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UM is Tobacco Free

UM is Tobacco Free

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UM is Tobacco Free

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  1. UM is Tobacco Free Supervisors’ Guide to Compliance

  2. Tobacco Free UM Policy #406.1 • Effective August 28, 2011 • The University of Montana prohibits tobacco use in or on property owned, leased, or used for specific events by the University or any of its components. • The Office of Public Safety has the responsibility to enforce this policy. • Members of the community should report persistent violators to the Director of Human Resource Services and the Dean of Students for appropriate personnel policy or student conduct code action.

  3. The Role of Public Safety • Officers will request compliance in a non-confrontational manner that does not include a stop • Field formal complaints of persistent violators • May report students repeatedly in violation to the Dean of Students • May report employees repeatedly in violation to Human Resources

  4. The Role of UM Supervisors • Remind campus community about policy • Report problem areas on campus to the UM Tobacco Task Force by visiting the Tobacco Free UM website • Work with your employees to maintain compliance with the tobacco free policy • Offer resources for cessation to your employees and make sure those interested are able to find support • Refer to the last slide for a list of cessation resources

  5. What if an Employee Violates the Tobacco Free UM Policy? • They may be approached by members of the campus community • Their co-workers may report the violation • Supervisors will be expected to address employees who repeatedly violate the policy by offering clarification of the policy and resources for cessation, and working with the employee to create a plan for compliance. • They may be entered into progressive discipline procedures if the above efforts are ineffective

  6. Addressing Violations with UM Employees • Remember that employees may be dealing with a powerful addiction • A face-to-face meeting to discuss concerns is the best place to start • Gain agreement that the problem exists • Emphasize that you don’t expect or require the employee to quit • Reinforce that all employees must comply with UM Policies • Remind employee that Nicotine Replacement such as gum, patches, etc. are a viable option during time on campus • If the employee indicates interest in quitting please direct them to the cessation resources listed on the last slide of this presentation

  7. What can smokers do while on campus? • UM does not require that anyone quit using tobacco, but in order to provide a clean and safe academic environment with access for all, UM has decided to go tobacco free. • There are many over-the-counter nicotine/tobacco replacements available. Many are the same price or less than cigarettes themselves. • Use the “Good Neighbor Zones” • We encourage those who do not want to quit to create a plan for coping while on campus. Refer to the Create a Plan for Compliance document for some helpful tips.

  8. Cessation Benefits for Employees • MUS wellness cessation program Visit: • Montana QuitLine 1-800-QUIT-NOW • Employee Assistance Program (TLC) Visit: • Quit for Life Cessation Group Call the St. Pat's administration office at 329-5741.