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International SOS

International SOS. Scholastic Traveler Program. International SOS. Every hour of every day, we’re here to help. Trusted by Leading Institutions. Comprehensive Membership Program. Medical Assistance 24-Hour Worldwide Medical Information & Assistance Medical & Dental Referrals

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International SOS

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  1. International SOS Scholastic Traveler Program

  2. International SOS Every hour of every day, we’re here to help

  3. Trusted by Leading Institutions

  4. Comprehensive Membership Program Medical Assistance 24-Hour Worldwide Medical Information & Assistance Medical & Dental Referrals Dispatch of Medication & Medical Supplies Medical Monitoring Emergency Evacuation Medically Supervised Repatriation Repatriation of Mortal Remains Personal Assistance Legal Referrals Lost Document Advice & Assistance Emergency Message Transmission Emergency Personal Cash Medical Expense Guarantee Emergency Translation & Interpreter Services Claims Assistance SOS Clinics Access to International SOS clinics Travel Assistance Transportation to Join Hospitalized Member Accommodation While Visiting Hospitalized Member Transportation of Minor Children Return of Traveling Companion Travel Arrangements After Medical Evacuation Emergency Family Travel Arrangements Online Services & Information SOS Scholastic Communications Portal Travel Health Information Emergency Record Email Health Alerts Travel Safety Assistance Security Evacuations Travel Safety Information Personal Locator Email Safety Alerts Personal Safety Assistance

  5. SOS Global Statistics 9 Million Calls per year 1 Call every 3.5 seconds789,909 Cases Last Year over 14,000 Evacuations Average 1.3 Evacuations Per Hour Every Day

  6. Communication and Implementation • Membership Card • Implementation Letters • Online Communications Portal • Online Links via Intranet University of Denver Scholastic Group Comprehensive 11BSGC000067

  7. University of Denver Scholastic Group Comprehensive 11BSGC000067

  8. Accessing Scholastic Traveler Portal • Select Members Login • Enter member #11BSGC000067 www.internationalsos.com

  9. SOS Home Page

  10. School Home Portal

  11. Portal FAQ

  12. Portal BENEFITS

  13. Before You Go

  14. Vaccine

  15. Malaria

  16. While in India


  18. Cultural Tips

  19. Electric Plugs

  20. Print Report

  21. SOS Security Threat

  22. Bangalore IndiaCity Overview

  23. Bangalore IndiaGetting Around

  24. Bangalore IndiaBusiness

  25. Bangalore IndiaCrime

  26. Bangalore India Terrorism

  27. Personal Traveler 1

  28. Personal Traveler 2

  29. Personal Traveler 2b

  30. Personal Traveler 3

  31. Personal Traveler 4

  32. Personal Traveler 5

  33. Emergency Record Portal

  34. Emergency Record with Proactive Vaccination Management Contact Profile - personal, emergency, physician contacts Health Summary- medical history, allergies, medications Vaccination Management – interactive tool comparing traveler vaccination history to travel destinations. Storage for Electronic Documents – passport information,X-rays, medical images, credit card information

  35. Just remember… • Pre-trip preparation! • Think! • Be safe! • Have fun! • When in doubt, call SOS…

  36. Before you go… • Check SOS Web for Country information • See your doctor or dentist • Refill prescriptions • Make sure immunizations are current • Make copies of your travel documents • Leave itinerary with a family member • Obtain an SOS Card

  37. Food & Water Safety • Avoid fruits, vegetables and meats that are not thoroughly cooked (or peeled by you). • Avoid lukewarm or re-warmed/buffet foods. • Drink only bottled, boiled, or chemically treated water and beverages (and ice). • Avoid dairy products unless pasteurized • If you get sick, start treatment immediately

  38. Motor Vehicle Safety • Motor vehicle accidents are the #1 cause of trauma related evacuations • Wear your seat belt! • Minimize night driving (headlights are not always used overseas ) • Take reliable taxis • Mopeds and bicycles will also be ridden on the sidewalks

  39. Street Smarts • Avoid walking around the city unless you are confident of the security situation. • Be alert to your surroundings • Stay in well lit areas after dark • Walk facing incoming traffic • Avoid potential hiding spots bushes, alleys, etc.

  40. Using the ATM • Avoid use after dark • If you don’t like the situation, don’t stop • Have your bank card ready • Don’t enter your PIN if someone can see the screen • Take your card and receipt and put your money away immediately.

  41. Use Reliable Taxi’s

  42. Avoid Unfamiliar Areas

  43. Travel in Groups

  44. So be prepared for anything, at anytime...

  45. Online,On Call, and on the Ground…An Integrated Overseas Assistance Solution Worldwide reach Human touch

  46. QUESTIONS? On Call, Online, and on the Ground…\

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