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Biome Brochure Project

Biome Brochure Project. With Commercial as Extra Credit. Biome Challenge.

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Biome Brochure Project

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  1. Biome Brochure Project With Commercial as Extra Credit

  2. Biome Challenge Imagine that you are a travel agent experienced in the knowledge of a particular biome. Design a travel brochure, from a biologist’s point of view, which would encourage others to visit this destination. Remember, you are paid on commission, so the more people you persuade to visit, the more money you will earn. Be creative! Be Funny! Be Accurate! Provide the following information in your 3-Fold brochure: • Interesting, catchy title and slogan • A logo (small, artistic design or symbol) that represents your biome • Seasonal Attractions: For example, specific times of the year in which flowers are in bloom or wildlife is active • Landscape: A description of the unique features and characteristics of the biome; • Climate: a description of the seasonal temperature and moisture conditions of the biome, including suggestions for suitable clothing, footwear, and personal items to pack • Plant and Animal Life: Provide a description of the types of plants and animals that reside there then highlight on plant and one animal in particular • Suggested tourism activities suitable for the biome • A map of the world showing the biome and destination • A paragraph explaining one critical environmental issue of the biome which every tourist should be aware of. (Remember, you are trying to SELL this vacation to travelers, so play up the positives and be creative!) • Cost for visiting the biome, including airfare, hotel, transportation • Name and Contact Info for Travel Agency you represent.

  3. Biome Brochure Rubric Possible Points • 15 points -Title, Slogan, Logo • 5 points – Seasonal Attractions • 10 points – Landscape (unique features/characteristics) • 10 points – Climate Description/Apparel • 10 points – Plant/Animal Description/Characteristics • 5 points – Tourism Activities • 10 points – Map of the World showing your Biome’s Location • 10 points – Paragraph on 1 critical environmental issue • 5 points – Travel Expenses • 5 points – Travel Agency Information • 15 points – 3 References

  4. Biome Resort Commercial Rubric

  5. Biome Resort Commercial Rubric

  6. STOP The next two slides are of alternative brochure rubrics

  7. Biome Resort Brochure Rubric

  8. Biome Resort Brochure Rubric

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