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Final Jeopardy PowerPoint Presentation
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Final Jeopardy

Final Jeopardy

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Final Jeopardy

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  1. Final Jeopardy

  2. What is considered the first step in the Scientific Method?

  3. Asking a question! Back

  4. What is a hypothesis?

  5. An “if, then” statement Back

  6. This is a point of view that is highly personal or based on a belief that is not supported by evidence.

  7. bias Back

  8. This is the factor that a scientist purposely changes during an investigation.

  9. independent variable Back

  10. This is a variable that a scientist keeps the same throughout the investigation.

  11. control Back

  12. What are the four main states of matter & which has the fastest moving atoms?

  13. solid, liquid, gas, plasma & plasma has the fastest moving atoms Back

  14. The mass per unit volume of a substance is known as this. What is the formula?

  15. density; d = m/v Back

  16. What are the three types of energy and what unit of measure do we use to identify energy?

  17. kinetic, potential, and mechanical energy Energy is measured in joules. Back

  18. What occurs when matter is changed into new substances, which normally cannot be reversed?

  19. chemical change Back

  20. What is the net force of desk being pushed 26 N to the left and pushed 19 N to the right? Is the force balanced or unbalanced?

  21. 7 N to the left and it is unbalanced Back

  22. What type of rock is created through heat and pressure?

  23. metamorphic rock Back

  24. Alfred Wegener proposed the idea that Earth’s continents were once connected and have broken apart and drifted to their present locations. What do we call this?

  25. continental drift Back

  26. How does the mantle compare to the core in temperature and density?

  27. The mantle is cooler & less dense than the core Back

  28. What type of plate boundary created the Himalayas and the Andes?

  29. convergent plate boundary Back

  30. What 2D map is excellent at showing elevation of landforms?

  31. topographic map Back

  32. The Milky Way galaxy is considered this type of galaxy.

  33. spiral galaxy Back

  34. Earth __________ on its axis every 24 hours and ____________ around the Sun every 365 days.

  35. rotates and revolves (orbits) Back

  36. These are small bodies or rock, ice, and dust that revolve in an elliptical orbit around a star and form tails as they pass close to stars.

  37. comet Back

  38. During the 1st quarter and last quarter phases of the moon, the tidal bulges from the Sun and moon are at right angles. What are these tides called?

  39. neap tides Back

  40. Stars in the Universe are born inside these celestial objects made up of gases.

  41. nebulas Back

  42. What organelle in plant/animal cells is responsible for regulating the flow of material into and out of the cell?

  43. cell membrane Back

  44. What are the sections of chromosomes (structures that contain DNA) that carry the information for a single trait?

  45. genes Back

  46. This is a relationship between two organisms in which one organism benefits and the other is unaffected.

  47. commensalism Back

  48. This is an organism that eats other organisms for energy.

  49. consumer Back

  50. This form of reproduction involves only one parent and an identical genetic copy of itself is produced.