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Travel Safety & Security In A Changing World PowerPoint Presentation
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Travel Safety & Security In A Changing World

Travel Safety & Security In A Changing World

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Travel Safety & Security In A Changing World

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  1. Travel Safety & Security In A Changing World Philadelphia Business Travel Association Bill Amaral September 26, 2006

  2. Agenda • Pre-Trip Preparation and Check-In • Carry-On and Checked Baggage Requirements • Security Screening • Additional Information • Helpful Websites • International Travel • Travel Tips & Defensive Flying Techniques • Health Hints and Special Needs • What is Being Done to Ensure Our Safety? • Questions & Answers

  3. Pre-Trip Preparation & Check-In • Mobility matters • Pack smart • Check it or carry it, what does it matter? • A boarding pass and ID is required for security clearance • Have backup form of ID • Boarding passes are available at ticket counters, curbside, self-serve kiosks or on the airline’s website • Status can expedite check in

  4. 1 carry on item & 1 personal item, such as a purse, briefcase or laptop - 9 X 14 X 22 Checked bag limits vary by airline & fees are assessed for overweight/sized bags Do not lock bags and keep a packing list TSA will apply a tamper evident seal and insert a notice if they open your bag No access to bags after screening International flights may weigh or restrict carry-on bags. 7-12 kilos Status can help Carry-On & Checked Baggage Requirements

  5. Security Screening • Bringing a prohibited item is illegal • Check the TSA website for an updated list • Effective 9/26/06 travelers may carry on travel-size toiletries (3 ounces or less) that fit comfortably in ONE, QUART-SIZE, clear plastic, zip-top bag. • After clearing security, travelers can now bring beverages and other items purchased in the secure boarding area on-board aircraft • Limit the amount of metal on your body • Laptops, coats and shoes will be scanned separately • Screeners may chat up travelers to observe behavior • Random secondary screenings and pat-downs will increase • Unpredictability will be the standard • More canine teams will be deployed airports

  6. Additional Information • Passport, Drivers License, Government or Company ID • Match to ticket information • Some airports may restrict vehicle parking based on security threat level • Rental car returns may include a trunk search if threat level is increased • New ID card for US frequent travelers to Mexico and Canada will allow crossing without a passport and should be available later this year

  7. Helpful Websites • • Transportation Security Administration’s website • • Get a flight’s status within a 2 hour window by airline, flight #, city & airport • • Site to check out wait times at security checkpoints • or • Site to locate off-site airport parking across the US/UK & hotels offering parking • • TSA Claim Form for damaged/missing baggage/contents • • Everything you ever wanted to know about airline seating; leg room, seat width, pitch and proximity to bathrooms • • This site includes travel warnings, consular information sheets and public announcements, as well as passport, visa and other critical information • • Rules of the Air link provides concise, plain explanations to dozens of topics, which the airlines detail in the Contract of Carriage

  8. International Travel • Seek out pre-departure information and research the countries you will visit • Be familiar with local customs and laws • Call airline to verify the total processing time from check in to security clearance to boarding and any enhanced baggage restrictions • Screening technology/protocols vary by country • Be familiar with driving rules if you rent a car • Consider an international calling plan and a GSM phone • Know how to contact emergency personnel • Carry change & know how to use a pay phone

  9. Travel Tips and Defensive Flying Techniques • Pre-Trip Planning • At the Airport • On Board the Aircraft • In Case of Emergency • Evacuation Information • What You Need To Know About Your Seat • What You Know Could Save Your Life • Turbulence • The Buddy System • Driving or Flying

  10. Health Hints and Special Needs • Pressurization problems • Motion sickness • Ask for bottled water on board • Retention, hydration and vitamins • No caffeine, liquor or sleeping pills • Bring food that is appealing anytime • Order a special meal if food is served • Comfort items • Hungry/eat – Tired/sleep • DVT - Exercise often on long haul flights

  11. What Is Being Done… • Screening 100% of checked luggage • Increase secondary screening and pat downs • Explosive detection trace portals in airports • Air marshal program expansion • Bulletproof cockpit and armed pilots • Voluntary self defense training for flight attendants • Anti-missile system test in progress • “Registered Traveler” program expedites security clearance for travelers submitting to a background check and biometric ID • Secure Flight passenger prescreening program

  12. In Closing Questions and Answers • For additional information visit my website at: • Or e-mail me at: • Or call me at 916-689-2455