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  2. When do you think I was drawn? Probably about ten thousand years ago, in prehistoric times

  3. I am the god Anubis. I am weighing peoples’ souls to make sure they are worthy of life in heaven. The Egyptians believed in gods from around 3000 BC.

  4. My name is Odysseus. I am standing on my warship. The Greeks painted their stories on pots. This story was written by the Greek poet Homer in 800 BC. 9th Century BC

  5. We start counting backwards (Before Christ BC) and forwards from the birth of Jesus Christ in the ‘Year of the Lord’ (Anno Domini AD).

  6. I am Caius Martias, a brave Roman soldier. 1st Century AD The Romans first invaded Britain in 55 BC. They returned in 43 AD and stayed until about 410 AD.

  7. Our ancestors came to Britain after the Romans had left. They were too scared to live in Roman towns so they built these villages. Life was very hard. 6th Century AD The Angles, Saxons and Jutes invaded Britain and settled here between 450AD and 550 AD

  8. I am Ragnar the Viking. I have come to destroy the people of this land. 9th Century AD Viking warriors from Denmark began raids in 789 AD. They captured many parts of England. Eventually in 878 AD, King Alfred managed to stop them.

  9. This is the end. I can no longer see. I am mortally wounded ! 11thCentury AD William Duke of Normandy fought Harold King of England in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings. Legend has it that Harold was killed with an arrow in his eye.

  10. I hope this barber surgeon knows how to shave me properly! English market towns began to develop from around 1200 AD. 13th Century AD

  11. I’m yet another victim killed by festering boils that went black and burst 14thCentury AD The Bubonic Plague, or Black Death as it was known, was carried on ships’ rats across the whole of Europe from 1347 - 1352. It killed more than a third of the population

  12. I began it all in 1485 AD and my granddaughter Elizabeth lasted until 1603 AD 16th century AD mostly! Guess who we are!

  13. I am King Charles. How dare the members of parliament think they can disobey a King! 17th Century AD After a Civil War which lasted 7 years, the ‘Parliamentarians’ led by Oliver Cromwell won, and King Charles was beheaded in 1649 AD.

  14. From around 1750 AD, new farming methods were used, and new machines and canals were built. This helped farmers a lot. This period was called the Agricultural Revolution. 18th Century AD Our parents are wealthy farmers. They use the new canals to send goods to nearby towns.

  15. I wish they would pay me some attention! During Victorian times 1837 - 1901, people grew rich from their profits made from factories that were built during the ‘Industrial Revolution.’ 19th Century AD

  16. 20th century AD I’m bored! I wish they could invent a machine that I could play games with. After World War 2 ended in 1945, families settled down to normal life again. There were hardly any TVs, so people listened to the radio or read books.

  17. I love playing out with my friends Nowadays in 2014 children can play out, listen to music on their iPods, watch TV or play games on their computers. 21st Century AD