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Falcons in Qatar PowerPoint Presentation
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Falcons in Qatar

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Falcons in Qatar
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Falcons in Qatar

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  1. Falcons in Qatar

  2. What are falcons? Falcons are a type of bird that people use to hunt in all of the places . Common prey to falcons are plovers, bustards, pigeons, mountain quails, snakes, rabbits and sometimes deer.

  3. What are types of Falcons? • Some of the most important species of falcons are Al Hur, Al Shahain, Al Wakri and Al Singari. However, at present only two species are used for hunting i.e. Al Hur and Al Shahain. Al Shahain is bigger than Al Hur and is stronger.

  4. Is there a season for hunting? • Yes , hunting season in the Gulf region usually starts in and continues throughout the winter. Special fairs are held to display falcons of all kinds of species, sizes and shapes in other countries like Qatar in Souqwakif.

  5. Thank you for watching Any Questions?

  6. Resources • http://english.mofa.gov.qa/details.cfm?id=74Ministry of Foreign Affairs • Google images • http://www.shaheen-falcons.net.tf/ • Our Brains • By Abdulrahman , Michael , Tiara , Luisa and Simone.

  7. Cats in Qatar(CIQ) By Luisa, Tiara, Simone, Michel and Abdulrahman

  8. Cats in Qatar( CIQ) • Cats in Qatar is a society which help cats. • If they find any cat in the street they will take the cat to a shelter and take care of the cat. • They give cats water, food, a place to live and friends.

  9. Some types of cats Orange kittens Silver kittens White kittens

  10. Food Cats eat and drink: • Protein from a meat or a fish. • Certain other vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids. • Water. • Milk • Dry Cat Food

  11. How long can a cat survive • A cat kept indoors can live as long as 21 years or more. (The average age of cats is 12-15 years). • Cats that are indoors-outdoors won’t survive that long because of accidents, fighting with other cats, intentional acts of violence, poisoning( accidental or intentional) and diseases caught from other cats. • A cat without food or water would only survive for 1 week.

  12. Vaccinations • All the cats need to vaccinated to protect them against diseases. • Vaccines are most commonly given by injections. • Cats can also have diseases like for example cancer or heart disease.

  13. Reproduction • The gestation period for cats is between 64-67 days. • Females can have two to three litters per year. • Cats can be surgically castrated as early as 7 weeks to limit unwanted reproduction.

  14. Operation for Cats • Most cats will have an operation at some stage in their life, like for example castration or to treat a disease. • Some of the benefits of neutering your catare: • You will be helping to reduce the number of unwanted cats. • Stop the destruction of thousands of cats every year just because there are not enough homes for them all.

  15. How could you help • If you would like to help you could donate some blankets, cats accessories, toys ect. • There is a collection bin at the Dr Faris Altimimi Clinic at Katara( Cultural Village-West Bay)

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  17. References • http://www.great-pictures-of-cats.com/types-of-cats.html

  18. Thank You Thanks!!! • Thanks for wacthing our presentation about Cats in Qatar. We hope you have enjoyed.

  19. Any Questions