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Matthew the Apostle

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Matthew the Apostle
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Matthew the Apostle

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  1. Matthew the Apostle By: Rana Zaid

  2. Birth/Death/Occupation • Matthew was born in the 1st century in Palestine. • Died in 34 AD in Hierapolis, Turkey. • His occupation was a tax collector, disciple of Jesus, Gospel writer and a missionary.

  3. Who was Matthew? • Matthew was a dishonest tax collector driven by greed until Jesus Christ chose him as a discipline. Matthew was named Levi before his call by Jesus, it’s a shortening name of Matthias which means the "Gift of God".

  4. Before • Matthew had a tax booth that was on the main highway, he was collecting duties on important goods brought by farmers and merchants. Tax collectors in those days were known as social outcasts. Jews avoided them because they believed they were dishonest. The Jewish people also hated them because they were agents of the Roman government. While under the Roman's Empire system, Matthew would have paid all the taxes in advance, then collected tax from the citizens and travelers to profit himself.

  5. The Conversion • On that same day Jesus invited Matthew to follow him and he did. Matthew then threw a farewell feast at his home in Capernaum where he lived. He also invited his friends to meet Jesus as well. From that time on instead of collecting tax money, he collected souls for the Christ.

  6. After • Matthew is one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, He is the author of the first Gospel. Matthew wrote the Gospel for the Jewish people. He wanted the Jewish people to know that Jesus was the Messiah. • After the conversion, he was believed to have preached the Gospel in Africa, to the south of the Caspian sea, Persia, Macedonia and Syria as well.

  7. Accomplishments of Matthew • He served as one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ. As an eyewitness to the life of the Savior, Matthew recorded a detailed account of Jesus’s message and deeds in the Gospel of Matthew. He also served as a apostle, spreading the good news to other countries.

  8. Matthew’s Strengths • Matthew was an accurate record keeper. He knew the human heart and the longings of the Jewish people. He was loyal to Jesus and when he once committed to being good, he never disobeyed in serving the Lord.

  9. Matthew’s Weaknesses • Before he met Jesus, Matthew was greedy. He thought money was the most important thing in life and violated God’s Laws to enrich himself at the expense of the citizens.

  10. Life Lessons for Matthew • Matthew learned that God can use anyone to help him in his workand that people should not feel unqualified because of there appearance, lack of education, or there past. Jesus looks for sincere commitment, and Matthew was a perfect example. Matthew also learned that money, fame, and power cannot compare with being a follower of Jesus Christ.

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