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NEON CHEETAHS!. Coaches: Kylie Shiring and Hannah Conner. About Our Coaches!. Hi, we are the Neon Cheetahs and we would like to tell you a little bit about our staff.

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  1. NEONCHEETAHS! Coaches: Kylie Shiring and Hannah Conner

  2. AboutOurCoaches! Hi, we are the Neon Cheetahs and we would like to tell you a little bit about our staff. The Neon Cheetahs has a great staff, we have great coaches that go by the name of Kylie Shiring and Hannah Conner, they would like to tell you a little bit about themselves. Kylie Shiring grew up into an average family, she went to hockey games and baseball games. She had an obsession with polar bears and Sidney Crosby, she always had a dream to marry him someday, and she also wanted to help preserve polar bears one day to save their lives. Now when she grew up she fulfilled her dream in preserving her precious polar bears, and help save their lives. Sidney Crosby had heard about her amazing story, and decided that he wanted to meet her. So, they met, and they fell in love, got married, and had four kids together. Then she wanted to make her own baseball team with her friend, Hannah Conner.

  3. AboutOurCoaches!(Continued…) We will now tell you a little bit about our other fantastic coach named, Hannah Conner. Hannah Conner grew up in Paris, she lived with Ryan Clark, her boyfriend of three years, and he played football for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He planned on proposing to her on the baseball field, on the opening game. Of course she said yes, they lived happily together, had two kids, and are now proud owners of the Neon Cheetahs baseball team, with her incredible partner, Kylie Shiring.

  4. Founded. • Now, Hannah Conner and Kylie Shiring were always friends in Elementary School. We wanted to grow up and do something helpful for our city. We thought that North Carolina needed a baseball team, so we got together and thought about what we would need. We started the team in 1972, and we still carry that tradition on today.

  5. About North Carolina • Whether you’re here for adventure, beaches, relaxation, or adventure in the mountains, or maybe even a little baseball, come visit North Carolina for it all! North Carolina is the nation's largest furniture, tobacco, and brick producer. Tourism is also important, with visitors spending more than $1 billion annually. • Sports include year-round golfing, skiing at mountain resorts, both fresh- and salt-water fishing, and hunting. • Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run in Fayetteville on March 7, 1914. • North Carolina is a great vacation spot. They get a lot of visitors for the summer to come to their beaches.

  6. TeamPlayers • The Neon Cheetahs team players greatly appreciate all their fans. They think they have the greatest fans in the world, but we all know we do. We like to show our fans how much we appreciate them by giving them free gifts at our games. We want them to know just how great they really are! Thank you for supporting us all the way!

  7. Our Teams Pride! Ourteam thanks everyfan we have!

  8. We Thank You • Our team, staff, and workers would all like to thank all our fans so much for supporting us through our wins and loses. We love all our fans and we want you all to know that we appreciate you so much. Keep on cheering, and we will keep on doing our best to win! Thank you for your time. Your friends, North Carolina Neon Cheetahs.

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