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Myself and I

Myself and I

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Myself and I

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  1. Myself and I Author: Earl Sewell Year Published: 2010 Genre: Fiction Jazmine Bridges p.5

  2. Setting The story takes place in this decade. The main character (Keysha) and her family live in a big house, in a high classed neighborhood.

  3. Characters • Keysha-main character, long b lack hair, nice, outgoing • Maya-Keysha’s best friend, nice, helpful, and caring. • Antonio- keysha’s boyfriend/ex, rude, liar, and heartless. • Priscilla- Keysha’s enemy, and she’s very careless. • Mike- keysha’s brother, funny, loving, annoying at times. • Lori- Keysha’s enemy, Priscilla’s friend, rude, and annoying. • Jordan & Barbra- Keysha’s father and step-mother, understanding, caring, and loving. • Jerry- Keysha’s neighbor and crush. Jerry is nice, thoughtful, and determined.

  4. Plot or Conflict! In this book there is many problems. The main one is that Keysha is framed by Lori and Priscilla. They told the police that Keysha broke into a house and trashed everything in it. Keysha was then pressed with charges by the police for this incident.

  5. Resolution After everything that had been happening, Priscilla decided to come forward and admit that she and Lori had set Keysha up and apologized on her behalf. Priscilla recorded the conversation that she and Lori held, stating the plan on how to frame Keysha. Priscilla revealed the recording to Keysha and her family, as well as the police and her charges were dropped immediately.

  6.  My Opinion!  I thought this book was pretty good. I like how it sort of taught me a lesson. It really informed me of what is happening in other kids lives and you may not even know it. I like how the book is told in first person. I think when first person is used, you can get more information on that person because the characters feelings are examined more than others. I really like how when your finished reading the book, you feel like you know the characters.

  7. 5 Facts About Earl! • Attended Columbia College • Lived in Chicago • Studied Screen and fiction writing • Lives in South Holland, Illinois • Working on his next novel.

  8. 5 Questions.. Q: Who brought the pit bulls to the party? A: Some of Jerry’s friends. Q: Why is Priscilla so mean to Keysha? A: because she is jealous of her. Q: Why does Maya want to be a life-gaurd? A: because she thinks it will be fun and they will have extra money. Q: How do the cops believe Lori and Priscilla? A: because they had a video of the incident and a girl who looked like Keysha was in it. Q: Why is Jordan and Barbra so mad? A: because they think that Keysha really did commit the crime.

  9. Summary… A girl named Keysha has a crazy life. She moves in with her father and step-mother and has a new school and everything. In the book it describes all of her challenges that come along with a new home. The main problem was a life changing experience for Keysha as well for me!