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UCSB Human Resources - Benefits New Employee Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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UCSB Human Resources - Benefits New Employee Orientation

UCSB Human Resources - Benefits New Employee Orientation

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UCSB Human Resources - Benefits New Employee Orientation

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  1. UCSBHuman Resources - BenefitsNew Employee Orientation

    Benefits Office Hours 8:00 - Noon & 1:00 - 4:00 893-2489
  2. Overview Eligibility Enrollment Health and Welfare Plans Retirement and Savings Plans Welcome folder
  3. Benefits Packages Full Benefits Mid-Level Core Special Groups UC Transfers Rehired Retirees Postdoctoral Scholars A Complete Guide to Your UC Health Benefits, pages 8 – 10
  4. Eligible Family Members Legal spouse, same sex/opposite sex domestic partner Child(ren) under 26 Legal Ward(s) under 18 Overage disabled child A Complete Guide to Your UC Health Benefits – page 11-12
  5. Imputed Income Your taxable income may increase if you enroll a same sex domestic partner not declared as a dependent on your federal taxes. Taxed on value of employer-paid medical A Complete Guide to Your UC Health Benefits – page 5
  6. Your Responsibility Check eligibility requirements before enrolling a family member Family Member Eligibility Verification SECOVA will request documents to verify eligibility within a 30-60 days You and your family members may be de-enrolledif you fail to respond to Secova’s request for documentation.
  7. UCnet Benefits Video

