validation and validation checks n.
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Validation and Validation Checks PowerPoint Presentation
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Validation and Validation Checks

Validation and Validation Checks

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Validation and Validation Checks

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  1. Validation and Validation Checks By David Callanan

  2. Introduction There are a number of validation checks that can be used to validate data being entered into an ICT system. The more validation in place, the less likely ridiculous data is to be processed.

  3. Validation Validation is a check performed by a computer program during data entry. Validation is the process which ensures that data accepted for processing is sensible and reasonable. Validation is performed by the computer program being used and consists of a series of checks called validation checks. E.g. If a website has a age restriction and the age you type in is not above the restriction you will not be granted entry. Entry Under 18

  4. Continued... When a developer develops a solution to an ICT problem, they must create checks to lessen the likelihood of the user entering incorrect information. This is done by restricting the user as to what they can enter, or checking that the data obeys certain rules. Hi guys

  5. Validation checks Validation checks are used to restrict the user as to the data they can enter. There are many different validation checks each with their own special use including: • Data type checks – these check if the data entered is the same as the data type specified for the field. • Presence checks – some database fields have to be filled in, whilst others can be left empty. • Length checks – make sure that the data entered has the correct number of characters in it. • File/Table lookups – are used to make sure the codes being used are the same as those used in a table or file of codes. • Cross field checks – the data is more than one field often need to be checked together to make sure they make sense.

  6. Continued... • Range checks – are performed on numbers. They check that a number being is within a certain range. E.g. Age restrictions on some websites. • Format checks – are performed on codes to make sure that they conform to the correct combinations of characters.

  7. The End David Callanan