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ARDENT boards M. Silari PowerPoint Presentation
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ARDENT boards M. Silari

ARDENT boards M. Silari

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ARDENT boards M. Silari

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  1. ARDENT boards M. Silari M. Silari - ARDENT Kick-off meeting

  2. Supervisory Board (SB) ITN Management Office Scientist in Charge Administrative support unit (CERN) Selection Committees Dissemination and Outreach Board (WP 6) Technical Training Board (Leaders WP 1-4) Training Board (WP 5) ARDENT boards • The compositions of boards is not necessarily fixed for the four years of the project: • the chair can (or cannot) rotate annually • representatives from the various partners may (or may not) change M. Silari - ARDENT Kick-off meeting

  3. Supervisory Board One senior representative from each partner, Full and Associate CERN: Marco Silari AIT: Peter Beck (Sofia Rollet as substitute) CTU: Stanislav Pospisil (Zdenek Vykydal as substitute) IBA Dosimetry: Uwe Mollenhauer Jablotron: Dalibor Dedek MI.AM: Antonio Parravicini POLIMI: Stefano Agosteo (Alberto Fazzi as substitute) U of Erlangen: Thilo Michel ST-Microelectronics: DelfoSanfilippo (Massimo Mazzillo as substitute) UOH: Larry Pinsky UOIT: Antony J. Waker UOW: Anatoly Rosenfeld ESR representative: TO BE ELECTED BY ESRs M. Silari - ARDENT Kick-off meeting

  4. Technical Training Board The four technical WP leaders, WP1 to WP4 Leader WP1 (AIT): Sofia Rollet (Peter Beck as substitute) Leader WP2 (CTU): Zdenek Vykydal Leader WP3 (POLIMI): Marco Caresana Leader WP4 (CERN): Matteo Magistris M. Silari - ARDENT Kick-off meeting

  5. Training Board One representative per each Full Partner CERN: Robert Froeschl AIT: Sofia Rollet (Peter Beck as substitute) CTU: Jan Jakubek IBA Dosimetry: Stefan Wölfel Jablotron: PavelHubner MI.AM: Antonio Parravicini POLIMI: Alberto Fazzi M. Silari - ARDENT Kick-off meeting

  6. Dissemination and Outreach Board Five members from either the Full or Associate partners Member 1 Michael Lerch (UOW) Member 2 Vladimir Stanislav (Jablotron) – Chair? Member 3 Marco Caresana (POLIMI) Member 4 Stanislav Pospisil (CTU) Member 5 Michael Campbell (CERN) Member 6 Marcin Latocha (Sofia Rollet as substitute) (AIT) M. Silari - ARDENT Kick-off meeting

  7. ITN Management Office Scientist-in-Charge + Chairs of the Technical Training Board, Training Board and Dissemination and Outreach Board Scientist-in-charge: Marco Silari (Chair) Chair of Technical Training Board: Chair of Training Board: Chair of Dissemination and Outreach Board: The three boards should nominate a chair soon so that we can have the first meeting of the ITN Management Office M. Silari - ARDENT Kick-off meeting