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Pre Trip – Submit a Pre Trip PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre Trip – Submit a Pre Trip

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Pre Trip – Submit a Pre Trip

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Pre Trip – Submit a Pre Trip

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Pre Trip – Submit a Pre Trip

  2. Pre Trip – Create Report From the Welcome screen, select Create a new expense/pre trip report.

  3. Pre Trip – Create Report Select Pre Trip Report and click OK.

  4. Pre Trip – Report Name/Purpose Type in the name of your Pre Trip Report. You will notice that the Purpose field will automatically populate with the Report Name you chose.

  5. Pre Trip – Report Name/Purpose To make your Pre Trip more meaningful to you, you have the ability to revise the Purpose.

  6. Pre Trip – Category Select your trip Category. Click Finish.

  7. Pre Trip – Build the Pre Trip Report Select your trip type, Domestic or International.

  8. Pre Trip – Build the Pre Trip Report Select your destination city. Tip: This field recognizes the city name as you type. If you click in this field and type the word Stamford, it will take you to that particular city.

  9. Pre Trip – Build the Pre Trip Report Select your Start Date and End Date by clicking on the Calendar icon.

  10. Pre Trip – Build the Pre Trip Report Add your detailed information regarding the reason for your request. Note: This is information your Approver will be using to evaluate your request.

  11. Pre Trip – Build the Pre Trip Report Input the estimated expenses for the trip cost. Tip: These estimates will be compared to your actual expenses when you submit your expense report.

  12. Pre Trip – Save & Submit • Once you have completed the required fields, click on Save & Submit. • A summary of your Pre Trip will appear.

  13. Pre Trip – Report Routing • If you like, you can view your Report Routing and make revisions or copy a user if necessary. • Report Routing is based on the information in your HR profile.

  14. Pre Trip – Change Approver/Send Copy To change the Approver for this report or send a copy of the report to another user, simply use the Look Up feature to access the user database. Note: If you change your Approver, your original Approver will receive a copy of your submitted Pre Trip.

  15. Pre Trip – Save & Submit Click Save & Submit to submit your Pre Trip request.

  16. Pre Trip – Print Option • If you would like, you can print a Summary and e-mail a copy to a fellow employee who may be traveling with you. • Note: You can also copy a fellow employee using the Report Routing Copy feature.

  17. Pre Trip – Submitted Folder Once the Pre Trip Report is submitted, the system automatically moves it to the Submitted folder.

  18. Things to Remember • Estimated Expenses: You can either enter your “best guess” or use the online booking tool (Sound Travels) hold-trip feature to provide you a more accurate estimate of the flight, hotel and rental car cost. • If you request an international destination with a flight segment greater than 8 hours or a flight that is booked less than 7 days in advance your Approver will be instructed to add an EC (Executive Committee) level Approver to the workflow. • After you take your trip and you are ready to submit your expenses, you can attach your Pre Trip Report to the expense report.