    The Benefits of Belonging
  8. Life Events & Benefits Add an eligible family member 31 days to enroll Family member loses eligibility Notify Benefits Office to cancel coverage Family Changes Checklist A Complete Guide to Your UC Health Benefits – page 6-7
  9. When to Enroll Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE) PIE is first 31 days of employment If you miss PIE, 90 day delay for medical plan Open Enrollment Period Opportunity to change plans in November Statement of Health
  10. Social Security # Date of Birth Username Password How To Enroll UCnet At Your Service AYS Online Rehired Employees Status/Appointment Change New Employees Your Benefits at a Glance
  11. Click on New to UC
  12. Enter your Date of Birth as password MMDDYYYY
  13. More information
  14. Insurance Plan Websites Find a doctor or participating provider Summary of Benefits booklets Prescription drug list A Complete Guide to Your UC Health Benefits – Contact information insert
  15. Health Plans Medical Dental Vision
  16. Which medical plan is right for you? Medical Plans Summary of services Cost of care Monthly premiums Union Members Rates may be different
  17. What are your priorities? Cost to enroll – monthly premium Cost of care Predictable, low cost copays Pay a % of each service Worst case scenario – Out of pocket maximum Choice of providers HMO medical group physicians PPO preferred network or any provider Effort to manage – coordinating care & bills
  18. HMO – Health Maintenance Organization Predictable, low cost copay for services and drugs Insurance plan delegates your care to a “medical group” Care is coordinated by Primary Care Physician (PCP) and medical group Emergency and urgently needed care when away
  19. HMO Plans for 2014 Health Net Blue & Gold HMO Sansum Clinic or SB Select IPA Regal in Ventura Physician’s Choice in Santa Maria Kaiser HMO closest facilities Ventura & Los Angeles County
  20. Using the Health Net or Kaiser Plan Copayments Medical Services Office visit: $20 Surgical Center $100 Inpatient Hospital: $250 Emergency Room: $75 You select Primary Care Physician (PCP) When you need care go to your PCP PCP refers you to specialist, x-ray, lab, hospital
  21. HMO Limitations Coverage area is local Live or work within 30-miles of provider Must use Primary Care Physician and specialists in your assigned medical group If away from your medical group, plan will only cover health threatening emergencies
  22. PPO – Preferred Provider Organization You direct your own care, you decide where to receive services You pay annual deductibles before plan pays After deductible, you share the cost of each service with the plan - coinsurance Your costs are lower if you select preferred providers “Out-of-pocket Maximum” limits your financial liability
  23. PPO Plans for 2014 UC Care Blue Shield Health Savings Plan Core (default)
  24. UC Care PPO PPO plan designed for UC Administered by Blue Shield of California Blue Shield PPO network Claim administrator International plan Employee & family members may live anywhere Comprehensive coverage worldwide
  25. UC Care Providers You have access to providers in all three tiers
  26. UC Care: UC Select near UCSB UC Select (Tier 1) providers in Santa Barbara – Sansum Clinic Santa Maria Lompoc Ventura Currently, Sansum Clinic is the only UC Select provider in Santa Barbara area High cost hospital and medical groups Check the UC Care directory for providers important to you
  27. UC Care Costs Your costs are based on the tier/network that the provider is in Not all services are covered at the UC Select benefit tier Some services are covered only at the Blue Shield Preferred and Non-Preferred tiers
  28. Deductible, Coinsurance, Out of Pocket Max UC Care ExampleIndividual Coverage Blue Shield Preferred (Tier 2)
  29. UC Care - Overview No HMO option, no PCP, no referrals – you select physicians and manage care You pay a copay or a percentage of fee for services depending on the provider you select Large network of Preferred PPO providers Higher premium than HMO You can live outside of California
  30. Why select UC Care? You like managing your own care You like being able to select any physician You don’t mind paying more for a larger choice of physicians You’re living outside of California OR out of the HMO service areas
  31. Blue Shield Health Savings Plan Combines high deductible PPO with account to pay out-of-pocket expenses + Medical Coverage Blue Shield PPO Health Savings Account HealthEquity
  32. Blue Shield Health Savings Plan The employee must live in US When in US Comprehensive coverage Blue Shield PPO network in CA Blue Cross Blue Shield network outside CA When traveling out of US Emergency and urgent care only NO routine care
  33. Blue Shield PPO – Plan Design
  34. Health Savings Account High deductible medical plan paired with a Health Savings Account + Blue Shield PPO Health Savings Account The Health Savings Account is a separate account that can be used to pay eligible medical, dental vision and other health expenses.
  35. How does HSA work? UC makes annual contribution for plans that start on January 1, prorated for plans starting later You may contribute through pre-tax payroll deduction or make post-tax contributions to HealthEquity Use a HSA debit card to pay for health expenses Use HealthEquity website to pay medical and other health claims Invest HSA dollars when account balance reaches $2000 – no fees to invest
  36. Annual Contributions to HSA Catch-up contribution, age 55+: $1000
  37. Advantages of an HSA You keep the money even if you change jobs or insurance plans You can make contributions at any time HSA has triple tax advantage No Federal taxes on contributions No taxes when funds are used No Federal taxes on earnings HSA funds rollover from year to year; no use it or lose it as with Health FSA
  38. Who is eligible for HSA? To own an HSA you need to: Be covered ONLY by an HSA-qualified health plan Other health coverage may disqualify you, including Health FSA, Medicare or traditional health plan Not be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return
  39. Blue Shield HSP - Overview No PCP, no referrals – you select physicians and manage care UC contributes to your Health Savings Account You can contribute pre-tax dollars to HSA HSA belongs to you even if you separate from UC May submit claims to HSA to reimburse medical, dental, vision and other health expenses Higher deductible than UC Care Must live in US
