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Endangered Animals of Australia PowerPoint Presentation
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Endangered Animals of Australia

Endangered Animals of Australia

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Endangered Animals of Australia

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  1. Endangered Animals of Australia

  2. Max B's Baw Baw Frog By Max B.

  3. Feet What it looks like Legs Hops 8 fingers Head Four legs Bulging eyes Warts

  4. What the Baw Baw Frog eats The Baw Baw Frog eats small insects like Flies,gnats,dragon flies,and moths. The Baw Baw Frog eat insects that can hurt us, so Baw Baw Frogs are very helpful.

  5. Where it lives The Baw Baw Frog lives in swamps, lakes, and uninhabited areas. They also live on islands with many other animals.

  6. Abilities The little but interesting Baw Baw Frog can do many things. This Frog can jump 5 feet forward and eat about 10 pounds of food each week!!

  7. Why the Baw Baw Frog is endangerd and how we can save it This poor animal is endangered because people are knocking the down rain forests where this animal lives. We can save this little creature by trying to make people stop using wood from the forest to make things.

  8. Dibbler by Ryan S.

  9. What it looks like Fur Claws Teeth Ring around eyes Head The dibbler is the size of a rat. It ways 40 to 145 grams. Dibbler

  10. Where dibblers live! The dibbler lives on a small island in Australia. The dibbler does not have much known about where it lives. It probably needs to live somewhere else because it doesn't live long.

  11. The DIBBLER'S diet The dibbler is a carnivore that eats bugs mostly. It sometimes eats baby animals. The dibbler is small so it doesn’t have a large diet.

  12. Abilities The small dibbler runs quickly for its size. If we could run that fast for our size we would probably be faster than cheetahs. The dibber has the ability of catching its food easily.

  13. What we can do to save the DIBBLER! We should tell farmers not to take land from the island where the dibblers live. We should get many in captivity and build their population.


  15. Why It's Endangered? If it doesn’t get enough warmth during hibernation it could freeze to death. It is preyed on by many foxes.

  16. How it can be helped If you live in Australia volunteer for Conservation Volunteers Australia. Protect the habitat of the Mountain Pygmy Possum by not polluting.

  17. The discovery of the Mountain Pygmy Possum The mountain pygmy possum was discovered to be alive in 1996.

  18. The habitat of the mountain pygmy possum The mountain pygmy possum’s habitat is the alpine and sub alpine zones in Australia.

  19. What it looks like The mountain pygmy possum is small, furry and it has a pouch. It resembles a mouse very much.

  20. What it eats The mountain pygmy possum eats fruits seeds and insects.

  21. The size and wieght of the mountain pygmy possum The Mountain Pygmy Possum is the largest of the pygmy possum family and it can fit into the palm of your hand. It weighs 1.5oz.

  22. The Endangered Koala By Kelcie M.

  23. What it likes to do The koala enjoys laying down on trees and sleeping on trees while gripping them tightly.

  24. Why is it endangered? The koala is endangered because people cut down parts of the rainforest where the koala lives.

  25. Where does it live? The koala lives in Southern Australia.

  26. How small is it? The baby koala in this picture is three times as small as its mother and likes to grab on to exposed skin under their mother’s arms.

  27. Find out more! Find out more! Find out more! Find out more! I really learned a lot from researching the koala. If you want to learn more about the koala, research it. You could learn a lot from the internet. By Kelcie M.

  28. The Broad Headed Snake By Tom W.

  29. What it eats The Broad Headed Snake eats lizards and mice

  30. How long it is The Broad Headed Snake is 90- 50 cm Long.

  31. What it looks like The Broad Headed is black with yellow stripes.

  32. Why it got it's name The Broad Headed Snake got it’s name from it’s big head.

  33. How many eegs it can have at one time The Broad Headed Snake can have 8- 20 eggs at a time.

  34. Why the Broad Headed Snake is endangered. The Broad Headed Snake is endangered because people are taking over it’s habitat. I would try to save it by telling people how important the Broad Headed Snake really is.

  35. The Endangered Koala By Karolina K.

  36. How A Koala Acts A koalas actions are different than ours because when they are left alone they mind their own business, but when they feel that someone is bothering them they might scratch with their long claws.

  37. Where koalas live Koalas live in small or big trees that are called Eucalyptus trees. Koalas are also made for climbing those trees.

  38. How Big It Is A grown koala reaches a length of 24 to 33 inches. The koalas also have a life span of 13 to 18 years.

  39. What It Looks Like Koalas look like little cuddly bears because they have a big black nose, they have fluffy hair, cute ears and have a nickname called “The Austrailian teddy bear.”

  40. Endangered Koalas Koalas are endangered because people cut down their homes, which are in the the trees, for wood. The koalas don’t have anywhere to live.



  43. How a Golden Bandicoot Defends Itself The Golden Bandicoot defends itself with sharp teeth and claws

  44. How Big is a Golden Bandicoot Golden bandicoots have a small head, a fat body, small ears, and weighs about 23.4 oz.

  45. What Does the Golden Bandicoot Look Like Golden bandicoots have goldish brown fur, a black nose, and eyes.

  46. How the Golden Bandicoot Acts The golden bandicoot is terestrial and nocturnal They defend their territory and sleep during the day.

  47. HOW WE CAN SAVE THE GOLDEN BANDICOOT We can save them by taking them to Australian zoos.

  48. HOW THE GOLDEN BANDICOOT BECAME ENDANGERED They’re dying because the European red fox eat them and from competition from rabbits.

  49. Where Does the Golden Bandicoot Live Golden Bandicoots live underground in Australia.

  50. NUMBAT By Kevin T.