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  1. SCIENCE PRO. By :- R*Aparna

  2. INDEX • Water • Water Cycle • Rain • Snow or hail • Forms of Water • Rain water harvesting • Floods • Water Resources • Thanks Giving

  3. Water

  4. WATER Water is colour less. It mainly contains oxygen for the survival of water mammals. Water is used in various activities of our daily life. We use water for bathing, washing clothes, brushing, & for other activities. Think how much water would be wasted. Now, think of the conditions in a desert. They use a bucket of water very carefully. But we use it so carelessly.

  5. WATER CYCLE Water cycle is process which forms rain. The water in the oceans, seas, beach etc. get evaporated due to the heat of the sun leaving behind the salt in it. Even the water present in the soil get evaporated. The leaves lose their water due to transpiration. The combined name of transpiration & evaporation is called

  6. This water keeps floating higher & higher. The water becomes smaller & is called droplets, as it reaches the at most coolest layer. These small droplets Form a larger group & are called clouds. As the clouds get heavier they come down to the earth again. This process never stops.

  7. Rain Rain is nothing but water which is collected from the oceans, rivers which contain salt. But the rain does not contain salt. Sometimes there may be an acid rain.

  8. SNOW or HAIL Snow or hail also come down to the earth. They also are like rain. So I conclude that water collected in the clouds, come down in the form of hail, snow, or rain.

  9. Forms of WATER Forms of water present on earth are present in many ways. They are present as glaciers, water itself, ice, water vapour. The forms are:- solid – ice liquid – water gas - water vapour.

  10. Forms of WATER

  11. Rainwater Harvesting Rain water harvesting means to collect rain water & use it for some other purpose. • Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting :- In this system the water is collected from rooftops to a storage tanks through pipes. This water may be containing soil. It should be filtered before use. • Another way is allowing the rain water to flow into the roadside drainage directly.

  12. FLOODS • Floods are caused due to heavy rainfalls. Even the trees ,lampposts fall down due to floods. There will be a major loss of life & property. We should be ready to face these situations rather than arguing. These are natural calamities & cannot be stopped by a human being

  13. WATER Resources • Have you ever thought where does the water in the taps come from? This water is supplied from the sources of water such as:- river, lake, pond etc. through pipes. Now, what is a pipe? It is a narrow tube like structure which is normally used to supply water to our home.