what causes cancer n.
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What causes cancer? PowerPoint Presentation
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What causes cancer?

What causes cancer?

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What causes cancer?

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  1. What causes cancer?

  2. Cancer – Basic information • There are over 200 types of cancer! • There are many different ways to get cancer, not just hereditary like a lot of people think. • Most people don’t just get cancer, there is usually other problems that caused it.

  3. Age • A lot of types of cancer become more common as we get older. • The longer we live, the more time there is to make “Genetic Mistakes” . • As you get old your cells change so much that they could become cancerous. • They could also be cancerous but it takes longer for them to develop.

  4. Immune System • If you have problems with your immune system you are more likely to get some sort of cancer, Doesn't mean you will though. • Some examples of immune system problems are AIDs/HIVs, rare medical syndromes, certain viruses. • The types of cancers that goes along with the immune system are liver, stomach, and cervical cancer.

  5. Bodyweight • Maintaining a healthy bodyweight, more physical activity, and a healthier diet can lesson the chances of you getting a certain type of cancer. • In the UK scientists say if you follow those 3 “rules” every 1 of 3 deaths would not occur.

  6. Day to Day Environment • You can get cancer from things you can not even prevent like 2nd hand smoke. • Some more common examples of this is Tabaco (smoke), the sun, natural and man made radiation. • There are MANY more example, some of these are even avoidable and some aren’t.

  7. What is Carcinogen? • It means “something that causes cancer. • Carcinogens damage the DNA, causing problems in genes that can lead to cancer. • Examples of this are Tobacco, air pollution, the sun, harmful gases. • Carcinogen is only a contributing factor, there are many other reasons to how cancer is formed.

  8. DNA mutation (Physical) • These include radiation, ultraviolet light and mineral fibers like asbestos fiber, which causes mesothelioma. • Sources of radiation may include x-rays, cosmic rays, and indirectly from radon gas.

  9. DNA mutation (Chemical) • Chemical mutation is caused by binding and chemical interaction of a chemical substance to the DNA. • This binding may cause damage to DNA or may simply cause the genetic code to be misread. • Examples: benzopyrene (found in cigarette smoke) and vinyl chloride (found in the plastics industry), and hetrocyclic amines (found in over-cooked food).

  10. DNA mutation (Biological) • Includes viruses and bacteria. • Viruses has many different ways to make a cell cancerous, not just one. • Most donate their DNA to the host cell and cause problems in the genetic code. Which will eventually lead to cancer. • Examples of these are human papilloma virus, T-cell lymphocytic virus, hepatitis B virus,