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Welcome to FLVS!

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Welcome to FLVS!

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Welcome to FLVS!

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  1. Welcome to FLVS! Making the most out of your welcome calls

  2. Why are welcome calls so important? • Its your chance to welcome your new student and make them feel apart of your class-this is the first day of school for them • Sets expectations-your expectations of what they should be ready for and accomplish in your time together • The faster contact is made the faster the student can begin working • Even if they start working when placed they may be skipping around or plagiarizing • New students to FLVS may not realize they have access to the class if they don’t hear from you • Losing students in CA will hurt your yield

  3. How does your WC sound? • Sets tone for your whole relationship • Are you upbeat and positive during the wcand are your messages welcoming and inviting? • Or are you scaring the student-think about the tone of your voice and the words coming out of your mouth. If you were 15 would you want to call you back? • Be upbeat and sound as happy and excited as you can be during the welcome call

  4. Leave a message after the beep… • “Hi, This is _____, your world history teacher at the florida virtual school. I was calling to welcome you to my class. To get started I need to talk with ____ and a parent. Please give me a call as soon as possible at 000-0000. Today or tomorrow would be wonderful! I’m really looking forward to talking to you about this great class-have a terrific day and I’ll talk to you soon!”

  5. What does your welcome email look like? • Is it vague? Does it send the message that the student has to make an appointment to complete the welcome call? • Is it lacking FLVS policies and important info about your class that would help them get started if they aren’t able to call you back right away? • Does it make them excited about the class after they read it? • Does it make them want to meet you?

  6. Did I get a new student today? • Checking for new students should be among the first thing you do EVERY day • Make sure you are using the flags in VSA to easily spot a new student or sort daily by classroom assigned date • Step 1 of seeing your new student is to send them a welcome email with all of FLVS’s policies and procedures and anything important that is specific to your course along with your contact information • Step 2 is calling the student • If your course is experiencing a big wait list and you are loaded with a lot of new students its understandable to call them over a period of a couple days, but they should be sent an email the first day they are placed in your class • Under twelve students should be called the first day you receive them

  7. Does it matter if I call the student right away? • ABSOLUTELY! • FLVS research has shown students and parents are most successful when they are contacted within 48 hours of being placed in your class. After that they lose interest and the momentum is gone and they may go to a different school • If the teacher does not call the student right away you lose credibility-why would a student take you seriously to complete work in a timely manner if their teacher did not contact them for awhile to get them started? • Parents may become upset and call administration wondering why their child’s teacher has not bothered to call them yet • It’s just good customer service to welcome the student right away and invite them to start working in your class via a phone call as texts and emails are less personal and the welcome call is the requirement

  8. Second attempt calls/emails • Should be very specific and say by what date the call needs to be completed by • Should not have to send more than 2 emails • Get out of the habit on your second attempt calls of saying call me back soon for the welcome call. Don’t be vague! • Second attempt calls should state the date they have to call you back by and that the student will be removed from the class if they fail to complete the wc by then so there’s no confusion. “If you are still interested in your online history course and I really hope you are please be sure to call back with a parent by 8pm on August 20 or I will have to assume you no longer need the course and you will be withdrawn.”

  9. Good welcome calls=good teacher/parent/student relationships • Any questions contact: • Nikki Foley • 904-466-0457 • nfgilbert@flvs.net