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CDR Customer Relationship Management (CRM) PowerPoint Presentation
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CDR Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CDR Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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CDR Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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  1. CDR Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  2. CRM • CRM Screen tabs • Administration User • Product Master Data • Administration Data • Administration Alerts • CRM-Alerts to a CO • CRM-Alerts to an AO • Groups

  3. CRM-View

  4. CRM-Screen tabs • Home • Contacts/Customer Accounts • Billing Accounts • Orders • Services • Trouble Tickets • Service Requests • Franchisee • EStapled Accounts

  5. CRM-Screen tabs • Collections • Orders Miscellaneous • Groups

  6. CRM-Administration User Following are the basic roles in CRM : • CSR Role • CO Role • AOTR Role • AO (CASH) Role • AO (PURSUIT) Role • WEB CSR Role • Executive In charge for E-Stapling Accounts • In charge for Franchisee Creation

  7. CRM-Administration User

  8. CRM- Product Master Data • Landline, ISDN (BRI/PRI), Broadband Plans etc • Eligibility Rules based on SSA, Billing Account type & Subtype, Usage Code, Rural/Urban, Effective End date, Service Subtype, Connection Type. • Apart from the plans, we have Facilities, Rental & Deposit Schemes, Accessories of the Product (LL/BB/ISDN/EVDO etc.)

  9. CRM- Product Master Data

  10. CRM-Administration Data • Locality Addresses : The Main Locality is at top of the Hierarchy and the Exchange Code is at the bottom. • List of Values : The query can be made based on the Sub locality. For eg : Click on query button and enter Type as “BSNL_SUB_LOC” and Display value as “A C GUARDS” and click on Go button.

  11. CRM-Administration Data

  12. CRM-Administration Data

  13. CRM- Administration Alerts • If a particular order is cancelled by OUTDOOR with reason TNF/WRONG ADRESS etc in clarity, then an alert will be sent to the concerned CO in CRM. In such case, to identify to which CO the alert was sent, you can use the Administration alert. • Any kind of alert on a service can be viewed here.

  14. CRM- Administration Alerts

  15. CRM-Alerts to a CO • Order with Tel Number#< > has been halted/Cancelled in downstream due to TNF. • Please Approve/Reject Service Request. • Please raise Disconnection order for <Tel Number>. • Please Approve/Reject Rental/Usage Scheme.

  16. CRM-Alerts to an AO • Alert for Billing Adjustment • Alert for Refund • Alert for Unbarring Request • Please Approve Debit Request • ISD is Added, Please Approve • Please Approve or Reject the Late Fee Waiver • Please Approve or Reject the Non Third Party request

  17. CRM-Alerts to an AO • Please Approve/Reject Service Request • Please approve/reject Override Deposit Approval activity • Please raise debit note for termination charge • Alert for Promise to pay • Please Approve the Refinance • Write Off : Default Alert

  18. CRM-Groups • Centrex Group---A new Centrex Group can be created here. A number can be blocked for a Centrex Group. • ISDN Group---ISDN BRI/PRI and their DIDs. • Corporate Group---Numbers required for a Corporate Group can be blocked here and can be used for future connections. • CUG Group----A CUG Group with a CUG plan can be created here.

  19. CRM-Backend Updates • Order Status and Sub status Update from backend. (Re-submission in case of Clarity Failed Milestone) • Change of Billing Account Collection Status from OG-Barred to Active after confirmation from Billing Team. • Changing Exchange code in CRM after confirmation from Clarity. • Updating Mobile Contact Number of the Customer.

  20. CRM-Backend Updates • Changing Cancellation Reason in the Order – More Info (For eg: TNF to Wrong Address) • Service Request/ Docket Cancellation. • Service Category updation from FREE to NONOYT-GEN if the Free to Normal Modify order is completed. • Broadband User id updation after confirmation from Clarity and BILLING.

  21. CRM-Business Service • If a fault order is pending in Clarity and meanwhile the Customer asked for Voluntary disconnection and the disconnection order got completed and Service became inactive. The previous fault order cannot be closed now and in such a case, the fault needs to be cancelled. • This can be cancelled by running a process in CRM.

  22. CRM-Business Service

  23. CRM-Business Service 1. Go to Site Map 2. Click on Administration-Business Service. 3. Click on Simulator. 4. Click on New button. 5. In the Service Name field enter "Fault Cancellation BS". 6. In the Method Name Pick applet select "CancelFault". 7. Under Input Arguments click on New button. 8. Click on the Pick Applet under the field "Property Name" Again Click on New button. 9. Enter the following a. Property Name : SR Number b. Value : 12056897456 (CRM Order id from clarity SO) Click on Save button and then on "OK" button. 10. Click on the Pick Applet under the field "Property Name" Again Click on New button. 11. Enter the following a. Property Name : Comment b. Value : SD99999 (SM Ticket#) Click on Save button and then on "OK" button. 12. Click on "Run" button.

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