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Ruby Holler

Ruby Holler

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Ruby Holler

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  1. Hope Miller (: Ruby Holler

  2. Title, author, & book type • The book I've chosen to read for my book project 11 is Ruby Holler, a fictional novel written by Sharon Creech.

  3. Setting • Ruby Holler's time period is not directly mentioned, but using context clues I would say the time period is based to be around the 1990's to present day. Some of the environmental settings include the orphanage, inside Ruby Holler, at/in Sairy and Tiller's house, in the woods, Mr. Dreep's house and cellar, at a jewelers shop, and so on.

  4. Summary • Ruby Holler starts off with Dallas and Florida; a set of thirteen year old twins living in an orphanage owned by a married couple, the Trepids. The Trepids are anything but nice to the twins and even refer to the set of twins as the "trouble twins." One day, the twins are adopted by an elderly couple, Sairy and her husband Tiller. The twins have suffered through several trips back and forth to the orphanage and figure that this couple will be no different; they will return the twins back to the orphanage or mistreat them just as all the others had before. Dallas and Florida leave the orphanage with Sairy and Tiller expecting to be back at the orphanage in no time. Sairy and Tiller inform the twins that they will be going on vacations during their stay in Ruby Holler together, Sairy and Dallas are to go camping and Tiller and Florida are to go canoeing. Dallas and Florida are doubtful of the couple, but the Holler soon finds ways to bring them together.

  5. Recommendation • I recommend this book to any reader who is interested in a book that keeps them guessing, is loaded with adventures, and is brilliantly detailed. Sharon Creech has a brilliant way of describing the Holler and the characters in an extreme amount of vivid detail. I loved this book and I am confident that any other reader interested in a book that keeps them guessing, is loaded with adventures, and is brilliantly detailed will find this an extremely enjoyable read as well.