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Sophie Page Career management for graduate students Service des stages et du placement PowerPoint Presentation
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Sophie Page Career management for graduate students Service des stages et du placement

Sophie Page Career management for graduate students Service des stages et du placement

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Sophie Page Career management for graduate students Service des stages et du placement

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  1. JobSearch, How To View It Differently ? Sophie Page Career management for graduatestudents Service des stages et du placement To make an appointment: Summer 2013

  2. Goals: • To obtain a better understanding of the job search strategies in order to integrate the labor market successfully. • Internship • Employment • To understand job search VS learning its techniques.

  3. How will we do this: Propose a job search method in 5 steps

  4. job search method in 5 steps

  5. Job search method in 5 steps

  6. STEP 1 Learn About The Labor Market1.1. Research the labor market1.2. Understand the hiring process of companies

  7. 1.1. Research the labor market • It will help you to: • Know the types of jobs available in your area of expertise. • What can I do with my diploma? • Validate the tasks or responsibilities that you would like to find in a job. • Would you like to work in a R&D center? In a consulting firm? In the government? As a scientific writer, etc. • Better understand the employers needs.

  8. 1.1. Research the labor market • Comprehend the requirements of the labor market in your field. • Specific technology, computer language, etc. • Learn the language, values and culture of industries that interest you. • Explore and be open and flexible in face of events or opportunities.

  9. How to get information • The web site is a good starting point • Consult the Service de Placement site • Jobs sites • • • • • Meet professionals • Informational interviews • Conference

  10. 1.2. Understand the hiring process of companies

  11. The hiring process for companies • First : Manager expresses a need for additionnal ressources: • Determines the ideal candidate’s profile • Starts a research for potential candidates

  12. Employers recruitment practices

  13. Characteristics of the labor market • Hidden job market

  14. Why the displayed offers have very specific requirements and looking for someone with experience?

  15. Job Seekers’ Strategies

  16. Employers recruitment practices 2. Second: The selection process of dpt. of human resources

  17. Job Posting • Who receives the resume? • At what point are the resume and the letter read? • How much time will the human resources dpt. take to analyze the resume? • It’s very important to customize your resume to fit the job and the company. • Be aware of how you can stand out from your competition.

  18. Step 2Highlight Your Potential

  19. 2. Highlight your potential • What skills have you got? • Technical skills : These tend to be career or work specific. Examples of technical skills include mathematical modeling, analyzing mass spectrometry, writing C++ programs, using CAD software, etc. • Transferable skills: They are learned and used in a variety of context. For example, organizational skills, problem-solving, communication, analyzing, etc. • Personal skills: They include qualities like leadership, creativity, self-confidence, flexibility, etc.

  20. Academic achievement • Translate your knowledge into skills. A format more desirable for an employer. • Example: • My dissertation described the impact of abc on the process of xyz. • Research and wrote a dissertation of subject X • Identified research problem and designed criteria to evaluate possible explanation. • Developed timeline and supervised team of undergraduate researchers.

  21. What skills does the employer’s want? • From your research • Job ad • How to match your skills with the employer’s needs?

  22. Draw the connections • Examine your profile! • Self-analysis exercise

  23. Step 3Establish A Strategy For Your Contact And Networking3.1. What is networking?3.3. How and Where to network?3.4. How to make a contact?

  24. Your Network

  25. What is networking? • The objective is to have a conversation and build a rapport with someone. • Be genuine and friendly. • Your shared interests might lead to something interesting. • Don’t focus on the end result. • You will have to listen, to ask questions and share information.

  26. How and where to network • Social media (Twitter, facebook and LinkedIn) • Create a professionnal profil. • Follow the compagnies of interest. • Get information and do some research.

  27. Establish a strategy for your contact

  28. Make a contact • Contact the employers (Phone call, letter and follow-up): • Before you make any contact with the employers, it’s important to ask yourself 3 questions: • What does the organisation do? • Why am I interested and motivated by this position and this organisation? • Among all my skills, which ones are more relevant for this position?

  29. How to make contact • How to make contact with a person of interest ? • Version A • I am looking for a job. • Version B • Potential between my profile and what I know of the company.

  30. How to speak with the person in charge • Secretary • Which means to use (internet, phone, etc.)? • What is the purpose of this contact? • Get information • Get my profile known • Fears of job seekers …

  31. Step 4Apply On Jobs

  32. 4. Apply on jobs • Is this position for me? • What is a resume? • CV versus Resume • It’s your marketing tool! • Focus on the similarities ! Reassure the employer! • A good resume should get the employer attention in less then 20 secondes.

  33. Should I customize my resume? • Analyze the job description to help you point your resume in the right direction. • Manager position : project management skills • Analytic role : analytical skills • Complex computer work : technical computer skills • Optimize your resume with keywords and key phrases (found in the ad description). • Put the important information on the first page. • Have your resume reviewed (ex. Friends, professor, career counselor, etc.)

  34. 4. Apply on jobs • Follow up.

  35. Step 5 Be Succesful In Interviews

  36. Held on 23th of May (12h45 to 3pm), room C 630. Workshop on “How to be successful in interviews”

  37. Book of reference: R. Fry, 101 great answers to the toughest interview questions, Thomson Delmar Learning, Canada, 2007. • Web site: Indeed, Jobboom, Workopolis, Monster, etc. • Example to follow : • Personalized advice in individual appointment.

  38. Conclusion • What I have presented today is an ideal to be achieved ... But the best job search strategy is undoubtedly to take action! • Despite what you hear and read, believe in your project!

  39. Questions?

  40. Thank you To reach us: Service des stages et du placement (B-510) To make an appointement: