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“Carers in our Midst” Managers Toolkit PowerPoint Presentation
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“Carers in our Midst” Managers Toolkit

“Carers in our Midst” Managers Toolkit

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“Carers in our Midst” Managers Toolkit

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  1. “Carers in our Midst”Managers Toolkit Prepared by: Viki Brummell, Network Manager Aged Care and Rehabilitation Services Clinical Network

  2. Carers in our Midst Hunter New England Local Health Network Employs approx 15,500 staff

  3. Acknowledgments I would like to acknowledge the work of Annie Atkins, Project Officer for this work, and her Manager Dale Erwin I would also like to thank the HNE staff and who participated in the project.

  4. Carers NSW Action Plan 2007-1012 Priorities for Action: • Carers are recognised, respected and valued • Hidden carers are identified and supported 3. Services for carers and the people they care for are improved 4. Carers are partners in care 5. Carers are supported to combine caring and work

  5. HNE Carers Action Plan 2008-2012 Priority linked to this project: Carers are supported to combine caring and work Estimated that there are approximately 1,600 HNE employees who also have carer responsibilities. The “Carers in our Midst” project was commenced

  6. Strategies identified in HNE Carer Action Plan 1. Education for Managers on “workers who are carers” issues 2. Financial counselling for working carers 3. Carer information/resources on HNE intranet and internet sites 4. HNE to apply existing policies to mature aged carers with caring responsibilities 5. EAP service to be available for HNE carers with counsellors who are skilled in carer issues

  7. Strategies identified in the HNE Carers Action Plan 6. Staff orientation programs to include information on carer entitlements 7. Implement “Family and Community Services Leave and Personal/Carer’s Leave” policy/education for Managers 8. Promote the “Working Carers Gateway” 9. Support Groups for carers who work for HNE 10. HNE survey to establish number of HNE staff who are carers

  8. “Carers in our Midst” Assumptions made: • HNE is a large employer and so we would implement the identified strategies in our own “patch” first – approx. 1600 carers on HNE staff • Information regarding working carer issues and how to support them not easily accessed • Working carers are often unaware of supports available for them 4. Managers are often unaware of who on their staff may be carers and how to support them

  9. “Carers in our Midst” What we did: • Employed a project officer • Steering Committee established • Interviews were conducted with a range of Managers and staff to determine level of knowledge and potential solutions • Carers in our Midst marketing approach – poster 5. Managers Toolkit developed, launched

  10. Managers Toolkit • Designed as a resource for Managers and staff available on the Carer Support Program MyLink site: • Managers Toolkit

  11. Contact details For more information regarding this project please feel free to contact: Viki Brummell Network Manager, ACARS Clinical Network Tel: 02 67390131 Email: Thank you