frog toad all year n.
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Frog & Toad All Year PowerPoint Presentation
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Frog & Toad All Year

Frog & Toad All Year

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Frog & Toad All Year

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  1. Frog & ToadAll Year • *Robust Vocabulary* Created by: Agatha Lee August 2008

  2. ventured Ventured means to go somewhere new.

  3. ventured The family ventured to new places on their vacation. Would you venture into a deep, dark cave?

  4. ventured * Would it be dangerous if you ventured far from home by yourself?* If you made up a story about a child who ventured somewhere, where would the child go?

  5. described If you described something that happened, then you told about it. How would you describe the movie?

  6. described My grandfather described the pond to me. Would you describe your dog to me? How would you describe our classroom?

  7. described * If you described something funny, what would it be?* Do you feel happy or sadwhen someone describessomething exciting?

  8. edge If you are at the edge of something, then you are at the border, or side.

  9. edge The pebble was at the edge of a creek. Would you be more likely to walk near the edge of a sidewalk or the edge of a mountain?

  10. edge * What might you find at the edge of an ocean? * Is it safe to put a glass at the edge of a table? * Why might you build a fence around the edge of your yard?

  11. hesitate Hesitate means to pause or wait before doing something.

  12. hesitate Frog did not hesitate to jump in the pond. Would you hesitate before jumping rope or before turning out of your driveway on your bike?

  13. hesitate * If you got a gift, would you hesitate before opening it? * Should you hesitate before crossing a busy street?

  14. anonymous If you wanted to be anonymous when you wrote a story, then you wouldn’t use your own name.

  15. anonymous Toad raked Frog’s lawn in secret so he could be anonymous. Did the anonymous caller give his name?

  16. anonymous * Have you ever given someone an anonymous card or gift? * Why might someone who gave a gift want to remain anonymous?

  17. unselfish Unselfish means to share with others.

  18. unselfish Toad and Frog were both unselfish. Would it be unselfish to forget someone’s birthday or to lend your last pencil to a friend?

  19. unselfish * Have your parents ever done anything unselfish for you? If so, what was it? * What could you do in our classroom that is unselfish?

  20. satisfied Satisfied means you feel happy with the way things are.

  21. satisfied Frog was satisfied when he cleaned Toad’s lawn. Would you be satisfied helping your mom cook dinner? Would you be satisfied if a friend lied to you?

  22. satisfied * Do you feel satisfied after you eat a good meal? * Do you feel satisfied after you lose a game? * Do you feel satisfied after you do well on a test?

  23. neighborly Neighborly means you are friendly to people who live near you.

  24. neighborly Frog and Toad are neighborly because they help each other. Would it be neighborly to throw trash on a neighbor’s lawn? Would it be neighborly to help your neighbor pull weeds?

  25. neighborly * Is it neighborly to take care of people’s pets when they are away? * Is it neighborly to say hello to a friend? * Can you think of a time when someone has been neighborly to you?

  26. Seth ___________ his teacher as nice and caring. A. unselfish B. edge C. described D. anonymous

  27. Carson was _______ with her spelling test grade. A. neighborly B. satisfied C. edge D. ventured

  28. The police officer received an _________ tip about the missing bicycle. A. unselfish B. ventured C. edge D. anonymous

  29. It is not safe to walk along the __________ of the pool. A. hesitate B. neighborly C. edge D. satisfied

  30. The park ranger _________ into the forest alone. A. described B. hesitated C. ventured D. unselfish

  31. My ___________ sister gave me her last piece of candy. A. anonymous B. unselfish C. ventured D. hesitate

  32. The football player did not ________ when he ran the ball into the end zone. A. edge B. neighborly C. described D. hesitate

  33. My dad was __________ because he raked my neighbors’ leaves. A. neighborly B. edge C. described D. ventured

  34. Let’s Review!!! Who can read all ten words? 1. ventured 2. described 3. edge 4. hesitate 5. anonymous 6. unselfish 7. satisfied 8. neighborly

  35. Let’s Review!!! Do you remember what these words mean? 1. ignore 2. dangerous 3. style 4. passion 5. challenge 6. underestimate 7. proficient 8. heed