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Understanding and Preparing for the ISAT PowerPoint Presentation
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Understanding and Preparing for the ISAT

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Understanding and Preparing for the ISAT
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Understanding and Preparing for the ISAT

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  1. Understanding and Preparing for the ISAT Presented by Dr. Bob Mann Mathematics Western Illinois University rr-mann@wiu.edu Nov. 19, 2010

  2. Goals Today • General Overview of ISAT • Strategies in Preparing for the ISAT • Resources to help prepare for the ISAT

  3. Notecard info: • Record the following • Name • School • Grade • Years of experience • Email • One thing you know about the ISAT • One thing you would like to learn about

  4. ISAT • It is not • Illinois Student Achievement Test Common definition • “ISAT for three days taking tests” Student definition • “ISAT with my head in my hands worrying about how to improve scores” Principal definition • “ISAT in a workshop all day learning about tests” Teacher definition

  5. ISAT • It is…. Illinois Standards Achievement Test

  6. With emphasis on standards… • The standards being the Illinois Learning Standards • Which are now represented in the Illinois Assessment Framework (IAF) • The new ISAT (2006) was designed according to these frameworks • The new (2010) common core standards will be represented on the 2014 assessment

  7. Notecard break • Notecard area and perimeter • Cutting Corners • ISAT connections • Lots of perimeter and area questions

  8. ISAT connections • 4th grade extended response 2006 • Multiple choice connections: see problem 7 • Many area and perimeter questions on the ISAT

  9. Connections to Frameworks And others…

  10. Mathematics ISAT 2006 and beyond • All test items on the 2006 ISAT align to the Illinois Mathematics Assessment Framework • Norm-referenced Stanford 10 items • Same items taken in other states for national comparison • Criterion-referenced items • Illinois-developed and used only in Illinois • All items contribute to the overall ISAT scale score.

  11. NCLB and Mathematics • All states must assess mathematics in grades 3 through 8 by the 2005-2006 school year • Mathematics is used for AYP • Annual Targets for Performance and Participation

  12. ISAT Resources • ISAT webpage • Content categories for ISAT • ISAT Spanish tutorial • Open tutorial

  13. The garden problem is one type of problem that appears on the ISAT • Problem types now include: Extended Response Problem Short Response Problem Multiple Choice

  14. 2006 and beyond: Mathematics ISAT • Item formats: Multiple Choice (MC),Short Response (SR), Extended Response (ER) • Pilot items within the test • Four answer choices for MC at all grades • Three 45-minute* sessions • Rulers at all grades • Calculator use is allowed in grades 4-8 • Reference sheet for grades 7-8 * Plus up to 10 additional minutes for all students

  15. Rulers (Grades 3-8)

  16. ISAT Mathematics SessionsGrades 3-8 *See www.isbe.net/assessment/pdfs/date_change06.pdf for more details about how to modify the test window dates.

  17. Contractor-Harcourt • Responsible for test development, printing, scoring, and reporting • Norm-referenced and criterion-referenced items • Stanford 10 format with color • Extended-time sessions for all students • Aligned to Illinois Assessment Framework (IAF) • More detailed reporting that is tied to the IAF

  18. Sample items and resources • ISBE Math assessment page • Look over and try some of the sample items for your grade leve

  19. Grade 3 ISATIMAF: 7.3.03 What is the perimeter of the square? 5 m A. 5 m B. 10 m C. 15 m D. 20 m

  20. Grade 4 ISATIMAF: 6.4.16 The average length of a song on a CD is 3 minutes.About how many songs can be played in 16 minutes? A. 18 B. 12 C. 5 D. 3

  21. Grade 5 ISATIMAF: 9.5.13 Which of these figures appear to be congruent? A. O and M B. N and P C. N and R D. O and R

  22. Grade 6 ISATIMAF: 8.6.03  +  = 10  -  = 2 Each  has the same value. Each  has the same value. What is the value of the ? A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 8

  23. Grade 7 ISATIMAF: 10.7.08 The burger shop offers burgers fixed 5 different ways. They also offer fries, tater tots, onion rings, and fried mushrooms as sides.How many different combinations of one burger and one side could be offered? A. 2 combinations B. 5 combinations C. 9 combinations D. 20 combinations

  24. Grade 8 ISATIMAF: 9.8.11 X ∆XYZ is similar to ∆RST. What is the length of ST? 8 cm 10 cm A. 7.5 cm YZ B. 8 cm 12 cm C. 8.5 cm D. 9 cm R 6 cm S T

  25. What type of questions seem common? • Area and Perimeter • Rates • Patterns and Combinations • Systems of Equations

  26. Other Resources • See the “share” file for old exams and extended response items • See the TiPs website

  27. Standards are working… • As yesterday’s positive report card shows, childrens do learn when standards are high and results are measured. • President Bush, September 2007

  28. 2007 NAEP • 4th graders and 8th graders achieved highest scores ever on the NAEP • Generally true across various sub-groups as well • This was true until 2009….

