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How the web is helping build an iconic HP brand for the 21 st century and beyond iMedia Brand Summit : September 21, 2

How the web is helping build an iconic HP brand for the 21 st century and beyond iMedia Brand Summit : September 21, 2003. Bill Sidwell Director Brand Strategy & Management Global Brand & Communications. May 6, 2002. Wake up call: May 7, 2002.

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How the web is helping build an iconic HP brand for the 21 st century and beyond iMedia Brand Summit : September 21, 2

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  1. How the web is helping build an iconic HP brand for the 21st century and beyondiMedia Brand Summit: September 21, 2003 Bill Sidwell Director Brand Strategy & Management Global Brand & Communications

  2. May 6, 2002 HP Corporate Overview

  3. Wake up call: May 7, 2002 • The transformation need: It’s a perception problem • HP Perception = Reality • “PC’s and Printers” • “Followers not leaders” • “Beige and boring” • Plus, • Prove technology adds measurable value • Fight customer cynicism and frustration with technology • Take cost and complexity out of using technology • The unique opportunity • Use interactive to shape and deliver new perceptions, new experiences…the new HP. HP Corporate Overview

  4. Quote slide “Brands are fiendishly complicated, elusive, slippery, half real/half-virtual things. When CEOs try to think about brands their brains hurt.” Jeremy Bullmore WPP Group HP Corporate Overview

  5. Customerexperience Brand promise and message Why brand matters Financial performance in market Shareholder value Financial strengthof the company Financial performance Financial strengthof the brand Brand equity Financial Consideration Relevance Purchase Loyalty Commitment Non-financial Corporate reputation Brand perceptions How the company is managed How the brand is perceived Market relationship Employee satisfaction What the industry thinks How the employees feel What we do What we say HP Corporate Overview

  6. HP today Power more than 100 stock and commodity exchanges including the world’s largest • eCommerce leadership • $12B per quarter in eCommerce transactions* • B2B capabilities in 185 countries, 43 currencies, 15 languages Help control 65% of the world’s energy infrastructure Support 95% of the world’s securities transactions • R&D leadership • >17,000 patents spanning print technology to molecular computing • $4B annual R&D investment Help process 2 out of every 3 credit card transactions worldwide and 3 out of every 4 electronic funds transfers Handle 80% of the mobile billing and customer care traffic in Europe and Asia HP Corporate Overview

  7. Bringing brand to life HP Corporate Overview

  8. Our belief • Brand is: • More than image, reputation, satisfaction and loyalty • About building and creating enduring relationships…both behavioral and emotional/psychological • About creating lifetime customer value and brand commitment. • Brand commitment is the end state. To get here, we must understand how people feel as well as how they behave. • We must connect with them… HP Corporate Overview

  9. Connecting with customers • The web is essential for creating new understanding and new, enduring bonds • “Selling” relationships by creating totally new expectations that motivate and influence • Demonstrating passion, vast knowledge, expertise • “Outcomes”…reward, celebration, renewal • Not just product/service purchases • Touchable personalities • Highly immersive and interactive HP Corporate Overview

  10. Strategy • Introduce the world to the new company • Own the core emotional relationship people have with technology • Real customer stories of how technology is improving business and life, focusing on relationship-led approach (customer “+ hp”). • Stories that show how the customer benefits from the breadth or depth of HP’s capabilities • Stories that show what’s possible when you combine the ingenuity and ambitions of customers and HP. HP Corporate Overview

  11. Executing • Make it relevant: • HP is enhancing lives • HP is improving businesses • HP is building the future • Make it dynamic: • Boldness, Wonder • Vitality, Breadth • Innovation • Credibility The wonder of HP technology and all that it lets you do HP Corporate Overview

  12. The work • DreamWorks • Birdlife Finland • BMW Williams F1 • Starbucks • B&O • National Gallery HP Corporate Overview

  13. It’s working • “…simply wanted to say that this is some of the most phenomenal web interface design I have ever seen…. The way that each partnership is customized is bloody brilliant…But I also was one of those folks who thought that hp only made printers. Now I know otherwise. Sounds silly, but it's true. So in that respect, the link was very effective in pulling me in and educating me.” • “The new website is incredible. We are students in digital design in Hong Kong and we would like to have more background on how you achieved the page turning effect and the cursor responsive environment in the space section. WOW!!!!!! “ HP Corporate Overview

  14. Momentum is on our side • HP made a strong promise to the world of the kind of technology company it wants to be—to create vital technology for business and life. • HP brand is gaining recognition, momentum and differentiation around the world • we have an opportunity to use that brand to more powerful advantage. • Our goal and competitive advantage—to evolve from “product makers” to “experience makers.” • Interactive is key • Leverages the brand promise in all activities • Unifies actions around company’s purpose • Differentiates us from the wide field of technology companies HP Corporate Overview

  15. Key learning’s • Interactive is not just about click thru rates and immediate sales actions. It’s not even about advertising alone • It is a unique, immersive opportunity to connect and convey powerful brand impressions, meaning and experiences • The online and offline worlds can and must be leveraged holistically to create true differentiation and drive performance • Online creative can cross over and be effective among diverse audience segments HP Corporate Overview

  16. “Our brand is a promise to customers. The customer experience we provide should reflect that promise. So we need to make it real, every day, in the marketplace. Our brand is also a promise we make to ourselves. Because what we project to the outside world must reflect who we are, and how we behave, as a company. In other words, our brand must reflect our culture.” • Carly Fiorina HP Corporate Overview

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