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SOL Test Administration Fall 2011 Update PowerPoint Presentation
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SOL Test Administration Fall 2011 Update

SOL Test Administration Fall 2011 Update

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SOL Test Administration Fall 2011 Update

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  1. SOL Test AdministrationFall 2011 Update Augusta County Public Schools

  2. Fall 2011 Non-Writing Test Administration Deadlines • 11/18 Enter re-testers in Star • 11/28 – data uploads complete • regular test upload is complete – will do retests next week • 12/1 – may begin retests - term grads • 1/13 – complete regular testing • Make-ups can continue through 1/15 • 2/24 – expedited retesting complete

  3. PearsonAccess™ EnhancementsAugust 26, 2011 • The change organization link now opens a pop-up window. • To change an organization: • Click the change organization link on the top right corner of the screen. • Change the View By: radio button to either Divisions or Schools. • Select the radio button for an organization and then click Save to apply changes.

  4. PearsonAccess™ EnhancementsAugust 26, 2011 (continued) • Users can now view or download a comma separated values (CSV) file containing the names and STIs of students who are registered and assigned to an online test but not assigned to an online test session at either the school or division level. • Click on the Students not assigned to session link to open or download the file. • The CSV file lists the test administration, student’s first and last name, test, STI, division, school, and group.

  5. PearsonAccess™ EnhancementsAugust 26, 2011 (continued) • On the Group Details screen, the student’s name is now a link to that student’s registration record.

  6. PearsonAccess™ EnhancementsAugust 26, 2011 (continued) • A filter has been added to access available schools when creating a new online test session in Test Session Management. • If the user has access to multiple schools, possible matches start to appear as soon as the user has typed at least three characters (including spaces) of the school name or division number. • If the user only has access to one school, the School field displays only that school.

  7. PearsonAccess™ EnhancementsAugust 26, 2011 (continued) • The SealCodes link is active only for users with the Get Authorizations - Seal Code permission. • The Seal Codes link is not active for test sessions that do not require seal codes.

  8. New Process for Ordering Printed Reports • Since the Fall 2010 Standards of Learning Test administrations, the process for ordering printed reports in PearsonAccess has changed. • Printed reports can now be requested by the division or by the school. • The help document: How to Request Printed Reports in PearsonAccessis available on the Training tab of the Resources page in PearsonAccess. • Do you want to run stickers for cumulative records?

  9. New Process for Ordering Printed Reports (continued) • DDOTs can set a deadline for schools to request printed reports. • DDOTs can approve or remove a school’s report request. • Multiple requests can be edited at the same time. Note: DDOTs may submit only one order to Pearson for printed reports. Once submitted, DDOTs cannot modify their order.

  10. 3 Steps to Ordering Printed Reports • Manage Division Requests Click on the Manage Division Requests tab to request Division level reports. 2. Manage School Requests Click on the Manage School Requests tab to request reports on behalf of your schools or to allow a school level user to request their own reports. 3. Order Reports* *This step is required if you requested any reports in steps 1 or 2. Click on the Order Reports tab to place your one-time order by clicking “Order Printed Reports”.

  11. Reporting • Starting with the Fall 2011 test administrations, the following reports will no longer be available: • Summary Record Extract (by School/Division) • Summary Report (by School/Division) • Summary Report by School by Division • SPBQ Summary Record Extract (by School/Division) • Analysis of Sub-Group Performance Report (by School/Division) • Analysis of Sub-Group Performance Report by School by Division

  12. Fall 2011 SDU File Requirements New for Fall 2011: The following tests are to be taken by any student enrolled in the courses this year. • EOC120 Algebra I (2009) • EOC129 Plain English Algebra I (2009) • EOC121 Geometry (2009) • EOC122 Algebra II (2009) Students who are retaking the old tests (passed the course previously and need the verified credit) will take the 2002 tests with the old numbers like EOC020 and EOC 021. Be careful as you set up sessions and add tests that the students are being assigned to the proper tests.

  13. Fall 2011 SDU File Requirements (continued) The following changes in data fields have been implemented for Fall 2011: • Student Category - Migrant is removed from the SDU. This data is no longer collected. • X-Code-A is renamed Formerly LEP.

  14. New Test Codes for Spring 2012

  15. New Test Codes for Spring 2012 (continued) • The test code represents the level and subject of the test that will be administered to the student. Note: These test codes do not replace the Subject Codes reported in the Student Data Extract files. • VGLA is no longer available in the subject area of mathematics.

