…I knew that except for the half hour she’d been alone with Gatsby she wasn’t having a good time.” P. 105-106