  29. NAEP Results to 2009


  31. NAEP and ISAT are very similar • Both have 3 types of questions: • Multiple Choice • Short response • Extended Response • Both use similar rubrics

  32. NAEP resources = ISAT Resources • The nations report card and NAEP contain hundreds of sample questions—including some of each type • Explore the NAEP website

  33. Samples of Short-Response Items from NAEP • Go to http://nces.ed.gov/nationsreportcard/ • On the left side of the page, select “mathematics” from the subject area list • On the right side of the page, scroll down to “How the NAEP Mathematics Assessment Works” and select the third bullet that says “Explore sample questions…” • Able to search by year, grade, content topic, and question type

  34. Online Resources • Illinois Interactive Report Card • ISBE Math Assessment Information And ISAT information • Assessment Tasks and Descriptors • !!Interactive Online ISAT Samples!! • ISAT Spanish tutorial • Bob Mann’s webpage

  35. Math Break 2: Angle Sum activity • How often was this idea used on the sample test?? • How does the activity correlate to the frameworks? • How often is the notion of input/output patterns seen on the test?

  36. Angle Sum extensions • From assessment frameworks • Stage F, about Grade 6 • Polygons and diagonals

  37. Angle sum and frameworks

  38. Angle sum and Algebra frameworks • 37. Which table satisfies the following equation? • y = 3 - x • 8.5.05 Demonstrate, in simple situations, how a change in one quantity results in a change in another quantity (e.g., input–output tables). • 8.6.04 Determine a rule having two operations from an input–output table (e.g., multiply by 3 and add 2). • 8.7.06 Determine how a change in one variable relates to a change in a second variable • .8.8.06 Recognize, describe, and extend patterns using rate of change.

  39. And one more sample question: • From NAEP Subject: Mathematics Grade:  8Block:  1996- 8M3No.:  10 From any vertex of a 4-sided polygon, 1 diagonal can be drawn.From any vertex of a 5-sided polygon, 2 diagonals can be drawn.From any vertex of a 6-sided polygon, 3 diagonals can be drawn.From any vertex of a 7-sided polygon, 4 diagonals can be drawn.  10.   How many diagonals can be drawn from any vertex of a 20-sided polygon?     Answer:____________________

  40. Preparing students for the MC • Have them complete the online sample test • Have them complete old ISAT exams • Incorporate MC questions into your quizzes, tests, and curriculum • Talk about dealing with MC formats • But, cover the content……!!!

  41. Short and Extended Response • Short- and Extended-Response items are scored using a rubric. (www.isbe.net/assessment/math.htm) • Item-specific rubrics are developed for each item before scoring. • The 2 short-response items will contribute 5% to the scale score. • The 1 extended-response item will contribute 10% to the scale score.

  42. Extended- and Short-Response Samples • Extended- and Short-Response items are only different item formats, they do not define the content. The content is defined in the Illinois Mathematics Assessment Framework. • Directions for how students are to respond will be given in the item itself.

  43. Short and Extended Response

  44. But, they seem to like… • Data Analysis and combinations • Handshakes, teams, pizza • Measurement (perimeter, area….) • Systems like….

  45. Extended Response Sample“Rabbit Chicken Problem” While visiting a farm, you notice that there are only chickens and rabbits in the farmyard. You can’t help but wonder how many of each animal there is in the yard. But when you ask Farmer Fred how many of each animal he has, he refuses to give you a direct answer. He says there are 18 animal heads and 58 animal feet. How many chickens and rabbits are there in the farmyard?

  46. Notes on Sample Responses1, 2, and 3 The following three student sample responses show how the “Rabbit Chicken” problem may be solved using three very different, but appropriate, strategies.

  47. Sample Response #2