  40. Why select the Blue Shield HSP? You like managing your own care You have few medical or drug expenses and expect to rollover HSA dollars You have many medical or drug expenses and will contribute pretax dollars to HSA You don’t mind managing medical accounts
  41. Core - Fee for Service Catastrophic medical plan (default) PPO plan design $3,000 annual deductible per individual 20% co-insurance for medical and drug OOPM: Individual $6,350; Family $12,700 Premium paid in full by UC You select Blue Shield PPO providers or non-Blue Shield provider
  42. Prescription Drugs Preferred Drug List (Formulary) is different for each carrier
  43. Preventive Care All medical plans cover preventive care at 100% with in-network providers Preventive care includes: Annual well visit and labs Well woman visits and labs Preventive screening tests Immunizations See list of preventive services on the plan websites
  44. Optum – Behavioral Health Counseling and substance abuse treatment Care by therapists, psychologist, psychiatrist Different provider options and benefits Health Net, Kaiser HMOs – use Optum clinicians UC Care and Blue Shield Health Savings Plan– useOptum or Non-Optum clinicians Call Optum to confirm provider is in-network
  45. Dental Insurance Plans Choice of two plans Delta Dental PPO DeltaCare USA (HMO) Premium paid in full by UC A Complete Guide to Your UC Health Benefits, Pages 20 – 23
  46. Delta Dental PPO Worldwide coverage Preventive dentistry covered 100% Basic dentistry covered 80% $50 annual deductible for basic dentistry Plan pays up to $1700 annual maximum benefit (In-Network PPO dentists) Delta PPO Providers - Lower out of pocket costs
  47. Delta Dental PPO Why select this plan? You like being able to select any dentist You don’t mind paying more for a larger choice of dentists You don’t expect to exceed the annual maximum benefit of $1,700 You’re living outside of California
  48. DeltaCare USA (HMO) Must use DentalCare HMO dental group Assigned to a dental group Limited number of dental groups in Santa Barbara No deductibles Preventive dentistry covered 100% Co-payments for basic dentistry Additional fees for upgrades on materials No annual maximum benefit
  49. DeltaCare USA (HMO) Why select this plan? You don’t mind having a limited choice of dentists You like lower out of pocket costs You expect to have major dental work that will exceed the Delta PPO maximum benefit, or plan on orthodontic services
  50. VSP - Vision Service Plan Routine vision care Exam – 1 per calendar year ($10 co-pay) Lenses - one set every year Frames every other year ($130 allowance) OR Contact lenses ($110 allowance) per calendar year Select VSP doctor for lower costs Limited reimbursements for non-VSP doctor Premium paid in full by UC Visit the website to access In-Network providers
  51. Other Insurance Disability Life Accidental Death and Dismemberment Legal Flexible Spending Accounts
  52. Disability Insurance Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Short-Term Disability Employer-paid Short-term benefits only Supplemental Disability Voluntary / employee-paid Short-term supplement and long-term benefits No State Disability Insurance (SDI) coverage Worker’s Compensation (work related only)
  53. Short-Term Disability Enrollment is automatic; paid by UC 7-day waiting period - (if you have accrued sick leave, you must first use up to 22 working days of sick leave before benefits start) Monthly benefit = 55% up to $800/mo. maximum 26 week disability period Provides benefits for non-work related disabilities Does not include long-term coverage
  54. Supplemental Disability Enroll during PIE or with Statement of Health Employee paid - premium based on age, waiting period and full-time salary rate Choice of 7, 30, 90, or 180-day waiting period If you have accrued sick leave, you must first use up to 22 working days of sick leave before benefits start Coverage for duration of disability up to age 65 Supplements other income to 70% up to $15,000/month maximum
  55. Calculating your premiums
  56. Supplemental Disability & Supplement Life
  57. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Health FSA & Dependent Care FSA Save taxes on eligible expenses Contribute to plan with pre-tax earnings Submit claims for reimbursement for eligible out-of-pocket expenses or use Health Spending Card Effective date is the 1st of the month following enrollment; subject to payroll deadlines *Read the Summary Plan Description Booklet *Estimate carefully - “Use it or lose it”
  58. Flexible Spending Accounts-HFSA Expenses must be incurred during the plan year + grace period Deadline to submit claims to CONEXIS is April 15, 2015 Plan start date April 15 Mar. 15 Dec. 31 Plan year + grace period 1 month claim period
  59. Retirement Plans University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) Defined Contribution Plan (DCP for Safe Harbor) Voluntary Retirement Savings Programs Tax-Deferred 403(b) 457(b) Deferred Compensation
  60. University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) 2013 Tier Members Vesting = 5 years (100% full-time) Minimum age 55 Defined Benefit Plan: Age x Years of UCRP Service x Highest Average Plan Compensation (HAPC) Coordination with Social Security 1976 Tier members minimum age 50
  61. Example: Benefit Percentages Retire at age 65 with 20 years of UCRP Service Credit Pension Benefit = .5000 of HAPC
  62. UCRP Contributions 2013 Tier: Employees contribute 7% of gross earnings. July 1, 2014 8% * Subject to collective bargaining
  63. Defined Contribution Plan (DCP Safe Harbor) Mandatory monthly pre-tax employee contributions of 7.5% (in lieu of paying Social Security taxes) Administered by Fidelity Defaults to UC-managed “Savings Fund” Voluntary DCP after-tax /rollover account
  64. Tax-deferred 403(b) and 457(b) Plans Voluntary employee pre-tax savings programs Administered by Fidelity Maximum annual contribution limits Investment options: Core Funds and other expanded options
  65. Next Steps Explore benefit options UCnet – plan descriptions, cost calculator tools, medical plan chooser Health Plans – providers lists, coverage details, preferred drug lists (formulary) Enroll before end of “PIE” Medical, dental, vision insurance Life, Disability, AD&D, Legal insurance Flexible Spending Accounts
  66. After You Enroll Check your Earnings Statement on AYSO Are enrollments and deductions correct? Attend Retirement Workshops At Your Service - UCRP Fidelity – DCP, 457b, 403b
  67. Bright Horizons Care Advantage Online referral service for in-home caregivers