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Famous Black Americans

Famous Black Americans

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Famous Black Americans

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  1. Famous Black Americans Mrs. Windle’s Class

  2. Bill PickettBy John Spinks • Lived 1932-1970 • Introduced bulldogging a modern rodeo. • Learned how to rope and ride as a boy • Did his bestperformance in 1908 • Most famous for bullridding

  3. Duke EllingtonBy: Julie Moore • Born 1899 in DC. • Didn't like piano at first. • First act in New York 1923. • Friend named Billy who helped him write songs. • HE was a famous jazz piano player and singer. • People gave him ( good) nickname. pictures/ellington/ /

  4. Elijah McCoyBy.Tyus Flakes • Lived in Colchester, Ontario, Canada • Likes to take stuff apart • His parents escaped from slavery • Invented the lubricating cup for trains

  5. Frederick DouglassBy:Landon Speakman • He Lived from 1818-1895. • He was a slave. • He saw his mother only 5 times a year. • 1834 fought his master,Edward Covey. • Served as American consul-general with Abraham Lincoln.

  6. GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVERBY:HUNTER BROWN • Born in (1864-1943) • Born in Diamond Grove Missouri. • He tried to go to Simpson College in Winterset Iowa but they did not allow colored people. • One of the biggest products he made was peanut butter • He did most of his work in Tuskegee

  7. Granville T. WoodsBy:Harun Kalin • Born in Columbus,Ohio 1856. • He was called the Black Edison. • Thomas Edison asked Granville if he wanted to work in his company but Granville said,``No.`` • Died 1910. • Invented go-carts for amusement parks.

  8. Harriet TubmanBy: Gaston Gary • Harriet Tubman was born in Dorchester County, Maryland . • In 1848 she escaped slavery. • She was a leader of the Underground Railroad • She made about 20 trips from the North to the South and rescued more than 300 people. • Harriet Tubman died in 1913..

  9. Jesse OwensBy:Shyra Sherfield • Jesse Owens real name was james cleveland. • Jesse’s grandparents were slaves. • Jesse was born September 12th 1913 on a small farm. • His parents were sharecropers. • He won the 1936 Olympic games .

  10. Madam C.J. WalkerBy:Precious Morris • Her birth name is Sarah Breedlove. • When she was 14 she married Moses McWillaims. • In 1885 together they had a daughter named A’Lelia. • 2 years later Mr.McWillaims died. • She started a company making beauty products for women. • She was the first African American Female millionaire

  11. Mae Jemisonby: Ashley Pruitt • Born Oct. 17, 1956 in Decatur,AL • Moved to Chicago at the age of three • Spent hours on end in the Chicago Library reading about stars and astronomy • In 1988 became the first black woman in space

  12. Marian AndersonBy:Leshontierra Janigan • Marian performed at churches and colleges. • Marian was invited to many states • She displayed vocal talent as a child , but the family couldn’t afford to pay for formal training. • She took voice lessons in her own neighborhood • She was a singer and performed in black clubs.

  13. Martin Luther King Jr.By: Shahiem Trimble • He was murdered • Born Jan 15, 1929 • Died April 4, 1968 • He was one of the greatest leaders in American history • He helped black Americans

  14. Mary Mcleoud BethuneBy:Taylor Rufer • Mary’s parents were slaves. • Mary was there fifteenth child. • Mary was there first child to be born free. • When Mary was little she wanted to learn to read, and she did. • She is famous for starting a school all by herself.

  15. Matthew HensonBy: Kyle Hensarling • Matthew Henson andRobert E.Peary first men toreach NorthPole. • Henson and Peary tried to reach the North Pole many times, and finally reached it. • He was a U.S clerk until retirement in 1936. • He was born in Charles County, Maryland

  16. Medgar Wiley Eversby:Jamarius Walton • White people threw rocks at him because he was a leader. • He married myrlie Beasley. • Got shot coming out or his car. • After 2 years of working with NAACP he was named state field director. • Born:1925 Died:1963

  17. Muhammad AliBy: Noah Williams • Muhammad Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky on April , 7 1954.

  18. Patricia MckissackBY: Shivani Rangari • She was born on August 9,1944. • She is a famous author. • She got married to one of her class mate’s. • She had one brother and one sister. • Patricia Mckissack wrote a book called Run away Home. • She also wrote a book telling about her called Can You Imagine.

  19. Paul RobesonBy:Ryan Ferry • Paul Robeson was good in school and sports and his grades were higher than his classmates. • He was a very famous singer and traveled all around the world. • Soon he was asked to be in a play called Othello. • He played on a professional football team when he was only in high school.

  20. Rosa ParksBy:Allie Williams • Born on February 4,1913. • Died on Oct.24,2005 • Would not give up her seat to a white man that’s what made her famous. • Was arrested on Dec.1,1955 • Born in Tuskegee,Alabama. • Moved with grandmother. • She started the Boycott. • People called her the mother of the civil rights movement.

  21. Ruby BridgesBy:Tyesha Lockhart • Ruby Bridges and her family was poor very poor • Her daddy worked picking crops, he lost his job. • Then they moved when she was four years old • Ruby was the first black girl to go to an all white school.Ruby bridges was surround by white people with poster saying “white only” Ruby was brave she pray every day.

  22. Satchel PaigeBy:Joshua Barbosa • Satchel Paige was born on July 7,1906, in mobile, Al. • His best pitch was the fast ball which he called the bee ball because when he threw the ball it hummed like a bee. • He finally got into the major leagues in his forties. • He won every negro world series from 1939 through 1947. • He died on June 8, 1982, in Kansas City, MO.

  23. Scott JoplinBy:Kaleb Steiger • Scott Joplin was born in eastern Texas. • Scotts mom and dads names were Florence[mom]and Giles [dad] Joplin. • Scotts dad was born a slave • Scotts mom was born free. • Scott died in 1917 • He was a jazz singer

  24. Tiger WoodsBy: Chadd McBurney • Tiger Woods was famous for his outstanding talent at golf. • Before Tiger was even seven he beat a pro at golf! • He was the first golfer of ether African American or Asian descent to win the masters tournament. • During a tournament his dad suffered a heart attack.

  25. Thank you! We hope you learned something about some people that helped make America great!