poetry unit n.
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Poetry unit: PowerPoint Presentation
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Poetry unit:

Poetry unit:

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Poetry unit:

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  1. Poetry unit: Review of Poetic Devices and Figurative Language

  2. Alliteration • Repetition of initial consonant sounds • Example: terrible truths and lullaby lies

  3. Assonance • Repetition of vowel sound • Example: mystery disguised within

  4. Consonance • Repetition of consonant sounds, but not vowels • Example: gloomy woman

  5. Imagery • Language that evokes sensory images • Sight, sound, taste, feel, smell • Example: drip of ruby teardrops (sound) • Example: to wake up where the green grass grows (visual/sight) • Example: lips like cool sweet tea (taste) • Example: streaming through a velvet sky (touch) • Example: the stench of the underworld (smell)

  6. Internal Rhyme • Rhyming that occurs within the line (rather than at the end) • Example: Piece of me emerges

  7. Metaphor • Comparison of unlike things made without using like or as • Example: I am the “Lone Star”

  8. Mood • Emotional response/feelings of reader based on atmosphere, word choice, and tone of poet

  9. Personification • Giving human qualities or characteristics to animals or objects • Example: tears of amber fell from my soul

  10. Rhyme • A pattern of words that contains similar sounds at the end of the line • Example: life for me is wild and free

  11. Rhyme Scheme • A repeated pattern of rhymed words at the end of a line • Example: Lusty eyes (A) Passionate cries (A) Rich blood, (B) Bitter sweat (c) She/he loves (D) And dies (A)

  12. Similie • Comparison using like or as • Example: notes dance across the page like stars twinkle in the night sky

  13. Stanza • A group of poetic lines (also called a verse) • Example: Like glistening sun and moon like day and gloomy night like pure earth and gentle clouds transformation - life and death

  14. Symbol • An object or action that means more than its literal meaning • Example: always open like a rosebud about to bloom (a young girl)

  15. Tone • An author’s attitude about a subject or theme

  16. “Mask” by Carl Sandburg • FLING your red scarf faster and faster, dancer.It is summer and the sun loves a million green leaves,     masses of green.Your red scarf flashes across them calling and a-calling.The silk and flare of it is a great soprano leading a     chorusCarried along in a rouse of voices reaching for the heart     of the world.Your toes are singing to meet the song of your arms: Let the red scarf go swifter.Summer and the sun command you.

  17. Poetry and Pop Culture • Watch the following commercial. Answer in your packet: • Why do you think this poem has to do with exercise and the Nike brand? • What effect does it have on the viewer (you)?