  16. TestNav 7 – System Requirements

  17. TestNav 7 - System Requirements (continued)

  18. Configure TestNav 7 • Four steps: • Add a Configuration Name. • Add an Organization for the configuration. • Add Proctor Caching Server(s). • Specify Response File Backup Locations. NOTE: A configuration can be created at the Division or School level, with a School level configuration taking precedence over the Division.

  19. Configure TestNav 7 (continued) • Configure TestNav is now in PearsonAccess under the Test Setup tab.

  20. Configure TestNav 7 (continued) • Add internal IP Address or LAN Hostname. • Default port is 4480.

  21. Configure TestNav 7 (continued) • Multiple Proctor Machines can be added under one setup.

  22. TestNav 7 Proctor Caching • New proctor caching software is required for TestNav 7. • Prior to installing, you must first remove any previous versions of proctor caching • Oracle, Java, and Apache Web Server based • Used to view, delete, and import secure test content • Allows users to monitor connected client computers

  23. TestNav 7 Proctor Caching (continued) • Click Apply TestNav Configuration • Click Edit to assign Proctor Caching Server Note: Access to Apply TestNav Configuration is available to DDOT, DDOT2, Division and School Project Manager roles.

  24. TestNav 7 Proctor Caching (continued) • The Proctor Caching Server option in Session Details will show only if there are two or more Proctor Caching machines to choose from at the School or Division level.

  25. TestNav 7 Proctor Caching (continued) • Sessions created prior to setup will state “No server assigned”. • Click on Apply TestNav Configuration and Edit to choose a specific Proctor Caching machine. Proctor Caching Video

  26. TestNav 7 System Check • System Check link available in PearsonAccess > Support > Downloads • Validates computer environment for TestNav • Provides bandwidth testing for Internet and Proctor Caching connections • Includes a Testing Volume Calculator

  27. TestNav 7 System Check (continued)

  28. TestNav 7 System Check (continued)

  29. TestNav 7 System Check – Network User Capacity • Tests Internet bandwidth to Pearson • Tests bandwidth of Proctor Caching machines on local network • Calculates approximate bandwidth available to computer • Can provide number of students that can test concurrently, based on test administration

  30. TestNav 7 System Check – Testing Volume Calculator • Input the number of students testing concurrently • Adjust available link speed and average network utilization sliders as necessary

  31. TestNav 7 – Training The following webinar sessions will be scheduled for October and repeated in November 2011: • System Check 7/Proctor Caching 7 (How to use the System Check utility for TestNav 7 to assist with online testing preparation and an overview of the new Proctor Caching 7 software including installation and setup) • TestNav 7 Technical Overview (Overview of the TestNav 7 browser based client software, including technical details and setup) • Early Warning System (Overview of the Early Warning System for TestNav 7, including what triggers the Early Warning System and how the Early Warning System functions) • TestNav 7 Functionality (Overview of the TestNav 7 functionality, navigation screens, and tools)

  32. TestNav 7 – Practice Items and Guides • The practice items provide examples of the new content and increased rigor represented by the revised Standards of Learning as well as illustrate the new Technology Enhanced Item types. • The guides provide step-by-step guidance for the teacher and students. • Reading Practice Items and Guides Practice Items and Guides for Grades 3-8 and EOC Reading will be available by February 2012. • This tool provides students with direct exposure to the format of the Reading and Writing passages within TestNav 7. • End of Course (EOC) Writing Practice Tool • Practice Guide for the Writing Practice Tool • • The above is the address where the tools may be found.

  33. TestNav 7 – Practice Items and Guides • Writing Practice Items and Guides Practice Items and Guides for Grades 5, 8, and EOC Writing will become available soon. • Science Practice Items and Guides Practice Items and Guides for Grade 3, 5, 8 Science, Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry will be available by February 2012 . • Mathematics Practice Items and Guides This tool is currently available for Grades 6-8 Mathematics, and End-of Course Mathematics on the VDOE Web site at: (Grades 3-5 Mathematics will be available at a later date.)

  34. TestNav 7 – Login Screen • If the shading is not apparent to the student, you may need to adjust the contrast setting on the student’s monitor until the shading is visible. • Computers with monitors that do not display the shaded rectangles correctly should not be used for testing.

  35. TestNav 7 – Test Screen Tools available for this particular test Student Name Test Name Exit Button Opens up Section Review screen Mark a test item for review Item # of total number of test items Navigates to Previous or Next test item

  36. TestNav 7 – Review Screen Can filter on column headers (Flagged for Review, Answered, and Unanswered) Students will click here after completing a section or when they are at the end of the test

  37. School Tech is contact