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New Attendee Welcome Breakfast PowerPoint Presentation
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New Attendee Welcome Breakfast

New Attendee Welcome Breakfast

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New Attendee Welcome Breakfast

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  1. New Attendee Welcome Breakfast FCLB HOSTS: Dr. LeRoy Otto (MN) FCLB Vice President Dr. Farrel Grossman (SC) FCLB Treasurer

  2. Mission “To protect the public by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to our member boards.”

  3. FCLB Milestones 1919: First meeting of chiropractic regulation 1926: Started meeting as Council of State Examining Boards 1947: Regulatory boards disaffiliated themselves from national professional associations

  4. FCLB Milestones 1957: Council on Chiropractic State Examining Boards incorporated under Wyoming law 1961: Formed the NBCE(NBCE started testing in 1963) 1968: Renamed to FCLB, designated non-profit organization: 501 (c) 6 by IRS

  5. FCLB Milestones 1974: Spearheaded CCE’s final recognition by U.S. Department of Education 1987: Revamped the FCLB vision Upgraded education conferences 1991: Professional offices provided by NBCE

  6. FCLB Milestones 1993: CIN-BAD debutComputerized database of regulatory board actions 1994: FCLB cited in Congressional legislation; regulators gain voice in military demonstration project 1996: CIN-BAD database recognized by US national insurance accreditor (NCQA)

  7. FCLB Milestones 2005: NBCE provides expanded office space and furnishings 2006: Launched PACE program 2008: Designated non-profit 501 (c) 3 by IRS 2009: New Web site launched to better serve our members 2012: Student Outreach Program initiated

  8. FCLB Today Energetic, visionary governing board Involved, creative members Professional staff Efficient offices Expanded member services Connected with the larger regulatory community

  9. Purpose • Maintain high uniform standards • chiropractic licensure • regulation • discipline • education - FCLB Articles of Incorporation

  10. Authority We have no binding authorityover state or provincial licensing boards Their authority comes from statutes and regulationsspecific to their state or province We do hold considerable authority as the national / international standard Our members help developthose standards!

  11. FCLB Leadership FCLB Board of Directors (10) Districts elect 5 District Directors Assembly elects Officers, Administrative Fellow Director ELECT FCLB Delegates / Alternates DESIGNATE FCLB Member Boards

  12. Organization • Delegates and Districts: • Each board is represented by a delegate • (and alternate to serve in his/her absence) • Delegate can be DC, public member, or • Administrative Fellow (board decides) • 5 geographical regions (districts) • Delegates elect a director for each district

  13. Organization District Directors (5) serve a maximum of two 3 year terms Dr. DonnFahrendorf (SD) – District l Dr. Gary Pennebaker (MN) – District ll * Dr. Ali Jafari (NY) – District lll Dr. Maggie Colucci (NV) – District lV Dr. Michael Coon (SC) – District V *Current Executive Board Chair

  14. Organization Officers (4) – elected by delegates, one 2-year term in each office President: Dr. Lawrence O’Connor (NJ) Vice President: Dr. LeRoy Otto (MN) Treasurer: Dr. Farrel Grossman (SC) Imm. Past President: Dr. Daniel Saint-Germain (QC) Administrative Fellow Director –elected by delegates, max two 3-year terms Dr. Larry Spicer (MN)

  15. It all starts with our members! Member roles Fellow – DC or public board member Honorary Fellow– served on a board for 3 or more years; no longer on a board but still FCLB family! Administrative Fellow– top chiropractic board administrator of each board

  16. Other Organizations FCLB is highly involved with other organizations • Appoints regulatory representatives to: • Council on Chiropractic Guidelines & Practice Parameters • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners • National Practitioner Databank Executive Committee • Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards

  17. Other Organizations • Works with other leading organizations to help chart the future of the profession, speaking for public protection • Presents official comments policy issues, from regulatory perspective • Inter-jurisdictional mobility • White paper on minimal qualifications to perform spinal manipulation

  18. CBAC Chiropractic Board Administrators Committee • Beth Carter (OK), Chair • Marcia Walter (SD) • Larry Spicer, D.C. (MN) Board Liaison

  19. Serving Member Boards Connecting, Communicating • Official Directory • PowerPolls • Educational conferences

  20. Serving Member Boards • Meeting • Annual educational conference & delegate assembly meeting • Elections • Adoption of resolutions • Bylaws revisions District (Regional) Meetings • Informal networking & problem-solving sessions

  21. Serving Member Boards Sharing resources to reduce workload CIN-BAD • Licensure & disciplinary info on the web PACE • Streamlines continuing educationprogram approval & record keeping

  22. Serving Member Boards Sharing resources to reduce workload • New board member orientation • Model code of conduct for boards • Model disciplinary code • Fraud task force – position papers

  23. Serving Member Boards Advance Notification News Alerts • Advise of licensees in the media • Gives boards “heads-up” about DCs who may pose threat to public

  24. Where is our energy currently focused?

  25. Ethics – in Education Increased emphasis onETHICSin the college classroom FCLB campaign for ethics • Continued dialogue with college presidents about importance of the ethical component • ACC-RAC presentations on ethics • Encouraging colleges to perform background checks

  26. Ethics – in Practice FCLB Campaign for Ethics • presentations & handouts available on our website • speaking engagements with practicing DCs • how do ethical breaches occur? • how can they be prevented? • patient protection is the responsibility of EVERY DC • endorsing the NBCE E&B exam

  27. Global Regulation How to keep offenders from crossing borders? Worldwide regulation is just now emerging in many countries • FCLB working with WFC to increase awareness • Plan to expand CIN-BAD to international practitioner registry

  28. Global Regulation Conversely, how do we increase mobility for ethical DCs? More chiropractic colleges outside US! What does good education look like? Can mutual recognition of accreditation and exams serve as common credentials “currency”?

  29. Federal OIG Report US Office of the Inspector General Documentation & record-keeping errors: • 2/3of claims submissions have problems • Chiropractic leadership organizations working with CMS to address problem

  30. Federal OIG Report FCLB 2006 Resolution • Encourages member boards to require CE in documentation & recordkeeping • Encourages CCE to include documentation & recordkeepingin chiropractic curriculum • Suggests NBCE reflect topics in exams

  31. What’s next ? • FCLB 87th Annual Congress • May 1 – 5, 2013 San Francisco, CA

  32. What’s next ? 2012 Fall Regional Meetings Districts I & IV September 20-23 Salt Lake City, UT Districts III & V Sept 13-16 Charleston, SC District II October 18-21 Fort Walton Beach, FL

  33. Staff Resources Donna M. Liewer, Executive Director Bridget Seader, Program Administrator Julie Finn, Executive Assistant Joan Carl, Finance & Benefits Manager Kelly Webb, PR and PACE Coordinator

  34. Contact Us … By phone: (970) 356-3500 (Colorado) Greeley office hours 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. By e-mail: Or visit our